Faves – Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation have released a total of four Korean studio albums since their debut in 2007, and all but the very first held the number one spot on the Korean charts. Today I will be tackling the third of those studio albums, “The Boys”, released in October of 2011. This because I recently listened through their most recent studio album, “I Got a Boy”, and want to find something new. The whole purpose of this feature is for me to find the hidden gems that I don’t find otherwise, because even with my favorites I often only listen to the single. So now, let’s bring the boys out!

Track 1 – The Boys

Even though this song still sounds super weird to me in Korean (I’m used to the English version) I have to admit that the Korean lyrics are a lot better. Not that there’s anything wrong with the extreme confidence in the English lyrics, it’s just that these are a lot more interesting. The absolute majority of the Korean fans that support girl groups are guys, but it’s still rare for a girl group to so directly address their male fans. This song is Girls’ Generation telling those shy and timid boys that they’re great, that they can do it and to just get up and get what they want. It’s nice and empowering, and I’ve never heard something like it, not addressed to boys. And boys need that push too.

That said, I don’t think this is a very good song. It’s a little jarring and a little dull all at the same time.

Track 2 – Telepathy

This is an alright song. It’s cute and sweet and nice. But also very forgettable. There’s nothing about this song that makes it special to me, and I’ll probably completely forget about it after having written this post.

Track 3 – Say Yes

Also really cute and sweet but slightly more interesting than the previous track! This song has some great catchiness in the chorus and the autotune isn’t as prevalent as it was in “Telepathy”. I still don’t love it and find it a little forgettable but it is better.

Track 4 – Trick

Yay this is better! This track is not completely up my alley, but this is way more of a risk and it is a song that I’ll remember. It has a funkiness that the two previous tracks completely lacked and that Girls’ Generation despite their sugary image actually do really well. You go girls.

Track 5 – How Great Is Your Love

(Written by Sooyoung)

Extremely pretty with very nice lyrics written by Sooyoung and the girls sing it beautifully. It is the kind of song that I have to be in a very specific mood to really appreciate, but when that mood rolls around I’m sure I’ll love it. This is the kind of song that makes me wish that I’d fall in love, so that I could feel like this.

Track 6 – My J

Yet another super cheery nice song that makes me wish I could be in love. It’s the nicest song so far, I’d say, and it had me singing along after a couple of minutes. It still lacks that special something that makes me want to download a song though… I can’t put my finger on it, but there is just something that’s not there.

Track 7 – Oscar

This song is especially fun for me because I have a friend called Oscar. I’m honestly considering to send him this song, especially since it’s long been established that I run his life and that he has no say whatsoever, he only thinks he does. I kid, of course. (I really don’t) But even if I hadn’t known a Oscar, this would still be a pretty damn good song. Probably my favorite yet.

Track 8 – Top Secret

Scratch that, this is definitely my favorite song. It’s not only really nice to listen to, it has a really badass message. Their talking about a hysteria that’s masked as love, and tells the person following them and snooping around in their personal matters to back up. I can’t see it as anything but a very direct message to obsessed fans that they have no right to act that way, and that what the girls do and who they do it with is no one’s business but theirs. Wow, good job!

Track 9 – Lazy Girl

Wow, can I relate to this! I have less than three months left of high school and my motivation is more or less nonexistent. So if there’s something in school that I really don’t want to do (mostly group assignments, debates and the sort) I just don’t turn up. Lazy? Yes. Kind of really stupid? Yes. But as I don’t need my grades to study what I want, so getting myself to care about subjects I find dull is more or less impossible. That’s what I’m doing today by the way. Good for me. So I really appreciate Girls’ Generation putting the need to be really lazy into words.

Track 10 – Sunflower

This song is about being in love with someone who doesn’t notice you, expressed through the metaphor of being a sunflower in the shadow. It’s a beautiful metaphor, a pretty song and the harmonization is absolutely stunning. But that’s it for me, it’s not my kind of song. It’s a little dull to me.

Track 11 – Vitamin

I think I needed this song. I’m constantly anxious about not doing well and I think it brings me way down. I would never claim to be depressed without being diagnosed as such but I do see quite a few signs in myself that are worrying. And when you take my genetic predisposition towards depression, I really should be aware of these things. And no, this song won’t make anything better. But it’s still nice to hear these things, even from girls who don’t know that I’m listening.

Track 12 – Mr. Taxi (Korean Version)

I quite like this song but I do think that simply re-recording a Japanese single in Korean was a little lazy of SM to use as they repackage single. As a song I think it’s actually better than “The Boys” but it is not one of their more memorable singles, definitely not.

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few songs on her that are quite good and that sounds nice but that just don’t work for my specific taste. I do think the album is better than the single implies though, which is what I’ve been told. For favorites I would choose “Top Secret” and “Vitamin”, the first because it’s definitely the best on the album and the second because of what it means.

What do you guys think of this album and of Girls’ Generation’s overall discography? Let me know!



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