First Look at Seventeen

As I’m sure you all know by now, Seventeen is the newly debuted thirteen-member boy group from Pledis. They’ve been a long time coming, but I haven’t paid any attention to their pre-debut stuff, as I tend not to do. But now they’re out, and as I’ve already seen them being named as “monster rookies”, they’re worth paying attention to. So I thought I’d write something like what I wrote about CLC a month back, but with more focus on the members since Seventeen only have one single out, and a billion members. 

Part 1 – The Music

Yes, the focus will definitely be on the members for this post, but I’ll give a little attention to their debut single as well. That’s only right.

My initial reaction after having watched this was “I’m too old for this shit”. I don’t have any real “noona fan instincts” so when I see a boy group that look this young and act this cute, I just want to bail. I can’t find them hot, because they’re babies, and the music is too adorable for me to take it seriously. So I watched it once, made note of a couple of members that caught my eye, and then intended to move on with my life. But faith wouldn’t have it that way. My super pushy friend Alice (same one that made me write about CLC. And AOA for that matter) who I adore somehow nestled her way into my brain and decided that I would give these boys another go. And suddenly there I was, searching for subbed interviews with them, carefully studying their music video to learn their faces and even watching their freaking debut showcase. I have no idea how she did it, but now I kind of like them. For some reason. “Adore U” is massively growing on me and I find myself humming it constantly. And I’m on the prowl for a bias. Which leads us to…

Part 2 – The Boys

I’ll split the five thousand boys that are in this group into three categories: the ones that haven’t really caught my eye; the ones I kinda like; and the ones I’m really digging. Some of those are bias candidates, but not every single one. Okay, got it? Here we go!

The Ones I Haven’t Paid Much Attention To 



This is Joshua. He is nineteen years old and part of the vocal unit. For some reason. It’s not that Joshua isn’t a good singer, he is, but he didn’t get anywhere near the same amount of lines that the four other vocal unit members did in their debut song. Why? I don’t know. This gives me the impression that they don’t really see him as a main vocalist, he just wasn’t a good enough rapper or dancer to be a part of any of the other units. And that makes me feel bad for him.

He’s a very pretty boy but he looks very young for his age. He is about a year older than me but he nonetheless makes me feel like a noona. And I can’t have that, no sir.


This is Wonwoo. He is almost nineteen and part of the hip hop unit. Seventeen is a group of silly stage names, and while he does belong to that group, at least his stage name is freaking adorable as well. Thing is though, Wonwoo himself doesn’t seem that cute so I feel a distinct mismatch there. I guess I’ll allow it though, since that happens to be his actual real name. Who names their child Wonwoo?! For fucks sake.

The hip hop team is very clearly biased towards two of the members, and Wonwoo is not one of them. He actually seems to be the most underutilized one, which is a shame since he seems to have a really cool low-pitched tone of voice that I could really love.



This is The8, who’s seventeen years old and part of the performance unit. He’s also the proud owner of the stupidest name in this entire group of stupid names. Congratulations. I mean, I get that you apparently can’t let the two Chinese members keep their own names, but couldn’t you have shortened it like you did for the other one? Or just given him a Korean-sounding name? Or something? Anything but this.

Being a part of the performance unit means that you’re not a good singer, and you’re not a rapper, you’re a performer. Which they all are. It feels a bit like a bullshit unit, to be honest. But The8 (gross) seems like a sweet kid and a nice guy. I just haven’t noticed him much. His lack of lines is probably a big reason.



And this is Seungkwan, who’s seventeen and part of the vocal unit. Seungkwan definitely has a lot more lines than Joshua, and no one can argue that he isn’t a good singer. But he just hasn’t grabbed me and shook me around the way I want to be shook. He will probably grow on me quite a bit, but at this point, I’m not very interested. Thank the lord for his civilized name though.

The Ones Who I Kinda Like



This is S.Coups. He is nineteen years old and the leader of both the hip hop unit and Seventeen as a whole. And he definitely seems like it. He’s the oldest, and he carries himself like a leader should, no complaints on that front so far. He also seems to be the best rapper, I would say.

I’ve heard him being referred to as ugly quite a bit and to be honest, when I first saw pictures of him I was inclined to agree. He’s not ugly for a regular person, but he isn’t at all idol material, I thought. I’ve come to find him more attractive as I’ve watched him more, but I still find him to be a little strange-looking. That’s just good though, since that makes him easy to recognize. (This group is too large!)



This is Hoshi, who’s nineteen years old and the leader of the performance team. He’s also the one in Seventeen that my little sister finds the absolute cutest, just so you know.

I quite like Hoshi. He’s super cute, and his stage presence is as far as I can see so far very good. He definitely works it. He also seems to be the choreographer of at least some of Seventeen’s dances, which is very impressive. I’d also say that outside of the vocal unit, I think Hoshi is the best singer.



