Highlighting Some Awesome Kpop Album Tracks of 2015

I am notoriously bad at listening to albums… That’s why I started the Faves series in early 2015, to force myself to really check some groups out. I’m ashamed to say that there’s plenty of artists that I claim to love that I’ve never listened to a whole album from. But I did nonetheless listen to some albums over the past year, and here are some of the best tracks from those albums: 

I only allowed one track per album, not the single of course, and I ranked them according to how much I’ve loved them.

15. f(x)’s ”When I’m Alone” (from ”4 Walls”)

I feel like ”4 Walls”, both the single and the album, is the essence of what f(x) are, but refined. This song shows that in a lovely way. It’s in a similar style as the single, but builds on that to reach something else.

14. HyunA’s ”Run & Run” (from ”A+”)

HyunA herself took part in the writing of these lyrics and I truly hope that this is the truth. That she truly has this much control over her own life. It’s one of the best intros to an album I’ve ever heard and it’s definitely the best singing and among the best rapping I’ve ever heard from her.

13. TWICE’s ”Truth” (from ”The Story Begins”)

JYP might say that ”Do It Again” is the song that shows TWICE’s color, but I would love for it to be this song. This style works so well with them and it adds up to a lovely little song. I really want to be the kind of person that wears my heart just a bit more on my sleeve, and I think the message of this song is something we should all take to heart.

12. Seventeen’s ”Jam Jam” (from ”17 Carat”)

I just don’t know what it is about this song… It makes me happy, gives me a spring in my step and wants me to go party. Even though I’m a big fan of Vernon I actually wish they wouldn’t have included him, so this song could have been pure performance unit glory, but oh well.

11. Girls’ Generation’s ”Show Girls” (from ”Lion Heart”)

This is actually the Korean version of a song that was on their Japanese album from 2014, and I’m so glad that they decided to include it here, because otherwise I would have never heard it. It’s so much fun, and makes me want to go see a musical. And watching them perform it live was everything I wanted it to be.

10. EXO’s ”El Dorado” (from ”Exodus”)

The ”Exodus” album was no knockout for me, but this song for sure was. It has this amazing sense of adventure to it that I almost want an entire movie made off of simply the vibe of this song. D.O, Baekhyun and Suho all stepped up in this song and especially Suho really shines here.

9. Red Velvet’s ”Time Slip” (from ”The Red”)

This is a style and a vibe that suits Red Velvet to perfection. This is exactly what I want from their album tracks. This doesn’t even sound like the same group that put out ”Happy” and ”Ice Cream Cake”, this is infinitely more refined.

8. SHINee’s ”Woof Woof” (from ”Odd”)

I wasn’t sure whether to choose this one or ”Alive”, but I had to admit that this one is the one I’ve listened to more. It’s so obnoxiously frantic and upbeat that you can’t help but to smile when you listen to it. I’m sure I could get to the train stop in record time if I had this in my ears, it naturally makes you speed up.

7. Miss A’s ”Love Song” (from ”Colors”)

”Only You” was a perfectly adequate single but it was not the best song on that album. This was way better (and ”I Caught Ya” was also way better, but I decided to go with this one.) and that amazing chorus beat is off all charts. Now if only I could dance like Jia, this would be my go-to strip tease song.

6. Wonder Girls’ ”One Black Night” (from ”Reboot”)

From one sexy song to an even hotter one. This is almost exclusively Yeeun and Sunmi’s song and here they stretch their vocal wings and prove what lovely singers they both are. Thing is, even though they did so amazing, I think my favorite part is actually the little part where Yubin and Hyerim come in. It’s so catchy and makes me feel all kinds of sexy and badass.

5. GOT7’s ”Tic Tic Tok” (from ”Mad”)

It feels like it was only yesterday that GOT7 were my little baby boys and now they’re singing these sex songs, making me all confused. This is definitely one of my favorite songs from them ever, and Mark saying ”let me see you want me baby” like that makes it impossible for me to do anything else.

4. BTS’s ”Boyz With Fun” (from ”The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1)

I’m sure that the absolute majority of the BTS members are really fun boys, and this song reaffirms what I was already absolutely sure of: I’d love to party them. I should have grabbed them when they were here in Sweden and pulled them to a club or something. It would probably have been absolutely amazing.

3. Jonghyun’s ”Hallelujah” (from ”Base”

Jonghyun is such an amazingly stunning singer, and this song really shows that. Also, the internet is quite unanimous in saying that Jonghyun is an atheist, and if someone can make an atheist feel thankful to god, then they must truly be special. It makes this song’s message even stronger. The way he sings those ”hallelujah” parts… Wow…

2. XIA’s ”X Song” (from ”Flower”)

As you might have realized, I have a preference for sexy/sensual songs… Especially if they have a nice beat. This song is for sure both those things. I love the airy way XIA sings it, and since Dok2 is an extremely capable rapper, who I always feel like I should listen more to, including him is never ever a bad thing.

1. Amber’s ”I Just Wanna” (from ”Beautiful”)

It does feel a little weird to put a song in English on top, but out of all these this is definitely the song I’ve listened to the most. I’ve been obsessed with it. The melody is the same as f(x)’s ”Goodbye Summer”, but the story is a different one. Amber brought in (her close friend) Eric Nam to sing this with her as a duet and that just makes it even more special. It just makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

If I would have a kpop new years resolution it would for sure be to take the time to listen to more albums. Because there are these amazing little gems hidden in there, and can we really afford to miss them? I don’t think I can.


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