Faves – Block B

Block B has since their debut in 2011 sadly only released one studio album and as I’ve already reviewed the glory that is “Blockbuster” I will not do so once more. So instead I will be looking at their very first EP “New Kids On The Block” to get a sense of where these crazy boys came from. As it is only an EP and two of the tracks on there are instrumental versions, this will not be as long as I like these posts to be. But what can you do? That’s what happens when a group only has a single studio album.

Track 1 – Halo


This is a song that was also included on the glory that is “Blockbuster” and it is in my opinion one of the best songs Block B have ever made. It’s catchy, it’s cocky, it’s fun and it’s just so great! Definitely a personal favorite and every single member does well here. I can’t believe I had forgotten about this song until I reviewed “Blockbuster”…

Track 2 – Tell Them


I think of Block B as a group with a very unique and interesting sound so the genericness of this song is almost offensive. They’ve really come a long way. It’s not that this song is bad, but it could be a song from any of the thousands of boy groups that debut annually into the kpop industry. The Block B of today are innovative and fun, this is not. Sorry, guys. 

Track 3 – U Hoo Hoo


Once again, it’s not bad, but this could have been made by anyone. It has nothing of the gangstaness and swag that Block B claimed to have and just sounds like a pop song like any other. And that doesn’t have to be bad but Block B is not that kind of group, they’re really not. So I expect more. 

Track 4 – Wanna B


Okay THIS is what I want from Block B! This is hard-hitting yet fun and catchy and just all in all Block B. This is what they are and I’m glad that it was there right from the start. This is freaking awesome and I love it. Definitely downloading. I’m slightly upset that I’d never heard this before.

Track 5 – Freeze!


This is Block B’s infamously bad debut single. And yeah, it’s not very good. If it wasn’t made by them I’d probably never like it. It’s a lot of fun and very catchy though. And there is a taste of the Block B to come in here, something to give us hope. But yeah, it’s not great. 

Track 6 – Is It Only Me?


This is Block B’s version of the mandatory ballad and shockingly enough… I like it! It’s a little slow from time to time but the rappers really lift it to a whole new level and makes it something I can actually see myself listening to from time to time. Well done, Block B, not bad.

The next two tracks are only the instrumental versions of “Tell Them” and “Freeze!” so I won’t be reviewing them.

Final Thoughts

Block B are a lot better now than they were then. But even back then did they know how to knock out amazing tracks like “Halo” and “Wanna B”. Those are great in the most Block B kind of way and that makes me happy. This review is very short, but there’s not much I can do about that. I’ve already reviewed their only studio album, and EP’s are in general short, so…

What do you think of this album? Do you agree that Block B have really found their sound since or did you prefer them in the beginning?



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