Kdrama Special – Actors I Love, Actors I Like and Actors I Watch for

This is the corresponding post to the post I wrote last week about all the lovely Korean actresses that I’ve grown very fond of during my short stint in the kdrama world. This week we’re tackling a larger group, the men. Why it’s a larger group is difficult to say. It’s probably due to such a simple fact as me being more attracted to the men in kdramas than to the women. I’m more into men in general, and most kdrama girls aren’t my style. So it’s not so common that I fall head over heels for an actress, since it takes more than a pretty smile. But the boys… Oh the boys. I’ll have a hard time explaining why some of these are on here, or why I think so highly of them. Let’s see if I can think of better reasons than “he’s hot”, shall we? Continue reading