My Fifteen Favorite Kpop Singles of 2015 (Male Artists)

This is not an easy list to write. I tried to be as fair and impartial as I can, and really look at how much I’ve been enjoying these songs this year. I came up with these fifteen songs, and even managed to rank them among themselves! I don’t think I’ve ever done that before, this is a big day. I only allowed one song per artist, but solo promotions and sub-units are counted as their own artists, so there could be one Super Junior song, one D&E song and one Kyuhyun song on here. I’m not saying there is, just that there possibly could be.

(And I don’t know why these videos won’t allow me to embed them. Trust me, I’ve tried.)

15. FTISLAND’s ”Pray”

FTISLAND has never been this heavy rock before, and from the first few notes of this song I was at the edge of my seat. I may not live much in that world these days, but I do have a great love for rock. And this pleased me infinitely. I’ve never heard Hongki utilize that great voice of his in this way. I really hope this isn’t the first and last time we get this kind of sound from them, that would be a shame.

14. Infinite’s ”Bad”

This might be my favorite single from Infinite ever. It’s just so good. It’s less 80s than their usual stuff and has more edge than their usual vibe. There are some great vocal performances in there as well and the beat is off all charts.

13. Seventeen’s ”Adore U”

The only thing I thought when I first saw this was: ”this is so not me. I’m too old.” But I ended up falling for these cute little dumbasses and I’ve replayed this song into absurdum… It’s a catchy song and as soon as you let it in IT WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUR MIND. (아낀다! *aggressive pointing*)

12. Rap Monster’s ”Do You”

Rap Monster has quickly grown into one of my absolute favorite rappers, and this song is my favorite thing from him so far. He’s spitting fire to a great beat with great lyrics. What more could I ever ask?

11. DAY6’s ”Congratulations”

I may not have taken the time out of my life to learn the names of these boys just yet (even though they for sure have deserved that attention) but I have listened to this song about a billion times. It’s the perfect breakup song, bitter to no end.

10. BTS’s ”Dope”

BTS have once more had a very active and successful year, and out of the three singles they released over the course of 2015, this, the second one, is my absolute favorite. Not that I don’t appreciate BTS’s more sensitive songs and videos, but this kind of pure fun/youthful abrasiveness is still what I want from them.

 9. Jonghyun’s ”Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)

2015 was the year my ultimate bias finally released his first solo album, and I could not have been more of the perfect mix of terrified and excited. Terrified because what if I didn’t like what he put out? And excited because what if I did? And thank the lord, I did. I loved this single from the first listen, and have been continuously loving it all year.

8. SHINee’s ”View”

Definitely my favorite out of the two singles SHINee, my favorite group, released this year. It’s a chill song for lazy spring and summer afternoons and with its very repetitive nature it is beyond catchy! I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite SHINee single, but my boys definitely delivered. It’s got their flavor, but it in a calmer and more artsy way. And also: look at this video! They’re free from the box!

7. iKON’s ”Rhythm Ta”

I haven’t loved everything iKON have put out this year, but this song has been my jam! I may feel like ”Dumb & Dumber” is actually the better song, but I have replayed this song right here about a billion times, and since this is not about which songs are the actual best of the year, it’s about my favorites, I will gladly put ”Rhythm Ta” on here.

6. PSY’s ”Daddy”

This song is hilarious and catchy in a way that only PSY can do. The song and video are both gold and if I could ever be in charge of the music at parties, this would be at least every other track played.

5. Jung Yong Hwa’s ”Checkmate”

It’s not actually the song he used to promote this album , his first solo effort. But it definitely should have been. Not that ”One Fine Day” isn’t a lovely song, it is, but ”Checkmate” is just so goddamn amazing! And since it does have a music video it is qualified for this list. God, Yonghwa, why not this one?

4. Zico’s ”Boys And Girls”

Zico’s whole ”Gallery” album was perfection but this was the best thing to come out of it. It’s really too bad that it was released in November, because it would have been an absolutely flawless song for summer. Zico’s amazing rapping mixes with Babylon’s vocals beautifully, and creates simple magic.

3. XIA’s ”Flower”

The best video to come out this past year for sure, and I’m saying that without even considering looking back at any other videos. But it’s also a really beautiful song. It’s graceful and desperate and XIA’s vocals dance on-top on the lovely instrumentals while Tablo’s rap is just as meaningful and deep as he so often is. Best thing XIA has done for sure.

2. Mad Clown’s ”Fire”

While this is Mad Clown’s song, he is not the reason why it’s this high, or even on, this list. He’s an excellent rapper, and the song in general is great. But for me this song is all about Jinsil. All I’ve heard from her is featurings in male rappers’ songs, and every time her voice is the best part of the song. I guess I just need to find my way to her own songs, and then I can die happy with them in my ears.

1. Big Bang’s ”Loser”

Big Bang hit us with about a million singles this year, almost all of which I loved. But this song… This song I’ve listened to, and sung, more than probably any other song this year. It’s amazing and catchy and while not what I usually think of when I think of a great Big Bang song, it’s now a favorite of mine out of their discography.

What are your favorite songs from the year? How many did we have in common?


7 thoughts on “My Fifteen Favorite Kpop Singles of 2015 (Male Artists)

  1. YES CHECKMATE I am absolutely in love with that song and I’ve fallen too hard in love with JJ LIN. You’re the first person I’ve seen rank Checkmate as one of the best from Yonghwa’s album and I wholeheartedly agree.

  2. You’re list is on point! I loved most of these songs. (I forgot some of them were in 2015 though.) Especially Rap Monster’s “Do You.” To me, that was the best song on his whole mix tape. I could listen to that on repeat. Also, I MUST say I cannot argue with “Loser” being number one. Big Bang blew me away with that song.

    1. Oh thank you! And yes, I too had actually forgotten that that song was from 2015… And yes, while Big Bang may not be my absolute favorite group (not far off though), ”Loser” was the best single of the year.

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