Kpop Things I Missed While I Was Gone

Since I’ve been such a bad blogger and haven’t written anything all June, this is a small chance for me to catch up on a few things that were released this month which deserve commenting on. 

I feel like kpop should thrive in summer, its bright colors and obnoxiously upbeat tunes lends itself better to these hot and free months better than to any others. But that doesn’t mean kpop summer tracks are always great, oh no. If only it was so well. With that ominous opening, let’s begin.

BIGBANG – “Bang Bang Bang”

BIGBANG have taken it upon themselves to supply us with great music at the start of every month for the foreseeable future, and I ain’t complaining. This is their main release, and therefore it has of course been unnecessarily compared to “Fantastic Baby” to no end. This is not that song guys, nothing will ever be like that song.

From the second the intro set in, I knew that I would love this. I do wish that the chorus was a bit more epic, to match the rest of the song, but I almost like that it isn’t. There’s something very confident and self-assured in being able to slow it down like that, and still have it hit hard.

The video is amazing, and in quite a few ways it really is like a “Fantastic Baby” 2.0. In that video everyone had really distinct and memorable scenarios separately, but the video felt completely held together nonetheless. It was all the same world. In this video the scenarios are even more distinct and even cooler, but the feeling of it all being one world is even stronger. Cohesion, guys.

Everyone sounds great, but I have to give a slight edge to Taeyang, his voice works very well in this type of song.

Okay I have to comment on the styling for just a sec… What do the stylists have against my man T.O.P? He’s such a gorgeous dude, and they keep putting him in ridiculous hats or with ridiculous hair, and I don’t like it! Just give me some beauty, god damn it! Seungri looks great blonde, Taeyang pulls off the pink hair surprisingly well and even though Daesung can’t see anything, he looks quite good. It’s not his best look for sure, but it’ll do. But G-Dragon looks gorgeous. I’m loving the red hair and the cut shows off his flawless face in an appropriately flawless way.

BIGBANG – “We Like 2 Party”

This is one of those videos that’s really only fun if you already know and love the group. Fortunately for them, I do. It’s a complete opposite to “Bang Bang Bang” but in the best way. That song is great for when you wanna go hard, or wanna start a revolution. This one is for lazy summer days, driving to the beach and hanging with your friends. And that’s pretty damn lovely. It’s relaxing and sweet and with a good bounce and a catchy hook.

I’ve heard that the guys actually got drunk to film this video, which is in that case the most brilliantly simple solution. Why have them act drunk, when they can actually BE drunk? It’ll be way more natural, and they can’t mess it up. Genius.

I like seeing them being all fun, relaxed and natural with each other and it definitely gave me some 2NE1’s “Do You Love Me” feels, though this one felt less staged to me.

EXO – “Love Me Right”

I have grown into a huge fan of EXO after eventually giving in after my initial refusal, and I’d love to love whatever they put out but… no. It’s not that this is bad, per se, it’s just… nothing. The video is alright, albeit a little confusing plot-wise; the dancing is good as always; and the chorus is moderately catchy. I listened to it once when it came out and felt no need to come back. That first time I didn’t even listen to the Chinese version, while I normally always check out both. I was then told that the Chinese version was way better, so I came back for that. It might have been slightly better, but to me it was still a big grey ball of generic fluff.

I will say this though, this is the first comeback EXO has ever had where I think every single member looks absolutely gorgeous. Of course, some look gorgeous-er, but they’re all flatteringly styled! This pleases me. If the song isn’t much to cheer for, it’s only right that the boys are distractingly pretty enough for us to ignore that fact.

Oh, and I miss Tao. His absence definitely contributed heavily to Sehun’s now infamously inflated lines, and while I do adore Sehun, I still miss Tao. But I hope he’s happy doing whatever it is he’s doing, and that we’ll see him again some day. As a part of EXO or not, whichever he prefers.

MBLAQ – “Mirror”

My love for MBLAQ came, and I’m not ashamed to say this, largely from my love for Lee Joon. I adore him in every way, and the fact that he isn’t there anymore is a big blow to MBLAQ, in my book. But they’re carrying on, and I think that’s admirable.

This really isn’t my style of music, but within its genre, it’s a very beautiful song. Nevertheless, I think MBLAQ lost some of their musical flavor together with the two now absent members. They still have G.O, the strongest singer, Seungho, another great singer, and Mir, who’s grown tremendously as a rapper since debut, but with their two weakest vocalists they lost their contrast. G.O and Seungho’s voices are in no way identical, but they have a similar flavor, while Lee Joon and Thunder’s voices were completely different. Check out their flawless single “Be a Man” if you want to see how they could perfectly utilize the widely different vocal flavors within the group. They’ve lost that, but they’ll still make beautiful music, I’m sure.

Oh, and this:

Skärmavbild 2015-06-19 kl. 09.48.36


Beautiful symbolism and all that jist, and I appreciate that they dared to address it, but it’s still not cool. Made me sad.

While I don’t think the lyrics to this song are exclusively about the group’s situation, I do think that was a definite influence. I can’t help but to wonder how Joon and Thunder felt when listening to this, which I’m sure they did. I really hope that the boys, all five of them, are fine and can move on from this while supporting each other. They were so lovely as a group, and I’d like to believe that they didn’t break it off on too bad terms. I really hope so.

2PM – “My House”

This song has a very distinct JYP sound, there’s no doubt about that. I think it’s a good song, but it hasn’t grown on me enough to be something I want to download just yet. I might very well get there when they come on Music Bank though, which I’m really hoping they will.

Even while keeping all their clothes on these guys still exude all the manliness and charisma that they’re known for. They also happen to look amazing, with the members that I in general find the most attractive (Taecyeon, Jun.K and Junho) shining the absolute most. Taecyeon is quite the gorgeous wolf.

I had read before I watched it that there was a fairytale theme so while watching I tried to count how many fairytales I could see being referenced. There was definite Cinderella, some Alice in Wonderland, some Red Riding Hood, some Snow White and some Beauty and the Beast. Oh and I think I saw a little bit of Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty as well, though I’m not sure about that second one. How many fairytales did you guys find?

MAMAMOO – “Um Oh Ah Yeh”

These girls are still gorgeous and super talented, and this video is loads of fun, but this song has extremely little of that very distinct MAMAMOO sound that many of us know and love. And I think that’s a huge shame, since this song could have been made by a large number of girl groups. Maybe they were trying to lighten things up for summer? Who knows, but to me, it didn’t work.

I’m sure this video will make all the shippers of Moonbyul and Solar (MoonSun, is it?) very happy though, since this is all about Solar’s ridiculous crush on a cross-dressing Moonbyul. Or just a very masculine Moonbyul. Either way, it fooled Solar. Oh and extra points for whatever Whasa is doing. She can pull off any look. Oh and Wheein’s waist is ridiculous.

I love these girls a whole bit, so I was really excited about this comeback, but I’m not feeling this song. Though I wasn’t feeling “Ahh Oop!” much when that came out either, so this might just grow on me.

Those are, in my opinion, the most noteworthy releases in June so far. Once again, I’m sorry for disappearing. Please forgive me? *aegyo pout*



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