Top Ten Right Now – February Week 4

Each week I watch and vote on K-Ville’s awesome kpop chart and I’ve been thinking for a while that maybe I should share those votes with you! It would just be a quick list each week, so that you can see what it is I’m loving right now! So… Here’s what I voted for this time around: 

Also, I’m not entirely sure if this will be a segment, this is kind of a trial run. But if I like it I’ll probably do it every week.

10. AoA Cream’s ”I’m Jelly Baby”

9. Stellar’s ”Sting”

8. Kim Jae Joong’s ”Love You More”

7. Yezi’s ”Cider”

6. MAMAMOO’s ”1CM”

5. Hyolyn, Bumkey & Jooyoung’s ”Love Line”

4. Lucky-J’s ”No Love”

3. Cross Gene’s ”Noona, You”

2. Anda’s ”Taxi”

1. IMFact’s ”Lollipop”

Those were my choices this week; what would yours be?

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Right Now – February Week 4

  1. Wow a new layout, i love it!!! I didn’t get to hear all of those songs, but I really enjoyed Stellar’s Sting.

    By the way, Ladies Code comes back tomorrow, those poor poor girls, I hope they stay strong and win everything for the two beloved Eunb and Rise.

    and Taemin’s new album, OMG can you say A-M-A-Z-I-N-G??? the boy is really growned up!!!!

  2. Yes, I’ve been wanting to change it up for a while now, and I finally did it! 😀

    Oh yeah, I heard something about that… I’m not sure what to feel. I really hope this is what the girls themselves really want and that they’re emotionally ready.

    I haven’t actually listened to it just yet!! I’ll get there though, of course, don’t you worry.

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