Putting the Spotlight on BTS!

Quite some time ago now I allowed you guys to vote on whether or not you would want me to write something like the now scrapped battles, but where the results would be decided by your votes. And while the result was positive, that poll didn’t get nearly enough traffic for me to feel secure in that people would actually vote. So I decided to scrap that idea, and move forward with another idea that I’ve had for quite some time: the Spotlights! I wanted a way for you guys to be able to influence what gets written about on this blog, and this will be such a way. Putting the Spotlight on a group basically means a more in-depth look at them, a guide to the group so to speak. I will introduce them broadly, talk about their strengths and a weakness that the group has, and introduce the members in such a way that could possibly help you choose a bias. And at the end of every post there will be a poll, and you guys will be allowed to vote to decide which group will get the Spotlight next time! Doing it this way will allow you guys to influence what I write, but without it needing a large amount of votes. I think this could really work, and I think I could definitely enjoy writing these posts, which in the end is the most important to me, since I am doing all this for fun after all.

I decided to kick off this brand new type of posts with the group that brings the absolute most traffic to this blog, BTS! This is a group that I listen heavily to, and that’s grown into a quite large part of my life. I even saw them live once.


BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys or 방탄소년단 (which means bulletproof boy scouts), is a male seven-member group that debuted in June of 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment, a quite small management company, and quickly grew into a big success. They’ve won plenty of rookie and new artist awards, and as an international fan myself, their international popularity is extremely evident.

They debuted with a distinct hip-hop sound, but have since branched out some and also included some rock sounds in their music. They’re still strongly based in hip-hop music though. They have from the start focused on music made by and for the youth of Korea, and the world, tackling issues such as academic pressure, young love, and an apathetic youth.


BTS is a very strong dance group, in my opinion one of the strongest active kpop groups out there in that department. Basically any of their dance practices will show you why I’d call them that, I’m sure. They have three members that especially stand out in that department, but the fact that they can all seven keep up with the group’s choreography is a testament to that they’re all highly capable dancers.

If you’re a kpop fan who enjoys great rapping, and is getting kind of sick of the many idol rappers of kpop and their sometimes lacking skills, this is a group for you. The group’s rap line will it tear it up for you, and two of them were even underground rappers before debut.

One clear strength that I personally think that BTS have is their consistency. Kpop groups are constantly changing up their sounds and images, and you can never be quite sure what you’ll get. In many ways this can be a great thing, for one it’s hard to become bored, but it’s nice that there are some groups that do stay consistent. If you liked one BTS single, the odds are quite high you’ll like the next one as well since they do tend to stay within more or less the same kind of music.


BTS is not for anyone. If you aren’t particularly fond of rapping or anything hip-hop, you will probably find their image and sound hard to swallow. They have a few very talented vocalists as well, but the emphasis really isn’t on that. So, yeah. If you’re in kpop for great vocals, or bright colors for that matter, BTS might not be for you.

Time of the bias

Once you’ve learnt the names of all the members of a group and decisively chosen your bias you know that you are officially *group name* trash. So to make it a bit easier for you to choose which of the BTS boys will get that honor for you, I will go through them one by one and describe why you might like them. And just in general give you some info about them, so that you know what you’re dealing with.

Rap Monster

rap monster

He’s the leader of the group.

Main rapper, used to be underground.

Tallest in the group.

He’s in the middle age-wise, as a 94-liner

Super smart, supposedly taught himself English. And actually speaks it well.

He openly supports gay rights.

He’s a weirdo, and has the best dance face ever.





Among the taller in the group.

Oldest member, 92-line.

Super loves pink.

Loves Disney princesses, basically is one.

Obsessed with Super Mario action figures.



Lead rapper, also used to be underground.

Among the shorter members.

Second-oldest, 93-line.

Known for being very pale, and describes himself as a glutinous rice cake.

Thinks his legs are as nice as Girls’ Generation’s.

Starts speaking satoori when he’s nervous.



Lead rapper and one of the most prominent dancers.

Among the middle-shorter members.

Third oldest member, 94-line together with Rap Monster

Used to be a JYP trainee, and was featured in Jokwon’s solo song.

Slightly over-confident and rates his looks as 100 out of 100.

Claims that he is what brings the group hope.



Lead vocalist and main dancer.

Shortest member.

Part of the younger half, 95-liner

Huge fanboy for Taeyang and Big Bang in general.

Hits his fellow members to show affection.

Sometimes gets the stupid idea that he’s fat, which he’s so not.




Among the taller half of members.

Second-youngest, 95-line together with Jimin.

Already knows what he’ll name his children and wants to take them to feed shrimp crackers to pigeons.

Used to play the saxophone.

Is known as an alien among fans, for his 4D nature.




Main vocalist, rapper and lead dancer.

In the middle height-wise.

The youngest, 97-liner.

Is known as the golden maknae, for his extreme quadruple-threat qualities.

Loves G-Dragon, and will along with his members go crazy for basically anything Big Bang.

Has an interest in makeup.


I like this! Let me know if you enjoyed this, will you? These posts are supposed to be able to be read by someone who doesn’t know the group well, as a sort of introduction, but it should also be fun for people who do know them. That’s what I’m aiming for at least.


2 thoughts on “Putting the Spotlight on BTS!

  1. GREAT IDEA!!!!
    I already come here when I want to know a group nd this new idea will let me and many others know them even more properly….
    I enjoyed the spotlight on Bts!! 😊😊
    I’ll look forward to more of them!! 😊😊
    Will wait patiently for your next post!!

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