My Actual Favorite Kpop Boy Groups

As I said in the last post, what you love and what you listen to is not necessarily the same. I was surprised at which girl groups I actually spent the most time on, and therefore I will of course do the same thing with boy groups. This list will be a countdown of my actual nine favorite boy groups, placed in order based on how much I listen to them. Continue reading


My Actual Favorite Kpop Girl Groups

What you love and what you listen to doesn’t have to be the same, I’ve found. You might love a group for their style, their image, their dancing, their personalities but only be moderately fond of their music. Or you might think that you’re not that into a group, but still spend loads of your time listening to them. This list will be counting down the nine girl groups that I actually spend the most time on, the groups with the most downloaded songs. For once I will acknowledge my actual group ranking.  Continue reading

Putting the Spotlight on BTS!

Quite some time ago now I allowed you guys to vote on whether or not you would want me to write something like the now scrapped battles, but where the results would be decided by your votes. And while the result was positive, that poll didn’t get nearly enough traffic for me to feel secure in that people would actually vote. So I decided to scrap that idea, and move forward with another idea that I’ve had for quite some time: the Spotlights! I wanted a way for you guys to be able to influence what gets written about on this blog, and this will be such a way. Continue reading

Review of GOT7’s “Just Right”

When I asked you to vote for the best song of July, to decide what would get reviewed, this was the song that with a total of 20.45% of the votes took it all home. I definitely saw this coming. GOT7 is one of the groups that bring the absolute most views to this blog, plus my friend Leo voted for them on every device she could find…

GOT7 is the only group I’ve ever followed all the way since the teasers, so anything they do is for sure something I’ll check out. So of course, I listened to this song as soon as it came out. But what did I think..? Continue reading

Review of Stellar’s “Vibrato”

I’ve never ever written about Stellar on this blog before this and this is also the first time I’ve ever written a full review for a group that I don’t know the members of. I don’t know a single member in Stellar but with 15.91% of the votes this was the second-most voted for song in my “best song of July” poll, which means that it deserves a review. And I will now try to give it just that.  Continue reading