Top Seven Best Looking Kpop Boy Group Visuals

Wow was this a hard list to write… The kpop world is full of absolutely stunning guys, many of them visuals, that just keep blowing my mind time and time again with how amazing they look. But here we go, the seven visuals that blow my mind the most: 

7. SHINee’s Minho


Minho is a classically masculine and handsome young man. He’s gentle but distinctly manly, born to wear suits. Minho may not be the SHINee member I’m the most attracted to, but he has an attractiveness to him that I just cannot deny. He’s an excellent visual.

6. Big Bang’s T.O.P


So so good-looking, T.O.P doesn’t even have to look into the camera for his gaze to bore into you. He has a strong yet simple face, which is good because otherwise he would never ever have been able to handle the weird shit his stylists have done to him lately.

5. VIXX’s Hongbin


Since Hollywood has been making a bunch of live-action versions of Disney films it got me thinking… Wouldn’t Hongbin be perfect as a Disney prince? I know it won’t ever happen, since he doesn’t really speak English and Hollywood doesn’t even always cast Asians to play actual Asian characters… But he definitely has that look.

4. Super Junior’s Siwon


Siwon and I may have our differences, and will probably never get along, but he does have a certain hold on me. And what’s that? He’s literally so good-looking it pisses me off. He’s got the looks, the height and the money. Practically a dream boat.

3. EXO’s Kai


A gorgeous boy, Kai caught my eye from the very start. He doesn’t need advanced hairdos and costumes, frankly they bring him down, and he looks his absolute best like this: with dark hair and a simple tee.

2. 2PM’s Taecyeon


2PM has dual visuals, but only one of them had any shot of making it onto this list. Taecyeon is painfully handsome, with the face, the dorkiness and the BODY to blow my freaking mind.

1. JYJ’s/DB5K’s Jaejoong


Jaejoong isn’t just attractive or pretty or sexy. He’s beautiful. He’s not truly feminine-looking, but I wouldn’t call him masculine either. He’s too magnificently radiant to be held down by something as silly as gender norms, and putting him anywhere besides number one would just feel senseless.

What do you think, guys? Do you agree that these are kpop’s most attractive male visuals? Who did I wrongly leave out?


11 thoughts on “Top Seven Best Looking Kpop Boy Group Visuals

  1. Your number one, KIM JAEJOONG. H-E-L-L Y-E-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL, like he’s almost not a real human being, no human being is THAT gorgeous, his face is just unreal.

    Siwon just screams prince from head to toe, everything from his face to personality. yeah. need I say more? lol

    Top, YES, super manly and handsome with those strong features.

    Minho is very handsome, like VERY handsome, especially in person.

    Kai’s look is not my type, he’s good looking but just not my type.

    I don’t really know the rest, haha.

  2. Very nice picks! I really like a lot of them. In general, even if the guy isn’t necessarily my type, I can totally see why he would be the visual. I think it’s the sharp features.

    I’m glad you included Hongbin 🙂 He would have been #1 on my list.

    When it comes to Kai, I find that he actually looks the best when he is dressed down. It’s when he is given elaborate makeup or costumes or they make him do these overly serious poses that I feel takes away from his natural beauty. I totally fell for him in Love Me Right, and in there he was just wearing a t-shirt and smiling like crazy.

    Btw I had no idea Minho was the visual in SHINee. This whole time I thought it was Key, because he has a lot of those “pretty” features.

    1. I absolutely agree about Kai! I like him most in no/minimal makeup, fairly natural-looking hair and simple clothes. The boy is stunning, and don’t need no fluff.

  3. Pretty much agree on this whole list. I would have added L from Infinite maybe in the list but I don’t know who I would take out tbh. I would also probably put Donghae over Siwon because Siwon and I also have different views and because I like Donghaes look better.

    1. I agree with your opinion about Siwon and his views, but I do find him attractive… And since this was about official visuals, I couldn’t put Donghae on here… And yeah, L wasn’t far from making it on here!

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