Faves – Teen Top

Teen Top has only ever released one studio album: “No. 1”, released in February of 2013. And since this is an album I have not listened through, it’s a given that that’s what I’ll be doing for this fave review. 

Track 1 – No. 1 (intro)

I will not lie and try to claim that the English in the beginning didn’t make me laugh, because it did. Not because it was necessarily wrong, but because it was so damn awkward. Teen Top really aren’t gangsta enough for all that. This is the least interesting type of intro, the kind that is only instrumental, but it’s a nice instrumental, so I don’t mind. Who even listens to intros anyway?

Track 2 – Miss Right

This song was what took Teen Top from “I like them because they’re so fun but I can’t own up to it because they’re so silly” to “I like them!”. Before this Teen Top wasn’t a group that I felt like I could truly like, only secretly enjoy. I still think that this is one of Teen Top’s best singles, and it’s very special to me. When it came out I had very short and wavy/curly hair though, which my long-haired and straight-haired friend thought was oh so hilarious.

Track 3 – Missing You

I don’t love this song, but I do love the lyrics. If they hadn’t acknowledged that they were being selfish that would have annoyed me, but they did, so I’m fine with that. People are selfish, and there’s no reason why idols shouldn’t sing about that. It’s really a very sad song, but one that I think many of us can relate to. There’s someone I sorely miss, and since he’s been gone I see the things I loved in him in a whole bunch of people. And now I can’t tell if I’ve projected his best sides onto other people or if those things were there all along. It’s really quite scary.

Track 4 – I Wanna Love

I don’t think this song is that interesting, but it makes perfect sense as a pre-release single. It sounds just enough like a single, but not so much that you’d be fooled into thinking that it was the actual single. It’s all about them wanting to move on from a failed love by falling in love again. I’m not sure if that’s really the right way to do it, but what do I know?

Track 5 – Stop Girl

First I just have to point out that if you don’t want me to immediately think of U-KISS then don’t name your song “Stop Girl”. Sorry, it had to be said. I quite like this song. It’s not amazing, but it has a nice groove, Niel’s voice sounds less jarring than it often does and the lyrics are very relatable. Not because I’ve ever dated someone that checked on me this much (I’d run away screaming before it ever got to that point) but because I can most certainly understand how annoying it must be.

Track 6 – Why

Well… Their pronunciation of “clap” has improved. Besides that this song feels quite hollow to me. It’s sweet and fluffy, but there’s not much substance. It’s quite repetitive, so it’s fairly catchy, and it has a simple melody to sing along to. But it’s not very interesting.

Track 7 – Hello

Filler. Sorry, it’s very sweet and all that but I’m really not enough of an Angel for some sweet lyrics to be enough to make me like a song. That privilege is reserved for my absolute favorite groups.

Track 8 – Never Go Back

Now this I like! I wish I could say that I’ve never gone back, because the times I have it wasn’t a good idea, but I won’t do that anymore! Being single is fabulous, and I will never go back! To anyone! I need no one! I’ll go pick up girls at the club with C.A.P!

Track 9 – Mad at U

I love the “I can’t live because of you” line in the chorus (Chunji, right?) but besides that I’m not so fond of the song. It’s not bad, but it sounds a little off to me. For some reason that line just sounds so cool though. I don’t know how he did that, but it’s amazing.

Track 10 – So Sweet

This song has a glorious disco sound that reminds me of an old Eurovision song (BWO, for my Swedish peeps) and I could have loved it if it wasn’t for the way their voices have been edited. I’m not sure what exactly the technical term for what’s been done to them is, but it sounds robotic and a little strange, which is a shame, because it ruins a great song.

Track 11 – Get Crazy

To me this sounds like “Be My Girl” got drunk and started dancing on tables. The similarity is uncanny. I guess this is proof that Teen Top really have a distinct sound, right? As I’m not fond of “Be My Girl”, this drunk version doesn’t do much for me either. I frankly find it slightly obnoxious.

Track 12 – Mr. Bang (feat. Maboos & Chakun)

(Co-written by C.A.P)

Oh lord. I don’t find this song sexy, let’s make that clear. I find it hilarious in the most secondhand embarrassment kind of way. Not that I don’t think Changjo, L.Joe and C.A.P are sexy; C.A.P especially is a beast. But this is just so… not… sexy… at… all… They’re trying way too hard, and it just makes me laugh. I almost hope that they did this as a joke, but I find myself doubting it. It’s hilarious and this very well may be the best song Teen Top will ever make in their entire career.

Final Thoughts

This is an alright album. It’s not mind-blowing, but it’s definitely not bad either. “Never Go Back” is one of those gems that I started this feature to find, and I’m very happy that I found it! I’ve been trying to forget about “Mr. Bang” for a long time, but now I don’t think I’ll ever be able to. That song… I just can’t.

What do you think of this album? Do you find the last song… arousing?



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