Let’s Get Kpop Spooky

It’s halloween! Around halloween pretty much every large kpop site does a halloween song list, and this year I too will. Because I want to. So let’s get spooky!

Let’s go get costumes!

What are you gonna be for halloween? A sexy cab driver? Or something military inspired? Well whatever it is, I’m sure that Girls’ Generation are more than ready to help you out; they’ve got this concept down.

Make sure your man’ll stay faithful

There’s nothing like some old-fashioned torture to assure your significant other of how much you love them. Trust me, if you go the A.KOR route, they’ll never ever leave you.

If you’re still single, prove to your crush how much you care

Remember, if they’re something worth having, they will make you work for it. So just keep following them around, and eventually they will be impressed by your stamina and fall madly in love with you. Trust me, it’s totally how it works.

Are you sure your hair and makeup are on point?

If you’re not; I’m sure that this video can give you more than a few pointers. Natural devil horns is the most halloween you can ever get.

Go hit that halloween party!

When this post goes up I will be attending my very first halloween party ever, and if it isn’t exactly like this, I will be extremely disappointed. Except that, of course, I will be the mysterious lady stealing body parts. Naturally.

If it feels right, move that party outside! 

There is nothing more halloween than getting trashed while freezing your butt off at a cemetery. Absolutely nothing. Unless the dead decide to rise and party with you, because then you’ve hit the halloween jackpot!

Or maybe, slow the party down; make it more intimate. 

Committing can be hard, but as soon as you’ve convinced someone that instant marriage is the absolute best for them, you will live happily ever after forever and ever.

Give up and join the circus.

After your new untrustworthy spouse has escaped (after all you did for them!) there’s really only one thing you can do: join the circus! It’s what all the cool kids do these days.


I mean, I’m not suggesting anything, I’m just saying that there are other ways of dealing with a disappointing significant other… And really, they had it coming.

This was just a silly little post that I decided to whip up, but I hope you found it entertaining! Kpop halloween lists tend to always feature the exact same songs, but I tried to mix it up just a little bit. Not sure how well I did with that though, but oh well.



6 thoughts on “Let’s Get Kpop Spooky

      1. Can I please request you something..? I have requested before too but yes I am that desparate…Opinionated profile on iKON please??*does all sorts of aegyo*

  1. wow!!!! These 22 days are gonna be hard for me lol!:)) Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your posts!So it seems,u finally sorted out your iKON bias..;) Thanks again!

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