Putting the Spotlight on B.A.P!

The girls had no chance, and B.A.P got voted in for this Spotlight with 56% of the votes. I actually think I won’t get to write about a girl group for this series until there’s only girls in the poll… That’s a little sad, but it’s a reality on this blog. The boy groups bring in a whole lot more readers.


B.A.P, which stands for Best Absolute Perfect, is a male six-member group that debuted in January of 2012 as the first, and still the only, boy group from TS Entertainment. They are label mates with the girl groups Secret and Sonamoo and the hip-hop duo Untouchable. B.A.P was sort of the start of the wave of hip-hop boy groups that we still see. Their first few singles had a very distinct hard hip-hop flavor and B.A.P quickly became known for great live performances. This quickly made them popular.

They have always had a fairly distinct hip-hop sound, but have also experimented with other things such as more standard pop, ballads and rock sounds.

In November of 2014 it was announced that B.A.P had, as a group, filed a lawsuit to terminate their contracts with TS Entertainment. They claimed that they were treated unfairly, and that the distribution of profits was not right. TS Entertainment said that there was no such thing, and the kpop community held their breaths, unsure if we would ever see B.A.P again. Then, in August of 2015 it was announced that B.A.P and TS Entertainment had settled their differences and that B.A.P had returned to the agency. A few months later they made their comeback, and all is now seemingly well.


B.A.P have a distinct style that they do very well. Songs such as ”Warrior”, ”Power”, ”No Mercy”, “One Shot”, ”Badman” and even to some extent their latest release ”Young, Wild & free”, shows this. You can just look at the titles, you don’t even have to listen to the songs, and I think you can still figure out more or less what that style they do so well is.

But even though B.A.P have this distinct and strong style they are very willing to experiment. This is evident with songs such as ”Stop It” and ”Where Are You? What Are You Doing?” that are more cute; ”Rain Sound” that is more in the realm of sad ballads; ”Coffee Shop” that is chill lounging music; ”Hurricane” that is straight up party music; and ”1004 (Angel)” that is more in the realm of rock. B.A.P are always willing to try something new.

B.A.P pack a punch in the talent department. Daehyun is a standout singer, this people tends to remember. But there’s also Youngjae, who in some songs shines even more than Daehyun. Yongguk and Zelo are both great rappers, but with polar-oppostite voices and styles. This group have all the talent to stand tall with the best of them.


This is not my personal opinion, but it is one I’ve heard expressed on numerous occasions. Some people say that B.A.P have lost their touch. That they debuted strong with ”Warrior”, ”Power” and ”No Mercy” but then got lost. That they found it again with ”One Shot” but that the magic they once had is now lost forever. On some level I see what they’re saying, I don’t think we’ll ever truly see that B.A.P again. Not like that. Whether or not that is a horrendous thing is up to each of us to decide.

Time of the Bias

Let my infinite wisdom help you choose your bias, your one true B.A.P love.



He’s the leader of the group.

Main rapper.

Among the taller in the group.

Oldest in the group, 90-liner together with Himchan.

He may seem brusque, but is actually very soft-hearted.

A fan once asked him to marry her at a fan-signing. He said yes. She froze and had to be escorted away by security.

He was part of an underground hip-hop crew called Soul Connection.




Sub-vocalist and rapper.

In the middle height-wise.

Second-oldest in the group, 90-liner together with Yongguk.

He says he’s interested in fashion, yet doesn’t always dress so well.

He’s proud that he’s the member with the most female idols’ phone numbers.

He was once an SM trainee.



Main vocalist.

Among the shorter in the group.

In the middle age-wise, a 93-liner.

Has stated that he has dreamt about marrying early since he was a child.

His secret talent is that he can eat enormous amounts of food yet never gains weight. Mostly he eats cheese cake.

Sometimes he speaks with a heavy Busan accent.



Lead vocalist.

In the middle height-wise.

In the middle age-wise, an early 94-liner.

He was once a JYP trainee.

He’s close friends with GOT7’s Junior and JB.

He was scared of Yongguk when he first met him.



Main dancer and sub-vocalist.

Shortest in the group.

Second-youngest in the group, an early 95-liner.

He doesn’t have an ideal type; he simply wants to meet his soulmate.

He can sing while doing a backflip.

He likes manga and playing games, especially World of Warcraft.




Lead rapper and lead dancer.

Tallest in the group.

Youngest in the group, a 96-liner.

Someone called him dumb once, so for a while he wore glasses to seem smarter.

His stage name comes from the Greek god Zelos, who is the god of rivalry, because he works so hard to always keep up with the older members.

He said seeing Jongup lounging around in just underwear motivates him to work out more.



2 thoughts on “Putting the Spotlight on B.A.P!

  1. “A fan once asked him to marry her at a fan-signing. He said yes. She froze and had to be escorted away by security.” Oh. My. God. I never knew that. That is so funny 😂

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