Faves – B.A.P

B.A.P is a group with an uncertain fate, and as we all cross our fingers and hope for the best, let’s look back on their discography and remember all the good times we’ve had with them. There is no album of B.A.P’s that I haven’t already listened through, so for this post I will be looking back upon their only Korean studio album “First Sensibility”, released in February of 2014.

Track 1 – B.A.P (Intro)

(Co-written by Yongguk)

I’m not sure if you should really refer to yourself as kings only two years after your debut, but the cockiness has always been a part of B.A.P’s image, so it doesn’t bother me. This is what an intro should be, a short and loud proclamation that you’re back and a hint to what’s to come, musically. Intros aren’t really something I ever listen to, mostly because of their length, but this one does its job well.

Track 2 – 1004 (Angel)

(Co-written by Yongguk)

For this single B.A.P abandoned their previous hip hop sound and went for something a lot more rock inspired. And I’m not half mad about that. I love their hard-hitting hip hop stuff from the very start of their career, but except for the weird aegyo, I’ve been right there with B.A.P every time they’ve switched their style up. There were some people that complained about it only being the rappers that really shined in the beginning of their career, but since then B.A.P have found the balance, and here everyone (except for maybe Jongup, sorry sweetie) really get to do their thing, vocally.

Track 3 – Easy

(Co-written by Yongguk)

If the unspeakable happens, and B.A.P end up disbanding and disappearing from our lives forever, I’m sure that this song will be something every single fan of them can relate to. Even now as we anxiously wait for news, this song is painful to listen to. To be honest, I am trying to just not think about B.A.P. Yes, we did kind of grow apart, and I did kind of go over to their super-powered enemies, but I am a Baby, and I really don’t want to see B.A.P fall apart. Having members leave my favorite groups has torn me apart enough, I don’t want this too.

Track 4 – Spy

(Co-written by Yongguk)

I find this song a little jarring and messy to listen to, but it most certainly picks the mood up from the last song! The song is at parts quite sexy, but the idea of them being her “spy” and her not even knowing their names makes it sound just a wee bit too creepy for me. I love Himchan’s part in the beginning, and I really like how it sounds when Daehyun and Youngjae sing together.

Track 5 – Check On

(Co-written by Yongguk)

I’m not sure what exactly “check on” is supposed to mean here, but except for that bit of confusion I like this song. I feel like everyone’s utilized in a good way, and while the song isn’t classically B.A.P, it still feels right for them. And I love how Yongguk says “brothers” when calling on their male fans (…?), it brings them closer in a really simple and nice way. Hell, I want to be Yongguk’s brother, whatever that means!

Track 6 – Shady Lady

(Co-written by Yongguk)

This is a very calming song with super sweet lyrics of them telling us (?) that we’re perfect just the way we are. Not that they don’t like our makeup, but that we don’t need it and that we shouldn’t feel forced to wear uncomfortable high heels just because we think they wouldn’t like us otherwise. It’s far from a unique statement, but it’s one that groups with tons of young female fans can never make too many times.

Track 7 – Lovesick

(Co-written by Yongguk)

This is sweet background music, meaning that it’s not bad, but it’s not engaging. This would be a really good OST for some sweet teen drama. I can just imagine the scene… A 45-year-old Lee Min Ho in a school uniform grabs some sweet young thing and kisses her forcefully, asking her if maybe he likes her. She says that she has no bloody clue and that he should get off her. Oh wait, that’s not how it goes. Sorry.

Track 8 – Bang X2

(Co-written by Yongguk)

This is a quite strange song, but it’s one of my absolute favorites off of this album. Yongguk really impressed me with his SINGING here, and I really love Zelo’s rap and Himchan’s part as well. Yongguk and Himchan both lower-pitched and growlier voices, which makes them more suitable for this genre of music. For example, Youngjae is a great singer but his voice sounds very out of place here. It’s not his kind of song.

Track 9 – S.N.S

(Co-written by Yongguk)

Unless S.N.S in this case stands for “Sensual Naughty Sex” this song has nothing to with S.N.S. I mean, sure, they mentioned it once, and there’s that strange line “tweet me your mention” in the chorus, but we all know what this song is really about. Was Zelo even legal when this came out?

I checked, and no he was not. The boy was seventeen. Not that I wasn’t a perverted little bastard before I was legal, but he could at least try to hide it.

Track 10 – Body & Soul 

(Co-written by Yongguk)

Okay, now they’re just putting it all out there. They want her (our?) body, they’ll love her tonight, they want her to give herself to them et cetera. It’s all very sensual, but it’s not hugely explicit. I mean, for kpop it is, but it’s really not that bad. After becoming a huge fan of Jay Park (who’s also not that bad by international standards) nothing in kpop can really shock me. I did find this one line that my former bias Jongup sings quite interesting though:

“At a place that can’t be touched, I slowly approach. I can’t stop here, call out my name more.”

Oh boy. Well he was just about to turn nineteen, so I can’t say it’s not age appropriate. But precious little thing, what happened to you?

Track 11 – Save Me

(Co-written by Yongguk)

Even though they’re not that similar, the opening guitar to this song always reminds me of the beginning of Tokio Hotel’s “Rescue Me”. I can’t be the only Alien-turned-kpop-fan here, so is there anyone else that hears that?

This is one of my absolute favorites on this album. It’s the classic situation of “I hate you but I love you but I hate you” with them calling her a liar and telling her to get away, but at the same time begging her to save them. Even though they hate her and want her gone, she’s the only one that can save them. It’s most certainly not an easy situation to be in, and it’s one that’s really quite tragic.

Track 12 – B.A.B.Y

(Co-written by Yongguk)

This is the ultimate fan service. Making a sweet love song that’s at the same time your fans’ anthem isn’t exactly hard when your fanclub is called “Baby”, is it? It would have been interesting how they would have solved if they had gone with “Warrior”, the much much cooler option. Including the actual fans in the song was a smart move, it makes them even more connected to this song.

Track 13 – With You 

(Co-written by Yongguk)

This is another fan anthem for the current situation and it’s the song that spawned the Baby fandom’s own version of the infamous saying “Always Keep the Faith”. Listening to this, reading the lyrics and thinking that maybe we never will get B.A.P back makes me really sad and grumpy, and it makes me feel guilty for not being as dedicated a fan as I could have been. I’m sorry, everybody. I’ll be here now, I promise. #ForeverWithBAP

Final Thoughts

This is a good album, even though nothing on it has much to do with the style that made B.A.P famous right from debut. It shows range, and I’m sure that there’s something in here for more or less anyone. Personally my favorites are the single, “Bang X2” and “Save Me”. “With You” and “Easy” just make me sad.

What do you think of this album, and how hopeful are you about where B.A.P are at right now? Do you think we’ll ever get them back?



2 thoughts on “Faves – B.A.P

  1. I’m still hoping for BAP to pull a Block B and just move to another company, but I don’t see that happening any time soon, especially because I don’t think they even started on the legal dispute process.

    😦 This post made me sad, but also appreciate the things I love about B.A.P. Save me is and has always been my favorite, but with the current situation, for some reason I’ve become very attached to Lovesick.

    And I am exactly an Alien-turned-Kpop-fan! I never thought about the guitar in Save Me, but now that you point it out, I can totally see it.

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