Kpop Idols Who Don’t Fit Into Their Groups

We all know that there are some kpop stars that even though we love them, we can see aren’t really suited for their group’s style and image. This is in no way a list of people I think should be kicked out, I’ve just noticed huge differences between who they are, and who they “should” be. Some of these feel way more “wrong” than others though, so there might be people on here that you’ve never even considered for such a list. I’ll try to do this in an escalating fashion, so the people in the end are the ones I find really wrong. 

1. SISTAR’s Dasom



Dasom isn’t terribly wrong for SISTAR, but I do find her to be a little strange for the group. I’ve never found her to be sexy, and there is always a hint of sexy in everything SISTAR does. She’s more the sweet-and-cute type, and I’ve never thought that she molded well with the rest of them.

2. 2NE1’s Bom



Bom isn’t that wrong either, it all depends on what concept 2NE1 are pushing at the moment. Their most memorable concepts have been their ass-kicking badass cocky chicks-concepts though, and Bom just can’t pull that off. She’s too unnaturally pretty and too much of a sweet little cutie. She can pull off aloof, sometimes, but she can’t go ruder than that. (Not that 2NE1 are necessarily rude, but you get my gist)

3. Teen Top’s C.A.P



C.A.P may have been a teen of 17 when Teen Top debuted, but he didn’t look it. Even at the very start, he looked too old for a group of noonabaiters. And even though Teen Top have moved on from that image, they still carry that with them in their name. I wonder just how ridiculous C.A.P feels when he, as a 22-year old MAN, introduces himself as the leader of “the teens on top”.

4. After School’s E-Young



E-Young has about the same problem as Dasom, she just isn’t sexy enough for her group. After School live and breathe sex appeal, and I don’t think that’s at all what E-Young was made for. To me she seems more aegyo than anything else, and if there’s anything After School isn’t, it’s aegyo.

5. Boyfriend’s Hyunseong and Donghyun/Minwoo, Kwangmin and Youngmin

hyunseong donghyun


Back when Boyfriend were about almost aggressive aegyo Hyunseong and Donghyun looked so strange it was almost terrifying. To be honest, I was scared of Donghyun before the image shift, because I found his aegyo so damn creepy. I don’t blame him though, he was in his twenties and not naturally aegyo, that makes it hard to pull off any of the things Boyfriend did early in their career. Hyunseong wasn’t quite as bad, but he surely wasn’t good.

minwoo kwangmin youngmin


Minwoo and the twins have the opposite problem. They pulled off the aegyo disturbingly well, as they’re all disturbingly cute boys in general, but as Boyfriend has now made the move to more mature and darker concepts, Minwoo and the twins look awkward. It was worse when the group had just made the switch and they’re definitely improving, but I still can’t take them seriously in anything they do.

Interestingly enough, Jeongmin is the only member in the group that pulled off both concepts very well. Maybe that’s why he’s slowly creeping up my bias list, with his eyes on that highest spot?

6. 4Minute’s Jihyun



4Minute are sexy and hip hop (ish) and to me, Jihyun is neither. Her look isn’t really appropriate for their image, and she can’t cover it up with an excellent stage attitude (like Sohyun does so well). Not even her voice is the right style. So it makes sense why she’s just getting one little part per song and why it felt like she was barely in their new music video for “Crazy”; she just isn’t right.

7. BTS’s Jin



Jin is lovely and great and all that, but I don’t think there’s anyone that can deny that this boy doesn’t have a single drop of hip hop in him. From look to voice to style to moves, he doesn’t suit BTS’s concept, and he was the inspiration for this post. I mean, princess Jin? Oh how gangsta.

I’m sure I insulted about a thousand people, so I’d like to make it clear once again: there’s no one on this list that I don’t think belongs in their group and that I think should be kicked out. I’m basically just questioning why they’re in the group in the first place. Wait that’s not better. Oh damn.




5 thoughts on “Kpop Idols Who Don’t Fit Into Their Groups

  1. I don’t really know anything about After School so I can’t comment on that, but besides that I have thought the exact same thing for literally every single person on this list! Especially Jin. I love him, but he is definitely the one member who doesn’t seem to quite fit.

  2. I feel like more recently with BTS having gone away from their super hard hitting hip hop style, Jin fits in really well with the group. As for Jihyun, now we know why 4minute is no more. Bom always did feel out of place for a lot of 2ne1’s concepts but I feel the same way about Dara sometimes. For me Minzy and CL were the only ones who really pulled off their crazy concepts.

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