The Curious Case of Monsta X

I thought of this right when Monsta X debuted a little over five months ago, and the release of their second single reaffirmed me in this. Monsta X have a curious little problem that is holding me back from being able to like them. It’s clear that they’ve been going for a ”hardcore” or ”hiphop” concept ever since debut. And on some level they’ve achieved that. Their choruses are tight, with super great beats and well anchored. In the choruses they definitely achieve what it is I perceive them as going for. But in comparison, the verses are just so weak.

It’s not that the verses are bad per se, it’s just that they have absolutely none of the strength of the choruses. It’s not so that every kpop group that does hiphop style music always keep everything super gangsta and never have a member with a sweeter voice, but I’ve never heard something so divided as this. The only time they really keep some of the hiphop feel in the verses is when one of the rappers (there are at least two, right? Sorry, I don’t know the members.) steps in to do a part.

Thing is, I really want to like Monsta X. Every time I hear the chorus to one of their two singles I’m like ”yeeeeeaaaaaah hit it”, but the verses are just such buzzkills. Especially the chorus in ”Trespass” was flawlessly anchored by who I at least think of as being Jooheon. If it is him; he gives me life.

So, yeah. I see so much potential in Monsta X based on their choruses, but I just don’t know how to fix their verses… It might just be me who has this problem, but it’s really slapped me in the face lately, so I wanted to process it by writing it down.

Do you guys like Monsta X? Do you hear it too? Does it bother you like it does me? How can we fix it?

If you haven’t listened to Monsta X; here are their two singles:

Check them out and tell me if I’m crazy or not.


6 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Monsta X

  1. I m just getting into Monsta X …I only know a few members😂
    I m not sure I completely understand your case😅 but now that u mentioned it,their choruses are more powerful compared to the verses! I relistened to all 3 songs i have of them and i guess you are kinda right! Jooheon is a strong and powerful rapper so I don’t know if it’s because of his rap, the verses seem weak😅 or maybe it’s just their style or whatever…. I just know, I m loving Kihyun and monstax may become one of my favourites…. let’s wait for their next vomeback!

  2. Ahhh yes. I know this feeling. The first time I heard Trespass and Rush, I hated them until the chorus. I think it’s because the verses are carried by a few of the *dare I say it* less talented members; the visual line. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that there were much better trainees that were competing to be in the line-up. However, Starship Ent went with a visual line-up rather than a hard-hitting one. So there are three members who aren’t particularly special in anything and they lack the magnetic attraction and powerful talent that the other members have.

    Monsta X does have a few pros, however. Jooheon is 100% amazing in his rapping and yes, that’s him carrying the chorus in in Trespass. I.M is also a very talented rapper and Kihyun’s voice is wonderful. Shownu has to be my bias though. His dancing is amazing and his voice is very sweet.

    I do recommend that you check out Hero. Both versions are nice, but I feel like the original leaves more of an impact. It’s my favorite Monsta X song so far.

    1. Oh wow someone who agrees with me! I’ve actually heard Hero, and I did like it more than the others, but it still didn’t quite do it for me…
      And I didn’t watch the show, so I don’t know if there were better trainees XD I’ll believe you though.

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