This is Woozi, the eighteen years old leader of the vocal unit and my friend Alice’s bias. Yes, the one that made me like them. If that’s what’s going on here.

He’s not just a great singer and the vocal unit’s leader, he’s also the head producer of Seventeen’s music. I’m to some degree a SM stan, so I definitely don’t demand that my idols produce or write any of their music, as long as it’s good, but I still appreciate it when idols do choose to take part in the creative process behind it.

Woozi looks like a shorter and cuter version of BTS’ Suga, that’s been established. And I agree, he really does.



This is Mingyu, who’s eighteen years old and part of the hip hop unit. In a lot of ways he reminds me of Wonwoo. They kind of look alike, they both get the short end of the stick when it comes to the rap lines and they’re apparently really close. I feel like I can recognize all the members, but I still sometimes mix up Wonwoo and Mingyu. I’m working on it, okay!

Mingyu is one of the best looking members in my opinion, and if what I’ve heard about him being the visual is correct, that makes perfect sense to me. He looks super attractive whenever he flashes that only-for-the-stage-and-in-bed smile. You know the one. Just think of EXO’s Kai, and you’ll know what I mean.



And this is Dino, the sixteen years old maknae of the group and a member of the performance unit. Dino is definitely way too young for me, he’s even younger than my little sister. But he still looks damn good. Too good for his age. I’ll definitely keep my eye on him, he’s a climber on this list.

Dino is a rapper, it seems, but as he’s part of the performance unit he doesn’t really get a lot of lines. I really enjoyed his back-and-forth with Vernon in their single though, so I’ll look forward to hearing him rap some more in the future.

The Ones I Like the Most



I’m a huuuuuge sucker for boys who can pull off long hair so when I saw Jeonghan (nineteen and part of the vocal unit) in the video for “Adore U” I knew that he’d be someone I’d have to keep an eye on. He’s beautiful, especially when his hair hangs free, he’s a good singer (I have a tendency to bias vocalists) and in this group of babies he’s part of the half that’s older than me. Oh yeah, he’s definitely still a strong contender.



This feels like another shot at the perfect bias I never got. I could have claimed Heechul years before Leo ever laid eyes on him, but I didn’t and now that little bitch (love you baby) will never let him go.

Anyway… This is Jun, a nineteen years old member of the performance unit and if it turns out that he has all those qualities that I love in Heechul and not just Heechul’s look, I think this race may be over. I’m so mad that they cut his hair for the debut though, just like Heechul; this boy was born for long hair.

He doesn’t get many lines, but neither does Heechul. So that’s perfectly fine.



This is DK, who’s eighteen and a member of the vocal unit. I’ve never been the type to bias those “energetic” members, you know the ones, the ones the other members say make them feel good by constantly cracking jokes. Like EXO’s Chanyeol, or BTS’s J-Hope. Got the type? Well apparently DK is Seventeen’s “that one”. And I’m not sure if I can stand that in the long run. I like them in small doses, but it often ends up being too much for me. So long it hasn’t been a problem with DK though, so I won’t bail on him just yet.

He’s one of the two best singers in the group according to me, and I think I like his vocal color the best. He’s also the type to look really tall, even though he isn’t, which I love. And he has the most gorgeously structured face and a smile that could end wars.



And I’m sure many of you already know who this is. Vernon, seventeen and part of the hip hop unit. And gorgeous. Besides Alice and her incessant wanting me to love them, Vernon was the main reason that I decided to give Seventeen another go. I know that he doesn’t like people focusing too much on his non-Korean ancestry, so I won’t. But… He looks like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. If Leonardo DiCaprio was half-Korean and a gorgeous vampire. It needs to be said.

Vernon is one of the better two rappers in the group, but I don’t think he stands a shot on Show Me The Money 4. I will support him as I watch it though, just because he’s so damn pretty. And he seems like a nice kid, with some fabulous 4D tendencies.

I would have biased Vernon in a heartbeat if I could. But apparently I can’t… Leo, the same friend that has claim over my dear Heechul, also snatched this one away from me from right under my nose. He is a little young, so maybe it was for the best. Maybe. Sigh.

Are you guys liking Seventeen? Found your bias yet? Gonna watch SMTM4?



9 thoughts on “First Look at Seventeen

  1. Aww you should totally take look at The8’s “Dirty Dirty Jam Jam” it was one of things that made me love him (also he is really talented in dancing, sometimes even more than Hoshi) though I can’t make myself enjoy Vernon as he is rapping, he seems just pretty, and I would prefer Wonwoo’s voice over his to be exact.

    Though I still loved reading your opinions on them, it was really enjoyable!! (if you like DK definitively listen Say Yes, his voice is brilliant ;))

  2. The8’s explanation of his name(i forgot where i saw the video) “if you turn it to the side it looks like an infinity symbol, so infinite possibilities for the8” His name is kinda dumb but the meaning is honestly so cute. he’s my bias wrecker so I gotta stand up for this dork xD

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