Review of SHINee’s Album “Odd”

As anyone who’s followed this blog for a while should know, SHINee is my absolute favorite group. Fancy new groups in shining makeup might steal my attention away now and again, but no one ever comes close to the love I have for these boys. There’s no group I love so evenly, after Jonghyun, who is my ultimate bias, I really can’t say who I love more. So any comeback they have is an event that I’ll for sure mark down in every calendar I own. Since their new music video has now been released (I’m writing this from the past. I did not wait this long to watch it) I can finally listen to the album! I’ve heard “View” about three times now, but the rest of these tracks are completely new to me. I’ve heard loads of good things about this album, so I’m expecting to be amazed. 

Track 1 – Odd Eye

(Written and co-composed by Jonghyun)

Cool! This is an interesting and funky way to open the album and in both lyrics and sound, it’s obviously Jonghyun’s style. I’ve never been able to describe what his style actually is, but once you’ve heard some of his stuff, I think you’ll hear what it is.

Track 2 – Love Sick

I can’t be the only one who feels like this song is a “Replay” part 2, right? They’re talking about how this girl used to only see them as a little brother and play around with them but then as time passed, she came to see them as a man. “Replay” was directly aimed at potential noona fans, and this might be following up on that too. Yes, to these noona fans SHINee were just sweet little kids in the beginning, but now they’re all men.

Track 3 – View

(Written by Jonghyun)

This is a very different single than “Everybody”, it’s simpler and way way less electronic. It has the same kind of catchiness, but not quite the same level of repetition, though it isn’t far from it. This is at the same time a very relaxing song and a song that makes me want to grab their hands (yes, all of them. I have a lot of hands) and pull them out into the world. I want to show them all the things they haven’t seen, and let them run free.

Track 4 – Romance

This is the only song on the album that I couldn’t find subbed… Which is such a shame because it’s such a fun and summary song! Summer is right around the corner, and I’ll for sure be listening to this song in the car, going to the beach. It’s fun and summer and sun and summer love all in one song, and it doesn’t actually need translated lyrics to make you feel all that.

Track 5 – Trigger

This is such a strange song, and I love it! It’s super creepy and weird-sounding and cool, and I love it! I don’t know what else to say. I’m already loving the fact that there are quite a few songs on here where Minho sings instead of raps and I really like how he sounds. He didn’t sing much here, but there were a few lines that really impressed me.

Track 6 – Farewell My Love

Beautiful, but not really my style. This is the kind of song that I really appreciate when listening to it, because it’s so well done, but that I’d never download because I know that I’d never listen to it. I’d love to hear it live though.

Track 7 – An Ode To You

Okay, I’m just gonna assume that this song is an ode to their fans, because it makes sense that way and I want it to be. This is even more stunning than the previous track to me, and this one I will be downloading. Every single one of the boys sang so well here, and together they created magic. I almost wanted to cry when listening to this, and it’s not often that happens.

Track 8 – Alive

This is just…. AMAZING. This truly is an ode to their fans. The SHINee World is a world of blue light, and they’re paying tribute to it with a glorious song.

“You’ve never wanted a better me”

This line, sung by Jonghyun, is my favorite part of the entire song. Because it’s so true! I’ve never wanted him, or any of them, to be better than they are. Even when I’ve found them to be less than perfect, I’ve still loved them for exactly what they are. Fuck I love them so much.

Track 9 – Woof Woof

I was a bit worried about this song when I saw the track list… But it’s amazing! So much fun and in a fabulous style that I don’t think SHINee has ever tackled before. But they do it gloriously! In this song they’re literally dogs, and that’s a concept I can for sure say that I haven’t heard of before. Or well… EXO’s “Wolf” was kind of close, but they were wolves and that’s totally different!

Track 10 – Black Hole

This is a cute and sweet short little song. As a science student, I actually really liked the small references to black holes pulling in time and light, not being able to escape them and even the fact that there isn’t a proper theory that can completely explain them. It was cute, and I really liked it. This is one of those songs that you like, and that you’ll listen to from time to time, but not the one that’ll stick out in your mind when you think of the album as a whole.

Track 11 – An Encore

This is very pretty and all that, but I don’t find it very memorable. I’m sure there are some who’ll love it, but I might very well forget about it. It’s a nice and relaxing way to end the album though.

Final Thoughts

My boys did not let me down. Eight of the eleven tracks on here have been put up on my download list, and no one can say that’s not a great percentage for a studio album. There’s not a single song on here that I didn’t think was good, and there are a few I really love. Speaking of songs I love, if I’d recommend three songs to someone’s who’s too lazy to listen to the whole thing (which they should) I’d recommend “Trigger”, “Alive” and “Woof Woof”. Or, if they’re a major ballad fan, I’d supplant “Trigger” with “An Ode To You”.

This is my favorite group, so any comeback they have excites me to no end. But it’s also a scary thing, because what if I don’t like what they’re putting out? That can, and has, happened and it really sucks. Because I really want to love what they do! (But “Why So Serious?” just was not good.) What do you think of this album? What’s your favorite song? Are you excited that Minho’s finally blond? Are you pissed that Jonghyun is still blond? You should be.



2 thoughts on “Review of SHINee’s Album “Odd”

  1. “Are you pissed that Jonghyun is still blonde?” LOL, yes. I’m sorry Jonghyun!
    I really like this post. I didn’t get a chance to listen to the rest of the album when it first came out, but now that I have I think Farewell My Love, Alive, and An Encore are my favorites. 😀

    1. Haha he’ll understand! It’s not that he doesn’t look good, but it’s not his best look and he’s had it for soooo long.
      I’m glad you liked it 😀 And Alive is just amazing!

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