Review of GOT7’s Album ”Mad”

Yeah, as I wrote last time; for the first time ever, there was a tie for best song of the month. That tie was at 20% of the votes and it was between DAY6’s ”Congratulations” and GOT7’s ”If You Do”. A debut song and a song from a group that debuted only last year. And they’re both JYP boy groups! The JYP boys are for sure going strong. GOT7’s ”If You Do” was the one out of the three that I felt the least hateful about writing a normal review of, but since I decided it would be all album reviews this time around; this will be a review of their fourth extended play: ”Mad”. 

GOT7 have since the start made quite fun and upbeat music, and they haven’t really dug deep into their own emotions, at least not in their singles. But this time around they went for a slower, darker and more mature tone, and while some weren’t thrilled by the idea; I think they pulled it off in a lovely fashion. Some people say that this mature turn is JYP pushing them as the next 2PM, but stop kidding yourselves; he did that from the start. And ”If You Do” isn’t nearly as close to anything 2PM’s done as GOT7’s debut ”Girls, Girls, Girls” was eerily similar to 2PM’s own debut ”10 out of 10”. And you know it. So chill.

Track 1 – If You Do

GOT7 won my love right from their debut with ”Girls, Girls, Girls” but their follow-up singles ”A” and ”Stop Stop It” did literally nothing for me, and at that point I was way more of a fan of the members and their amazing personalities and personas than I was of the actual music. And then this summer they released the flawless single ”Just Right” and now they’ve followed that up with this, another amazing single. GOT7 are finally proving that I made the right choice when I chose them as my second favorite debut of 2014.

This song is deeper and darker, more aggressive even, than their previous singles by far. The verses are slower than what we’re used to,  but it gets more upbeat in the chorus. I really like the lyrics, I find them clever. Especially the play on ”good” and ”끝” in the first line is really well crafted.

I think every member performed well vocally in this track but I’d give an extra edge to Junior, Yugyeom and Jackson. Junior is my favorite vocalist in the group for sure, and he sounded amazing here. Yugyeom got way more lines here than he usually does, and he handled them very well. And Jackson really nailed the aggressive rapping of this track. He also took part in writing them.

Track 2 – Put Your Hands Up

This song is them ”arresting” a beautiful woman that’s been going around ”stealing” hearts. It’s a little silly, but it’s a fun song so I can let that slide. I especially really enjoyed the chorus, with the first two lines by Yugyeom and Jackson being the absolute best part. I also really enjoyed how Mark did his rap part; the way he rapped it was very interesting. It’s not a mind-blowing song, but I really enjoyed it! It’s definitely something I can see myself listening to a whole lot. Plus the repetitiveness of the chorus means I could probably learn it.

Track 3 – Good Feeling

For some reason; this is the one song I haven’t managed to find translated. It’s a pretty good song, and it definitely has that ”good feeling” vibe, but it feels quite generic. I wish I knew what Mark was rapping though, because I did enjoy that part.

Track 4 – Good

Okay, so apparently I hadn’t found the translated lyrics for this one either… It really messes with my impression of the songs, it’s not at all as strong when I just have an untranslated song, especially with these non-single songs. It sounds like a good song, and I really like the falsetto and Bambam’s rap. But I really wish I knew what exactly the lyrics were about. Gosh I look forward to knowing just a bit more Korean… It would make life better.

Track 5 – Eyes On You

I really like this! It has really sweet lyrics about not being able to take their eyes off of this girl that they’re into (who they describe as plump, by the way, which is a nice inclusive detail), but it also has a really tight beat. I especially enjoyed the way Jackson added flavor to the song but Mark also had a really good line and Junior sounds amazing as always.

Track 6 – Tic Tic Tok

Oh yeeeees…. I feel like I’ve been forgetting just how much I like Mark recently (Junior has been killing it too hard to ignore) (and no, Leo, I’m not trying to steal him) but hearing him rap those ”let me see you want me”-lines was so sexy I now completely remember. Whenever I forget again, I can just come back to this song, and I will be reminded. This is a very sexy song all the way through, and I absolute enjoyed it. Great, great.

Final Thoughts

Good album, absolutely. The two songs that I couldn’t find translations for definitely suffered from that, but everything else will be going up on my download list. I haven’t listened through a GOT7 album since their first, which I really enjoyed, and they’ve for sure evolved excellently since then. I’m very proud of them, and feel more secure in my IGOT7 stage than I ever have.

My favorite song would have to be ”Tic Tic Tok”, and the single is also really great. But every single song on here was good.

How mad are you that I talked about the album instead of how hot they looked in the video? Let me summarize what that post would have said: SMOKING.



4 thoughts on “Review of GOT7’s Album ”Mad”

  1. I was so impressed with Yugyeom’s singing in this entire album. He’s really growing as a vocalist. And yes, I love Junior’s voice too! I can’t describe exactly why, but the way he sings certain lines completely captivates me.

  2. The way Jackson raps is really captivating.. Of course Mark too.. But their contribution in the rap writing is something to talk about also.

    1. Oh it for sure is! It’s just that I feel like I know nowhere near enough about rap in that sense to give any real insight… So I’d rather say nothing about than pretend I’m an expert at something I know nothing about lol.

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