Review of BTS’s Album ”The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2″

If you remembered who were included in the polls for these reviews you might have figured out that BTS was the group that dominated them so completely. They got 33% in the poll for the best single (being followed by EXO at 13%) and they got 38% in the poll for the best album (being followed by VIXX at 19%). They absolutely crushed these polls. If I look at what tags are on the top each week, BTS is always the number one group. On this blog, BTS are the kings of kpop. I absolutely don’t begrudge them that, since I am a big fan. But seeing it in numbers like this is almost shocking. So I truly hope that I won’t be massacred when I say that I still haven’t listened to this album, even though it was released back in November. I’m just really bad at listening to albums, okay! But I will now; you made sure of that.

Track 1 – Never Mind

(Co-written and co-produced by Suga)

Suga is a notoriously underrated rapper, and has often been overshadowed by the power that is Rap Monster. But after this song, that can’t possibly be the case anymore. It’s almost completely his song, with the other two rappers only coming in for two lines each in the end. This is so Suga and it’s everything I’d like to see from him. Oh and:

”If you feel like you’re going to crash then accelerate more, you idiot.”

How cool is that line?

Track 2 – Run

(Co-written by Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, V and Jungkook)

This is the single, the big one. And I have to say that while I absolutely like this song, and downloaded it from first listen, I don’t love it the way I’ve loved almost every single previous BTS single (all except for ”Just One Day”). But it does have an amazing sense of youth and passion, that only BTS can truly do in this way. It makes me want to run. And for anyone who knows me, that is not an emotion that is easy to evoke in me.

Track 3 – Butterfly

I am perfectly aware of the fact that Jimin and Jungkook are the strongest singers in the group, and they’re usually my favorite voices as well, but in this song I just wanted to eat up every single one of V’s parts with a silver spoon. I don’t know how he did it, but he sounded so good. I’m in love with the chorus of this song, and is intending to download it simply for that reason. The verses drag some, but the chorus is flawless.

Track 4 – Whalien 52

(Co-written by Suga, J-Hope and Rap Monster)

In this song the boys are liking themselves to that infamously lonely whale that we all know of by now, the one that can’t communicate with any other whales because they literally can’t hear it. ”Whalien” is a play on ”whale” and ”alien”, just showing how strange the boys seem and how alone they are. Suga even seems to claim that it’s their celebrity status that have put them in this position. The lyrics are clever, and really quite sad, but the song as a whole is not blowing me away.

Track 5 – Ma City

(Co-written by Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope)

I came into this expecting something like Zico’s ”4 My Town” and while that isn’t exactly what I got, it’s still kind of that kind of thing. It’s a song of pride for where you’re from, and I love that the boys mention their own hometowns. Even such a small thing as Busan boy Jimin mentioning the ocean that makes his hometown so famous is such a cute detail. It’s a very good song; I enjoyed it loads. Oh and did I hear some dialect in there? Awesome.

Track 6 – Crow Tit

(Co-written by Rap Monster)

Don’t ask me to explain the title of the song or the lyrics, because I don’t think I understand it. Why is is called ”Crow Tit” when 뱁새 is translated as ”try-hard” in the lyrics? I don’t know. But I do know that from the second the beat started, I knew that this song would be fire. And it is. The rappers’ parts are to die for and I’m sure I’ll listen to this all the time.

Track 7 – SKIT: One Night in a Strange City

These goddamn skits. That’s all I have to say.

Track 8 – Dead Leaves

(Co-written by J-Hope, Suga, Rap Monster and Jungkook and co-produced by Suga)

I like the production of this song (partial props to Suga for that) but as a song it is not killing it for me. I find it kind of boring to be honest. It’s just not engaging me. Sorry.

Track 9 – House of Cards

You could see this as the mandatory album ballad but it has so much more drama to it than the average ballad, which for me is so much better! It makes very good sense that the intro is taken care of by the rappers, while the outro is in the hands of the vocalists. The rappers get us hyped, the singers bring us back down. And they did it so well. This song makes me want to go rule the world.

Final Thoughts

Good! The boys did well. BTS have become hugely popular, especially within the international kpop fandom, but no one can truly criticize that, because they are consistently putting out some good shit. Not even the haters can call these boys talentless. This album gets a download percent of 66%, with the skit, ”Whalien 52” and ”Dead Leaves” not making it. My favorite songs are for sure ”Ma City” and ”Crow Tit”. Those songs are what BTS does best.

So what do all you massive BTS fans think? Did I do this album justice? Does the album do the boys justice?




11 thoughts on “Review of BTS’s Album ”The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2″

  1. This is gonna be like so completely random but you never did tell us how your bias list got tangled up after going to that bts concert in stockholm. Is it too late to ask for that post? :3

  2. Hi! What polls are you talking about? I’m new to KPop and BTS is my fave and I want to contribute to “the polls.” In the beginning I only knew about the music and the people and everything I didn’t really think about the economics or statistics of it all (awards, votes, views, such)

    1. Oh well that’s just something I do here on my blog! At the start of every month I post a couple of polls where you can vote for your favourite single and album from the past month, and then I review them! 🙂

      1. (T/N: * 뱁새/Baebsae is a Korean Crow-Tit but it is also used to call someone
        who ruins themselves by trying to imitate/copy people who are better
        than them. It comes from the saying 뱁새가 황새 걸음을 걸으면 가랑이
        가 찢어진다 meaning “If a crow-tit walks like a stork, it will tear its legs”
        That excerpt was taken from a lyric translation tumblr. I know this post is old but ha idc

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