Review of GOT7’s “Just Right”

When I asked you to vote for the best song of July, to decide what would get reviewed, this was the song that with a total of 20.45% of the votes took it all home. I definitely saw this coming. GOT7 is one of the groups that bring the absolute most views to this blog, plus my friend Leo voted for them on every device she could find…

GOT7 is the only group I’ve ever followed all the way since the teasers, so anything they do is for sure something I’ll check out. So of course, I listened to this song as soon as it came out. But what did I think..?


I didn’t like it. At first listen I thought this song was boring. While I really enjoyed “Girls, Girls, Girls” I wasn’t a fan of neither “A” nor “Stop Stop It” so not liking this song either made me feel like me being a fan of GOT7 made zero sense. I can’t spend this much time on a group that hasn’t produced music I enjoy for way too long. I was actually falling into a crisis within my IGOT7 self.

But luckily, on second listen I loved this song. It grew on me so rapidly and so decisively and now it for sure rivals “Girls, Girls, Girls” as their best single in my mind. It might already have claimed that spot.

This is not a dance song, but it’s perfect for calmer activities. It has a nice bounce, and the little interlude without singing that happens now and again is weirdly flawless.

I’m impressed with Youngjae. He was listed as a main vocalist from the start but got next to no lines in their debut single. And once he got his lines in the next one, it kind of ruined the song for me. I found his voice really jarring, and just didn’t want to listen to it. But in this song, where he sings a lot, I really enjoyed his voice! I’m not sure if I’ve gotten used to him, if he’s gotten better or if this style of song just suits his voice better, but something has for sure changed.

Another thing that blew me away about this was Bambam. I’ve enjoyed his rapping from the start but before when he rapped he had a super high-pitched voice. That is no longer the case. Oh puberty, you have treated this boy so well.


The lyrics are very straight-forward, and extremely sweet. Basically they’re telling us/someone that we’re/they’re perfect just the way we/they are and not to change a thing. It’s a message I’ll always endorse, no matter how times it’s put out there. A group like GOT7 probably has loads of young and insecure fans, and if this makes just one of them feel better about themselves, this was excellently done.

Just look at Jackson’s first part:

‘Mirror, mirror, please tell her

Scale, you too tell her

You don’t need to change a thing, you’re just pretty

You look perfect just the way you are’

And now you pretty much have the whole lyrics down pat. If you’d want to be even more sure that you properly understood what they’re about you can check out Mark’s part that comes right after:

‘Just need to be happy, without a worry

Don’t try to look for what isn’t good enough

Turn your attention from the mirror to my eyes

Get off the scale and onto my back’

Super sweet lyrics, they most certainly are. I do struggle a bit with self image, as I think a whole lot of people do, but I’m not the kind to spend hours staring at myself in the mirror or weighing myself constantly. But if I was someone who struggled in that way, and if I was a huge fan of GOT7, I think this could actually help me a bit. It’s so direct.

Well, if you really want to seal the deal on what the lyrics are truly a bit then you can take a quick look at Youngjae’s pre-chorus part:

‘No matter how hard I try to find

And look at you again and again

That unpretty spot you keep talking about

I can’t see it at all’

Okay, I think we’ve all grasped the concept of these really adorable and uplifting lyrics. Let’s move on.¨



The video starts off with a young girl crying as she uses some kind of skin-cleaning thingy and staring at herself in the mirror.


Then the drawers in front of her start vibrating. She opens it…


And there is a tiny Jackson, rapping on top of her makeup. And as he finishes his part…


Mark appears. In a very unsafe place. More and more GOT7 members show up, singing, rapping and dancing to let her know that she’s perfect just the way she is.


After a while she starts dancing along, finally with a smile on her face.


In the end she falls down on her bed, exhausted but so so happy.

That’s the plot of the video. Why GOT7 are tiny is unclear, but this is a super cute video for a really sweet song. And even if you don’t understand what the lyrics are saying, I think the video gets the message across. Plus the video and lyrics are definitely cohesive, which I appreciate.

Now lets move away from plot and go to my random comments!


I’m so jealous of Jackson. I want a cake that big!


These jump scenes are a wee bit cheesy and cliche, especially since there’s so many of them. But in a fluffy and light-hearted video such as this, it somehow fits.


Junior, what exactly are you gonna be doing with that doll…? I changed my mind, I don’t want to know.


Best scene, hands down. I just can’t with how adorable this is. They’re so tiny!


I just really want my own set of miniature kpop stars! I’d take such good care of them! I’d cook them miniature meals and make sure they got enough rest in the tiny beds I’d make or buy or something for them. They’d only have to sing and dance if they wanted to, and I’d always carry them wherever they wanted. It’d be the best.


GOT7 are very good dancers, and even though this dance is at parts very sweet and cute to go with the song there are some really impressive and sharp parts of it as well. It’s very difficult to explain dance movies in writing, so just check out the dance practice linked here above and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

But no matter how amazing some moves are, this will always be my favorite:


This move to me looks like they’re flying a plane. I don’t care what it’s supposed to be nor that that’s not how you actually fly planes. I will always think of it that way, and it’s the best part of the dance.

Outfits and Styling


This styling is quite funky and I could whole-heartedly agree with it if it wasn’t for one thing… JB, are those sandals WITH SOCKS? Not okay. Majorly awful. Never do it again.


The clothes in this video are really bright and colorful, which of course suits the concept as a whole. While I don’t think every single outfit looks great on it’s own, it all works in the context. As a group, they work.


I don’t like this at all. Yugyeom has major potential to be really hot, and this hair does nothing for him whatsoever. It’s floppy and a boring color, and no. The color is also too close to his skin tone, he needs more contrast.



Bambam has definitely grown up a lot, and he looks great in this video. He no longer looks quite like a twelve-year-old! Now he’s nearing sixteen! Sorry. He definitely looks good, both with his hair styled up and styled down.


This is the first time I can remember that I have found Youngjae hot. He definitely needs some forehead to look good, that’s for sure, and the natural color looks great on him.


Junior has a great face, and tends to always look good. I really like the very simple way they did his hair here, it looks normal and natural in the best way. I also love the hairband, he pulls it off and looks super cute.


I really hope that it’s true that Jackson isn’t wearing a snapback in this video because he wanted to prove to people that he does have hair. Jackson looks good here, the blonde works surprisingly well and the cut is alright, but not great. But I do find him hotter in his snapbacks.


JB has been an attractive guy ever since his JJ Project days, but the longer it goes since his debut, the hotter I find him. I absolutely love him with black hair, it’s his best color.


Mark looks very good and as someone who biases him, I’m glad they didn’t mess him up. I feel like he has been hotter, but this hair looks good and works excellently with the concept.

Did you vote for this song to be reviewed? Did you like it? Would you like a set of tiny kpop stars to invade your room?


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