Kpop Videos That Make Me Go WOW, Part 2

Back again with the second part to the list that was published last week! Here I will be listing another ten kpop music videos that in some way or another make me want to sit down and go “wooooooow”. Once again, they’re in the order they were released, from oldest to most recent.

11. MYNAME’s “Baby I’m Sorry”


This is a beautiful yet traumatic video and I promise you that you will come away from it feeling the need to go pick out an outfit for the funeral because EVERYONE’S DEAD. I’m not a very emotional person and this video has made me cry every single time I’ve watched it without anyone else present. It’s a compelling story of a young boy who goes very wrong and ends up indirectly dragging his friends down with him. It’s a story of how when two big forces collide (the mob bosses) it’s the people on the ground that suffer. The little one (don’t know their names, sorry) crawling to his phone, wanting to answer his mother’s call as he dies just breaks my heart. And if it doesn’t break yours you are an evil evil person!

12. Lee Jung Hyun’s “V”


This falls into a genre that I’m deeply fond of: the creepy cute. Lee Jung Hyun is basically a doll living in a creepy house who tries to lure men in to essentially marry them. If it was even creepier I can actually imagine this being a kickass horror-ish movie. It would have to be made in Korea or Japan though, nothing American could do this right. I’m impressed by how she really manages to be both adorable and super freaky. I’m both terrified and want to play dress-up with her and brush her hair.

13. G-Dragon’s “Coup D’Etat”


Aesthetically this video is right up my alley. It’s beautiful and ripe with symbolism. I’m fond of the shot with the blindfolded reporters, it really gets his point across about the media literally having no clue about who he is, they can’t even find him. But my absolute favorite part of this video is the usage of the masks from “Heartbreaker”. We’re shown them leaking black, a clear contrast to the pure white of the masks, and we then see G-Dragon, with his face painted jetblack, remove his white mask and break it. It’s clear symbolism for G-Dragon throwing away his fake exterior and revealing the true him. What that true self is I don’t think he’s shown us yet. All we know is that it ain’t what we think it is.

14. BTS’s “N.O”


Here we have some pretty damn clear criticism of the Korean education system and the kind of robotic passive learning that is favored there. This song is all about how we should stop living to please our parents and the people around us, break away and go after our own dreams and that is what BTS aggressively do here. The video likens the schools and teachers to something that reminds us of futuristic soldiers ordering us around. I have never been a Korean high school student, but I’m sure that this image is something that can resonate with many of them and that is where BTS have their strength. Their music and their videos speak of the actual issues facing teens everywhere.

15. VIXX’s “Voodoo Doll”


I’m a big fan of gore and slasher movies so when I saw this video I was delighted. The splashing blood, stapling of skin, shards of glass in Hongbin’s arm and general torture is all right up my alley. I don’t know what that says about me, but that’s how it is. I can’t think of another group that could have executed this concept as well as VIXX because this somehow doesn’t even feel like much of a reach for them.

16. 2NE1’s “Come Back Home”


This is such a great video and it excited me to no end when it was released a year ago. I just knew that if this was a movie, it would probably be one of my favorites. Four badass chicks messing shit up with no help from guys, because they don’t effin’ need it, is just freaking amazing. This music video must have cost a fortune, but it was so worth it! It marked 2NE1’s comeback from what I consider kind of a slump in their career. Just lovely, great job whoever did this.

17. Park Ji Yeon’s “Never Ever”


This is the only depiction of mental illness I’ve ever seen in a kpop video, and that guarantees it a spot on my list. This video manages to be both sexy as all hell and beautifully tragic, and I’m really proud of my girl Jiyeon for pulling it all off. It doesn’t hit you over the head with the mental illness concept, but it’s just clear enough for it to be both clear and respectfully done. I also love how the video goes with the song with the constant repetition in both. It was clever.

18. f(x)’s “Red Light”


I didn’t like this song when it first came out, but I immediately loved the video. SM aren’t ones for super interesting videos, but as they released f(x)’s most interesting song yet it was accompanied with the perfect video. Sets, makeup, clothes, effects, all was lovely and went perfectly with the sound of the song. Good job, SM, for making a video that was artsy and cool yet still your style.

19. Song Ji Eun’s “Don’t Look At Me Like That”


Paired with one of my absolute favorite songs of last year we got this absolutely stunning video. It’s visually stunning and goes with the message of the song in the most disturbingly perfect way. Jieun is literally on display, being auctioned off even, while anonymous people gawk at her as if she’s an exotic animal. Paired with a song about not wanting to be judged because of who you love it sends a message of exposure and vulnerability that is perfect for what I’m assuming Jieun wanted to say. Ending it with her standing free amidst her dead buyers in the fire is also perfect. It projects a strength, an inability to give up, since there really is no reason to. My respect for her exploded when this was released, and I’m still just oh-so-impressed.

20. XIA’s  “Flower”


I’m writing this from the past and where I’m at this video was just released. And it blew my mind so much that I had to write this entire list because of it. This is one of the absolute best music videos I’ve ever seen and it bothers me to no end that I can’t seem to figure out exactly what it means. I will try to explain what I’ve got so far by taking it line by line. I see this as a criticism of the entertainment industry XIA was formerly a part of, and here’s why: (And yes, I know he’s still in the industry. But not at all in the same way.)

It’s burning up
The truths hidden in lies
It’s being silenced
All the dreams broken on the small lips

The entertainment industry is one big glorious lie, and dreams are being crushed every day.

“Come take my hand
Till the end
So I can live for you again
Please take my”

I see this as a plea to the fans that have abandoned him, asking for their support and promising to live for them.

“The countless scars that imprison me
They’re like sad thorns that dig into me”

I bet XIA’s pretty traumatized from his time under SM. I know I would be.

“In this arrogant world, even mistakes become big sins
Don’t cry
You’ve become the world’s hot topic then you turn into ash
Then they take away each piece of you
Your life Your soul Your world
They cannot kill it”

This is the part that sealed the deal for me. Simple mistakes becoming big sins? Being a hot topic and then nobody cares? Could it be more clear? I think not.

Yeah so, that’s what I think this song is about. It’s criticism towards the harshness of the entertainment industry and XIA asking all of us to support him through the awfulness. But if you have another theory, please do share!

What are some amazing videos that I missed? Let me know, I’m sure I missed at least one.



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