Review of SHINee’s Album “Odd”

As anyone who’s followed this blog for a while should know, SHINee is my absolute favorite group. Fancy new groups in shining makeup might steal my attention away now and again, but no one ever comes close to the love I have for these boys. There’s no group I love so evenly, after Jonghyun, who is my ultimate bias, I really can’t say who I love more. So any comeback they have is an event that I’ll for sure mark down in every calendar I own. Since their new music video has now been released (I’m writing this from the past. I did not wait this long to watch it) I can finally listen to the album! I’ve heard “View” about three times now, but the rest of these tracks are completely new to me. I’ve heard loads of good things about this album, so I’m expecting to be amazed.  Continue reading