Review of DAY6’s Album ”The Day”

For the first time ever; there was a tie for first place in the poll for the best song of the month. One of the two best songs of September (which both received 20% of the votes) was DAY6’s debut song ”Congratulations”. And since I just can’t stand doing normal song reviews this month, that means a review of their first extended play ”The Day”! This is a debut that’s really caught my eye (which is reasonable, given their big company backing) and I’m really excited to see what their first album has to offer. 

Track 1 – Freely

I feel like this is one of those tracks that could be amazing live, a track that could really get a crowd pumped up and excited, but that doesn’t have nearly the same effect in the recorded version. Just listening to it like this; it’s an alright song. But it doesn’t make a huge impression on me. It makes me want to go back to summer though; I really had a great summer.

Track 2 – Out of My Mind

This is a quite good song, and I like it more than the previous one, but it still didn’t have a huge impression on me. I think it could really grow on me with a few more listens, but so far it’s not quite there. The lyrics are quite standard, but something I’m sure certain people could identify with.

Track 3 – Congratulations

This is the big one, the debut single, the first impression. And it’s really really good. I loved it from first listen, and I haven’t gotten sick of it just yet. It’s a song for when you’ve been dumped, and you’re not interested in the high road. You’re pissed, you’re bitter and you’re okay with embracing it. It’s not as sad as many breakup songs in kpop, it’s more just pissed. And I love that! We already have a decent supply of sad songs, now let’s get mad. Isn’t that one of the steps to getting over someone?

Track 4 – Habits

This is more of the sad breakup song that ”Congratulations” isn’t. It doesn’t actually sound that sad when you just listen to it without knowing the lyrics, but the lyrics really bring it down. They’re really kind of depressing. I think this song is quite good, and it could definitely be a grower, but I do think it drags a little towards the end.

Track 5 – Like the Sun

When I first saw a track list for this album the name of this song wasn’t translated so it simply said: ”태양처럼”. And my first reaction wasn’t to translate that to ”like the sun”, my first reaction was to translate it to ”like Taeyang”. I immediately assumed that we had another group of Big Bang fanboys on our hands. And can you tell me that this song being an ode to Taeyang wouldn’t have been amazing? It totally would have been.

I like this song. If we disregard the single, this is definitely my favorite track so far. It’s all happy and in love, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Track 6 – Colors

This is DAY6’s version of the almost-mandatory album ballad. And it’s really quite stunning. The lyrics are poetic, it’s gorgeously sung and just the whole presentation is flawless. Amazing track, with a really melancholic vibe.

Final Thoughts

As a debut effort, this is definitely solid. Not every track is a home run, but I can definitely see the magic that they’ll achieve once they come into themselves just a wee bit more. My favorite tracks are definitely ”Congratulations”, ”Colors” and ”Like the Sun”, in that order.

What do you think of DAY6 you guys? Are you liking them? What do you think of JYP’s number fetish?

The members that have grabbed my attention the most are definitely Jae and Young K. They both have amazing voices; Young K is the most attractive in the group; Jae is hilarious on twitter; and Young K’s rapping is very sexy. I’m pretty much all settled on Young K as a bias, with no struggle.



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