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Because I desperately want to listen through Miss A’s new album, I will be doing so while writing this, their designated faves review. Writing about just one extended play is a wee bit little for a faves review though, so I will also be writing about their extended play “Independent Women Part III” to make this a bit more balanced. Miss A is a group that I’m madly in love with, and one of my favorite girl groups. Yet, I’ve never taken the time to sit down and listen to a full album of theirs, which is a disgrace, and exactly why this feature was created! I will be taking this in chronological order, starting with their extended play “Independent Women Part III”, released in October 2012, and ending with the extended play “Colors” that was released about a week ago.

Independent Women Part III

Track 1 – I Don’t Need a Man

In my opinion this is one of Miss A’s absolute best singles ever. It has a message that I can shout to the world, and a bounce that makes me want to… well bounce. We all know that Korea is a strongly patriarchal society, so a song like this is even more relevant there, and in other countries like it, than here, and that makes it even cooler to me. You go, girls. You’re too cool for any man. And Suzy, make sure Lee Min Ho behaves. And if he doesn’t… Well, you don’t need a man.

Track 2 – Ma Style

I can’t seem to find a youtube video with the english lyrics… Here they are though, if anyone’s interested. This song is alright, and I quite like the lyrics, but the actual sound of the song isn’t as awesome as the lyrics made it seem like it should be. I very much like the rap part, it has way more of the vibe that I wanted this song to have. I especially love this part of the lyrics:

“I’m a bad girl today and good girls are also accepted”

Even though they’re bad girls, they feel no need to make fun of the good girls, and instead say that they’re equally welcome. It’s the kind of inclusive girl power that I like to see, and I’m glad that that’s the route that Miss A went.

Track 3 – If I Were a Boy

I can’t have been the only one that expected a Beyonce cover with that title. But it’s not, and instead it’s once again Miss A being awesome females and acknowledging that things would be easier if they were guys. I don’t see this as some sort of feminist whining at all, but simply as a statement of the obvious. Certain things would be easier if they were men, that we all know. I like the lyrics and the overall message, but I’m not blown away by the song, I think it drags slightly.

Track 4 – Madness (feat. Taecyeon)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a song from Miss A that’s featured Suzy so little and Fei so much. And I’m thrilled! Fei has always been my personal favorite in the group, and I’ve never been pleased by how little she often gets to sing in her group’s songs. She really has a very good voice, and here she really gets to stretch it and show her true potential. I don’t think Taecyeon did much for the song, his parts could have been done by absolutely anyone.

Track 5 – Time’s Up

Once again I couldn’t find a video with the English lyrics (here they are) so instead I included this quite fabulous fan-made music video. This is, except for the single, in my opinion probably the best song on the album. It’s very catchy and a great party song. The rest of the album isn’t very fast-paced or upbeat, so I like that they ended on a high note.


Track 1 – One Step

I like the lyrics of this song. I like the whole concept of being in love but not really wanting to accept it, it’s something that really resonates with me. Because whenever I do embrace it everything just becomes such a mess! Sigh. While I do like the lyrics, I don’t think this song as a whole is very engaging, in fact, I think it’s quite dull. It’s background music, nothing else.

Track 2 – Only You

I’m glad that Miss A finally get to be colorful and happily in love, it’s been so long. And while I was slightly disappointed with this single when I first heard it, since I wanted to be completely blown away, it’s been growing on me with every listen and when I listened to it just now, I caught myself humming along. It’s still not as mind-blowing as I wanted their new single to be, but it’s not so bad.

Track 3 – Love Song

This is a really great song, really great. I knew from the very moment I clicked play that this would be something great, and it really was. It isn’t super upbeat but there’s still something about it that makes me want to get up and shake everything I’ve got. Really really good, and every member shined.

Track 4 – Melting

This is another really good song. I don’t think it’s quite as amazing as “Love Song” but it’s still really really good. Something that I love about this album is that while Miss A are now sweet and in love, there’s nothing coy and submissive about them. Strong badass women fall in love too, and these badass women know what they want and they’re going to get it. I love that, they managed to change their general message but in no way lost who they are.

Track 5 – I Caught Ya

(Written by Suzy)

If I ever discover that someone’s cheating on me, I just know that I’ll be blasting this song. From the moment the heavier instrumental kicks in I knew that this was going to be bloody amazing, and I was writing it down for download right then and there. I hope that this isn’t inspired by real events, but either way I’m really impressed by Suzy’s lyrics. There’s especially that one line in the chorus that makes me laugh every time:

“Put your pants on at least, don’t be ridiculous”

If anyone ever cheats on me I hope I can be this awesome about it.

Track 6 – Stuck

(Written by Min)

This is an alright song, but I don’t find it super amazing. Everyone’s voices sounds good, and Suzy especially shines. It’s nice background music, and definitely not a bad song, but it’s not engaging enough for me personally.

Final Thoughts

I definitely think that “I Don’t Need a Man” is a better single than “Only You”, but in my opinion “Colors” is a better album than “Independent Women Part III”. And since “Only You” is really growing on me, I’m going to see this as a sign that Miss A are really moving in a good direction with their music. I really love that they got to be happy and in love on this album, but that they’re still the exact same awesome chicks that I fell in love with almost five years ago. One thing I found interesting is that Jia doesn’t seem to rap nearly as much anymore. It’s a shame, because I’ve always liked her rapping but I’m proud of her for improving her singing. I can’t remember her rapping a single time on this album, to be honest. Am I forgetting something or is that really the case?

Which album do you prefer and which single tickles your fancy? Do you like Miss A’s new single? Apparently, I do now!



2 thoughts on “Faves – Miss A

  1. Miss A’s music has always been hits or misses for me. I like some parts of a song but not the whole song. It’s either the song or the music video that turn me off. But overall I do like these ladies, they’re gorgeous, talented and unique.
    As for their new album, i love the title song but not the music video.

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