Putting the Spotlight on NU’EST!

This time we’re highlighting NU’EST, which is very surprising to me. EXO was included in the last poll, and for the first ten days of the poll being up it looked like they for sure would take it, but then NU’EST pulled it back and won by just one vote. Good job guys! Not many people can take down the SM powerhouse. 


NU’EST, which stands for ”New Establish Style Tempo”, is a male five-member group that debuted in March of 2012 as the first boy group from Pledis Entertainment. They are label mates with After School and Seventeen. Their debut was, at least in my circles of the kpop fandom, noted and well-recieved. But they have since lost some steam, and aren’t as well known as they could and should have been. This probably has to do with their company’s financial struggles, which has lead to poor promotion.

Their first two singles were noteworthy because they were message songs, something very few kpop groups release from the very start. They have since then pulled back into less confrontational territory, sadly.


On paper, NU’EST is a flawlessly balanced kpop group. They have two great singers, one with a gentler voice and one louder; they have a disturbingly beautiful member that stands out in any crowd; they have a great rapper; and they have a member who’s fluent in English. I mean, what else could a group need? They are structurally perfect.

As I already said, NU’EST’s first two singles stood out because they touched on things most newly debuted kpop groups don’t. Things that most kpop groups in general don’t touch. But those things weren’t too far off and the sound of the songs was not too weird for the general kpop fandom. They stood out and got attention, but didn’t push anyone away by standing out too much. It can sometimes be a hard balance to find, but NU’EST obviously have, or at least had, the ability.

NU’EST have an ability to use props and each other to create very interesting dance numbers. Best examples of this would be the chair dance for their debut song ”Face” and certain parts of the dance that accompanied their 2013 single ”Sleep Talking”.


The biggest weakness that NU’EST has is for sure their management. With more funding and better promotions; they could have been way bigger by now. They have all the potential to go far. So I really hope that Pledis makes a ton of money off of their new stars Seventeen, and have the good sense to put some of that on NU’EST. Because I for one absolutely loved them at debut, and seeing them fall to the wayside like this is really heartbreaking.

Time of the Bias

Choosing your bias is the most crucial event of any new fan’s life, so this section is here to make that just a tiny bit easier for you. I hope. Or maybe it will make it all the more difficult, and in that case I’m terribly sorry.



He’s the leader of the group.

Main rapper and main dancer.

In the middle height-wise.

Second-oldest in the group, 95-liner together with Baekho, Minhyun and Ren.

One of the reasons why he became an idol was because his father’s dream was to be a singer, and he wanted that to somehow come true.

He is seen as the male version of Kahi by some.

He’s a huge perfectionist.



Lead rapper, lead dancer and sub-vocalist.

Shortest in the group.

The oldest in the group, a 93-liner.

He speaks English.

He got accepted into NYU, but rejected it to follow his dream of being an idol.

He’s afraid of horses.



Main vocalist.

In the middle height-wise.

In the middle age-wise, a 95-liner with JR, Minhyun and Ren.

He had the nickname ”white tiger” but the members couldn’t take that seriously so they renamed him ”baby tiger”.

Tries to remember all his fans, and claims that he remembers the face of every fan that’s been to the recording studio.

Always ranks himself last in the group when it comes to looks.




Lead vocalist.

Tallest in the group.

Second-youngest, 95-liner with JR, Baekho and Ren.

Has an older sister that Aron likes, but he would never introduce her to him because ”she’s out of his league”.

He’s a neat freak.

He said the most rebellious thing he’s ever done was eat ramyun in class.





In the middle height-wise.

Youngest in the group, 95-liner with JR, Baekho and Minhyun.

He’s a big fan of Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

He’s tried to raise a fish, a hermit crab, a turtle and a rabbit. And they all died.

He’s more beautiful than most kpop girls, and says he doesn’t mind being mistaken for a girl because it makes him more interesting:




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