Hey guys… I realize that I haven’t written since May, and I’m sorry about that. I don’t know if anyone’s attached enough to this blog to give a rat’s ass, but if you do, so so sorry. I had my graduation prom and my actual high school graduation and for a week now I’ve just been enjoying the last proper summer vacation I’ll ever have. But I do love writing for this blog, so I’ll be coming back now. Probably. Unless I get terribly distracted again. We’ll see. I’ll try.

Also, about the battles… I did quite enjoy writing the ones I have written but I’m not sure if I liked them enough to write about a billion more. Plus they didn’t get that much views etc, so it doesn’t seem like you guys were too hot on them. I’ll include a poll where you can vote on their fate, and based on the results I’ll think about what I’ll do.

So, to summarize: I just graduated from high school and it’s been crazy. But I’m not dead, and I still love you. Vote in the poll.