My Eight Favorite Triple Threats in Kpop

A triple threat is a term that I’m sure most, if not all, kpop fans are familiar with. It can refer to either an idol that is strong in the dancing, singing/rapping and acting departments or it can refer to an idol that’s a strong dancer, singer and rapper. I’d say the second definition is more common, and even though some may claim that the first one is the original; I’ve used the second definition when crafting this list. For me to consider them a triple threat they have to excel in two out of the three, and be at least decent in the third. 

1. Hyorin (SISTAR)


Hyorin is an excellent singer, that we all know, but seeing her on Unpretty Rapstar has allowed me to see that she’s also quite the standout rapper. She never raps in the music of her group, but I’d definitely say that she’s a stronger rapper than Bora. Nothing but letting them throw down in a wicked rap battle could really prove that though. SISTAR is not really a dance-focused group, but Hyorin is a good dancer, for sure.

2. Hoya (Infinite)


Infinite is a group of amazing dancers and I think it’s fairly accepted within the Inspirit fandom that Hoya is the very strongest of them all. The way he moves is so precise and beautiful. He’s also one of the better singers in the group and for being an idol rapper he’s for sure good.

3. Jiyoon (4Minute)


Jiyoon is absolutely the most underrated member of 4Minute, at least based on the response I’ve seen. She can throw down way harder than Hyuna in the rap-department and her singing is right up there with Gayoon’s. Just check out her parts of ”Volume Up” if you don’t believe me. Plus she’s for sure a good dancer. Jiyoon is a major triple threat, and she deserves more respect.

4. Taeyang (Big Bang)


Since he revealed his rap skills, Taeyang is for sure a triple threat. He’s one of the strongest dancers in kpop, an excellent singer and now he’s also shown that he’s for sure an above average rapper. Like he wasn’t formidable enough when he just had the dancing, the singing and the abs…

5. Minzy (2NE1)


It’s established that Minzy is a fabulous dancer and I personally think that she’s the strongest singer in her group. (And Bom isn’t around to prove me wrong, so…) In the group’s earlier material she did quite a bit of rapping as well, and while she was never quite as good as CL; she did hold her own. Minzy is a classic triple threat.

6. Jungkook (BTS)


Jungkook was noticed for his triple threat (quadruple threat even, if you count his notoriously good looks as well) qualities right off the bat when he debuted and was dubbed ”The Golden Maknae” for them. He’s one of the strongest dancers in a very strong dance group; he’s according to many the group’s best singer (and to the rest of us: second best); and his rapping is up to par with many idol rappers, even though he isn’t primarily a rapper. Jungkook just keeps earning that golden title, each and every day.

7. Amber (f(x))


Amber has always been the rapper of her group, and she’s always proven that she’s definitely among the best female idol rappers. Her solo album also proved that she has quite a bit of singing skills that haven’t really been utilized in f(x)’s music, sadly. And Amber is also a perfectly capable dancer. I know some people might have wanted me to put Luna on here, but as I consider them both triple threats and this is about my favorites… And Amber happens to be my bias… I decided to put Amber on here.

8. Jay Park

jay park

Jay Park is one of my favorite rappers; he definitely has the skill to back up all that swag and cockiness. He still sees himself as primarily a dancer and that was a huge part of his life ever since he was young, with his b-boy crew and all. Jay Park is an excellent dancer and I actually got really upset when my brother said he thought all Jay Park could do was air-thrusting. And yes, I did make him watch a whole bunch of clips of Jay dancing. Right’s gotta be right. Jay Park is not a super strong singer; it’s definitely something he was trained to do. But he is alright at it, and since his other skills are so strong it makes up for it.

I know there has been a trillion triple threat lists made so I’m sure you’ve all seen all these people listed like this before. But that’s exactly why I felt like I needed to do it too! This blog was founded on the premise of lists, so how could I not have one of the most well known lists in the kpop community? I just had to write one.


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