Kpop Biases I Have Abandoned

I know some people change biases as they change their clothes and there’s nothing wrong with that, but in general when I have chosen a bias, I stay with them. The other members’ rankings change with almost every comeback, but the bias stays put. So whenever I do change my bias it feels like I’ve betrayed the previous one. So I tend not to. But there are nonetheless some groups where I couldn’t withstand it, and here they are: the biases I abandoned.  Continue reading

A Demanded Quick Look at CLC

A couple of my friends have been gushing about CLC ever since their debut, and one of them just flat-out demanded that I write something about them. To me CLC have been one of the slightly more memorable groups among the billions of similar girl groups that have debuted recently, but nothing special. They’re not a group I listen to. But since I do adore my friends, this post will be me honestly and truly trying to understand what it is they love so much. Guys, I promise I’ll try.  Continue reading

Review of SHINee’s Album “Odd”

As anyone who’s followed this blog for a while should know, SHINee is my absolute favorite group. Fancy new groups in shining makeup might steal my attention away now and again, but no one ever comes close to the love I have for these boys. There’s no group I love so evenly, after Jonghyun, who is my ultimate bias, I really can’t say who I love more. So any comeback they have is an event that I’ll for sure mark down in every calendar I own. Since their new music video has now been released (I’m writing this from the past. I did not wait this long to watch it) I can finally listen to the album! I’ve heard “View” about three times now, but the rest of these tracks are completely new to me. I’ve heard loads of good things about this album, so I’m expecting to be amazed.  Continue reading

Kpop Idols Who Don’t Fit Into Their Groups

We all know that there are some kpop stars that even though we love them, we can see aren’t really suited for their group’s style and image. This is in no way a list of people I think should be kicked out, I’ve just noticed huge differences between who they are, and who they “should” be. Some of these feel way more “wrong” than others though, so there might be people on here that you’ve never even considered for such a list. I’ll try to do this in an escalating fashion, so the people in the end are the ones I find really wrong.  Continue reading

Kdrama Special – Actors I Love, Actors I Like and Actors I Watch for

This is the corresponding post to the post I wrote last week about all the lovely Korean actresses that I’ve grown very fond of during my short stint in the kdrama world. This week we’re tackling a larger group, the men. Why it’s a larger group is difficult to say. It’s probably due to such a simple fact as me being more attracted to the men in kdramas than to the women. I’m more into men in general, and most kdrama girls aren’t my style. So it’s not so common that I fall head over heels for an actress, since it takes more than a pretty smile. But the boys… Oh the boys. I’ll have a hard time explaining why some of these are on here, or why I think so highly of them. Let’s see if I can think of better reasons than “he’s hot”, shall we? Continue reading

Battle of the Boys – Preliminary Group 3 – BIGBANG vs NU’EST vs B1A4

big bang






This is the third preliminary group in the battle of the boys and it contains another of my absolute favorite groups, who’ve kept us waiting for way too long, but that has now finally come back: BIGBANG. I’ve missed them massively, but I’ll try to not let that factor into how I score them. I mean, I let SHINee be eliminated, so you really can’t doubt my unbiasedness. One of these groups is old, the other two are young to medium age, and they’re all massively different. But one has to go. Continue reading