Thoughts About iKON and Mix & Match

Okay, so I finally watched Mix & Match… Long after it was aired. Just as with WIN, I didn’t want to watch it at all, but eventually caved. As iKON’s debut is hopefully getting closer I decided to watch this evilness of a show to remind myself of who the Team B members were, to get to know the seventh member and to try to clear up my bias list.

Firstly, I’m glad that all the original Team B members made it. This was already awful but can you imagine how awful it would have been for them, the other members and the fans if they hadn’t gotten in? They would have gone through two evil survival shows, all for nothing. And they would have had to leave to team that they’d practiced with for years and grown so amazingly close with. *shuddders* No that would just have been to terrible to bear.

But just because I’m happy all three of the originals made it, that doesn’t mean I’m in any way happy with the results. How could I be? Two hardworking, talented and oh-so-precious people had their dreams shattered. I was especially sad to see Jinhyeong not make it, he was just the cutest thing. I’m sad for Jinhyeong and Hongseok, but it makes perfect sense that it was Chanwoo that made it out of the newbies. He might not have had the voice of Hongseok or the adorableness of Jinhyeong, but he picked up the dance moves the fastest, he never looked awkward on stage and most importantly: he fit in with the rest of the group. Hongseok didn’t fit in whatsoever, neither his vibe nor his voice was in any way YG. Plus he couldn’t dance! iKON will be all about the dance, that’s for sure. And even though I know he tried his hardest, Jinhyeong really wasn’t YG either. He was just too cute. Plus he had nerves that would constantly get the best of him and subtract even more from his nonexistent swag.

I know I’ll love iKON, it is known. Their dance skills are amazing, their rappers are sick and now that some of the weaker vocalists have improved, they’re really quite good in that department too. I know they’ll make fun music, and that I’ll dig it. But who is my bias? I came out of WIN feeling pretty damn stable in my love for B.I, and I didn’t expect any of the other ones to take a swing at him. But then came Bobby. That boy has been featured in everyone and their mama’s songs lately, and he always kills it. B.I is a great rapper, but Bobby is just disturbingly amazing. I’ve tried to choose solely based on physical attraction, but that truly varies depending on styling. It’s almost 50/50 on who I find more attractive. What makes this choice even more difficult is that they’re just SO different in personality. B.I is intense, scary at times even, but in reality just a scared little boy trying to survive in this big bad world. Bobby is way more carefree and relaxed, and doesn’t at all have the same intimidation factor. Except for sometimes on stage when he turns on this amazing aggressiveness that I just loooooove. So who is it? I still don’t know. I’m leaning towards B.I still, but I can’t let go of the gloriousness that is Bobby. I guess I’ll just have to wait until their debut and see.

How do you guys feel about iKON? Did you watch Mix & Match? If you did, which four did you think should have made it? Can you decide on a bias? Come talk to me!


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