Putting the Spotlight on VIXX!

The purpose of the spotlights is to highlight a group, to introduce them in a way that could help a newcomer know whether or not this group is something they want to check out. At least that’s what I had in mind when I thought of it. What group is featured is decided by a poll included in the former spotlight, so this is all up to you!

This time around we’re highlighting VIXX, a group that have really solidified their position in the kpop loop. 


VIXX, which stands for ”Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis”, is a male six-member group that debuted in May of 2012 as the first, and still the only, group under Jellyfish Entertainment. The members had been chosen by the viewers of the reality show MyDOL, and might have been the first start to the reality show craze that we now see. Their debut mostly slipped under the radar due to more prolific 2012 debuts (for example EXO and B.A.P) and VIXX didn’t really find their stride until the year after.

VIXX are known for their outstanding concepts, where every aspect of what they do come together to create one story. They do dark concepts better than anyone, that is established.


VIXX are known as the concept idols; they’ve tackled concepts like split personalities, voodoo dolls and cyborgs. And they do it all in a believable and committed way. Everything, from video to dance to styling to song comes together to tell one amazing story. Personally VIXX is not one of my absolute favorite groups, but I don’t think there’s any other group where a rumored comeback makes me as excited to know the concept.

I already mentioned this, but I have to highlight it further: the way VIXX uses dance to show the concept is unique in the kpop world. Just watch this performance:

You don’t have to know Korean, or be in any way familiar with this song to understand that there is a struggle between two aspects going on here. The split-personality theory would probably come to most. And this is achieved mostly through the dance! (and slightly through the black/white outfits) Try and tell me one other kpop group that have conveyed the concept this clearly through the dance, just try. VIXX’s performances are not just about looking cool (not that there’s necessarily anything bad with that), it’s a part of the story.

VIXX’s first two singles in 2012 were quite lackluster and generic kpop, so the real buzz started when they released their first single of 2013, ”On and On”, on January 17. This was their first venture into darker concepts, and it was way more successful on the charts than the previous two singles had been. Loads of kpop groups release a darker single now and again, but VIXX realized something: if they perfected this, they would have found their niche. Since then the absolute majority of their singles have been of the darker kind, some more than others, and VIXX are now a successful group with a clear brand. They have a commitment to their style that works in their favor.


I know this is just a very personal opinion, but I’m really not fond of VIXX’s lighter concepts.I know they’re rare, and probably done as a treat to fans, but I just don’t think they work. VIXX do dark and dramatic amazingly but cutesy just isn’t their thing. I would prefer it if they stuck to what they rule, but I know this might not be an opinion most Starlights share. But I couldn’t bring myself to choose another weakness.

Time of the Bias

These Spotlights are mostly written for new fans, who aren’t quite sure about a group, (but older fans can of course enjoy them too. I hope.) so I have included this feature to help you with that most crucial decision: choosing a bias. I will introduce the members through a few well-selected facts, and hope that that helps you out.



He’s the leader of the group.

Lead dancer and sub-vocalist.

One of the two shortest in the group.

The oldest in the group, 90-liner together with Leo.

Wants to be spiderman.

Can master almost any kind of dance.

Loves banana milk.



Main vocalist.

Among the taller in the group.

Second-oldest member, 90-liner with N.

Very introverted, only warms up around kids or animals.

Always keeps bread in his bag.

Was a promising soccer player, but had to quit because of injuries.



Main vocalist.

The other of the two shortest in the group.

Third-oldest member, 92-liner.

Loves to draw.

He can’t swim.

Outgoing and loud, with a lot of aegyo.



Main rapper and lead dancer.

Among the taller in the group.

Part of the younger half, 93-liner with Hongbin.

Is a close friend of EXO’s Kai and SHINee’s Taemin.

Hits people in his sleep.

Writes almost all his own raps.




Lead rapper and sub-vocalist.

Part of the shorter half.

Second-youngest, 93-liner with Ravi.

Speaks the best Japanese out of the members.

Was a child monk, and lived in a temple.

Started his acting career in the 2014 drama Glorious Day.




Main dancer and sub-vocalist.

Tallest in the group.

The youngest, 95-liner.

If he got one wish he’d want to make N a mute.

Hates everything related to cheese.

According to N, he practices EXO’s songs more than VIXX’s.



2 thoughts on “Putting the Spotlight on VIXX!

  1. One of my favs ❤ I agree with everything. Literally everything. The way they embody their concepts is exactly what made me such a big fan. Even before I really knew who they were, Hyde was one of my all time favorite K-pop dances.

    I also agree with your thoughts on their lighter concepts. I love them, but it's because I am such a fan of each member. If I wasn't already a fan of VIXX, I know I wouldn't be that interested in their lighter comebacks.

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