10 Kpop “Unknowns” You Should Love

This post is for those of you that truly want to discover something new. Most of the people on this list you’ve probably never heard of before, and who knows, you might find something amazing? These are all groups/solo acts that I’ve stumbled upon, not people I’ve checked out because of the massive attention they get from the kpop community. To my knowledge they all get none or way too little. But I really enjoy them, and here I’ll try to convince you that you too should give them a chance.

(I apologize that the videos aren’t embedded, it just refused to cooperate. Just click the links and it’ll take you where you need to go.)

1. Awesome Baby

awesome baby

Awesome Baby is a girl group that debuted this summer, and sadly they seem to have fallen completely under the radar when it comes the majority of the kpop fandom. Their debut video does not even have 20 000 views, which is a huge shame since it’s truly a very good song, great for chillaxing with your friends. Please go love it!

2. D.Holic


D.Holic’s debut song was nothing to cheer for, and really wasn’t noticed at all. But they really stepped it up with their latest song “Chewy”, and are now getting at least a bit noticed in the community. But not at all enough! This is a really funky summer jam, and it’s definitely landed itself on my playlist. The chorus is perfection.

3. Hong Jin Young

hong jin young

If you’re exclusively a kpopper you very well might not know this girl, but if you’ve spent any time in the world of Korea’s more “traditional” popular music, trot, (which you really should because it’s amazing) you probably know her very well. I don’t know a whole lot of trot, but to my knowledge Hong Jin Young is one of the more popular trot singers active right now. She’s fabulous in the most trot kind of way.

This isn’t the “trot-iest” of her songs, but it’s the song that introduced me to her. If you want to go more hardcore trot I’d recommend her big hit “Love Battery” or a great OST song she made for “Glorious Day”: “What About My Age?” Included below!

4. Jinsil


Jinsil is a person that I know next to nothing about. I think she’s the singer in an electro-house trio named Mad Soul Child, but I’m really not sure. I’ve never heard one of her own songs, and barely ever seen her, so I’m not even sure if this picture is really of her. But she has an amazing voice, one of my favorites in the whole world of music. She’s featured in three amazing songs that I love, and her voice is the best part of each of those songs.

I guess she enjoys working with excellent male rappers.

5. Lim Kim

lim kim

I’d guess that this is the person most of you are the most familiar with. Lim Kim is finally getting some love from the kpop community, but it’s nowhere near the level that I personally think she deserves. She’s another one of my favorite voices, which is funny since I have heard her being compared to Jinsil on a few occasions. I guess I have a type.

6. Norazo


This duo of fabulousness is a kind of unforgettable and relentless quirky that you don’t see in kpop. They’re not really kpop, so that might be why. They have a bit more of a rock sound than kpop in general, but not a heavy one. They’re amazing and their songs are so ridiculous you can’t not love them.

7. Tae Jin Ah

tae jin ah

This is someone I’m almost a thousand percent sure the average kpop fan does not know. Tae Jin Ah is an amazing veteran trot singer in his sixties, and the (sadly only) two songs I’ve heard from him are both such amazing pieces of the catchiest kind of trot, and I could not not include him here. His songs are things I always want in my life. Sadly he doesn’t seem to do music videos, so I’ll leave some lives here below.

Look at this adorable man!!

8. Year 7 Class 1

year 7 class 1

I’ll confess that I’ve only heard one song from this group, but that song was such a glorious piece of peppy amazingness that I just couldn’t leave them off this list. Especially since they aren’t exactly a well known group. If I ever get dumped, this is what I’m listening to:

9. Sunny Days

sunny days

I never hear anything at all about Sunny Days in the kpop community, which is a huge shame! They deserve attention. Their voices are great, as are their songs, and there’s a sass to everything they do that is glorious. I really enjoy them, and we should all listen to them more.

10. Lim Chang Jung

lim chang jung

I don’t really care that he’s old enough to be my father, I’d marry Lim Chang Jung in a heartbeat. He’s such a sweet and funny guy, and a great singer. Not that it’s his most vocally advanced songs that make me love him, no sir. It’s gloriousness like this:

He may be a successful actor and ballad singer, and award-winner in both categories, but this amazing dude doesn’t care to take himself too seriously, and therefore all of you should love him. You really should.

How many of these did you know? And how many new people to love did this post bring you? At least one, I hope.


2 thoughts on “10 Kpop “Unknowns” You Should Love

  1. Lim Chang Jung!! Yesss!!! The two songs you shared by him are the only ones I know, but I love them both so much. Thanks for sharing this list! I’ll be sure to check some of these artists out.

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