Review of Amber’s Album “Beautiful”

Wow, all these great solo debuts getting thrown at me! Taemin, then Jonghyun, and now Amber! Good job, SM! Oh and Henry too, can’t forget Henry. Great job, SM! (I’m ignoring Kyuhyun and Zhoumi, I know. But well, they just didn’t work for me) Amber is  my bias in f(x) and one of my absolute favorite people in all of kpop. She’s just so cool! If only I was more like Amber… So I was ecstatic to find out that she’d be getting her very own solo album, and now it’s here! I’ve only heard the single so far, so I’ll be flying blind here. (Just like I normally do) But if the single is any indication of what’s too come, this can only be great. (Oh and a little disclaimer: I normally state if the artist/-s has done any writing or composing but I can’t seem to find a reliable source for what Amber did for this album, even though I know she did something… So I won’t be listing anything about that)
Track 1 – Beautiful 


This is such a simple and pretty song that really shows why I’ve been saying that Amber is an underutilized singer. She sings almost this entire song, and carries it so well. It’s a beautiful song about fighting through the struggles and coming out on the other side, a survivor. I’m not sure if she’s talked about this before, but this song showcases that Amber has most probably struggled with who she is in the past. And I get that, I mean, we all know she’s awesome, but she isn’t exactly the average girl. And anything not average isn’t always embraced. Regardless of if she did struggle or if this song isn’t that personal to her, I’m glad she’s happy to be herself, she really should be, since we all want to be her.

Track 2 – Shake That Brass (feat. Taeyeon)


This is just so good! I love the song, I love the way Amber looks, I loved seeing all those celebrity friends of hers (even though so many were missing!) and the fact that she called herself a llama just blows my mind from the shear awesomeness.

Now about Taeyeon… When I heard that she was going to be featured in Amber’s big solo debut I was a little pissed, not gonna lie. Not that I don’t like Taeyeon, I do, but this was Amber’s time to shine! I heard that Amber asked her personally to be in the song, and no matter if that’s true or not, after having seen the video and heard the song I don’t mind. I don’t think Taeyeon overshadowed Amber in any way and her voice added another dimension to the song. So I’m perfectly fine with her being there.

Am I the only one who clearly sees the dances to BIGFLO’s “Bad Mama Jama” and BTOB’s “You’re So Fly” in the dance to the chorus? That could very well be a coincidence, since those dance moves aren’t exactly unique, but I like to think that it’s a subtle wink to some more people she knows. Knowing Amber, it might very well be the case.

Track 3 – Love Run


Wow I definitely didn’t expect this kind of love song from Amber! It’s sweet and cute, and prettily sung, and I really like it. But it just doesn’t sound like Amber to me… That’s not bad though, I’m pleasantly surprised that she pulled this off so well. This is the kind of song that I wish I could relate to more… I want to be in love, guys. I really do. But well… Guess not.

Track 4 – Heights


This is so encouraging. I’m at a stage in my life (senior in high school) where all these “you can do it, just go for your dreams” kind of songs really work for me. They don’t even have to be that good, as long as they tell me I can do it even though I doubt it, I eat it up. I do think this song is slightly forgettable, but it’s definitely not a bad song. And I will download it and listen to it whenever I feel like I just want to cry, hide under my bed and be five years old again.

Track 5 – I Just Wanna (feat. Eric Nam)


Wow, this is just amazing. I can’t believe she released an English version of “Goodbye Summer”! That is awesome. This is a really good song, and I’m really happy it’s in English. I was hoping one of the tracks off of her solo album would be, and I’m happy that it’s such a good one. I will sing the crap out of this one.

I love that she brought in Eric for this song, just because he’s almost as awesome as she is and they’re fabulous friends, but I can’t help but to feel like it’s a little awkward for them to sing this, since they’re so incredibly platonic. Their voices work great together, and I’m sure they’d do this with excellent chemistry live, but I think I read somewhere that she’d rather marry a wall than him…

Final Thoughts

This album is way too short! Why you no give us more Amber, SM? We want more Amber! Anyway, great album. “Shake That Brass” and “I Just Wanna” are definitely my favorite tracks, and once I’ve gotten all this down into my phone I know I’ll be listening to them all day every day.

What do you guys think of all this? Are you just as excited about Amber’s solo debut as I am? What do you think about Taeyeon’s featuring? Let me know!



10 thoughts on “Review of Amber’s Album “Beautiful”

  1. She’ll still be with f(x) until she completely overshadows them , cheer when Amber comes out dead silence for the others.

    Looks like f(x) is gonna hit red light and Amber is getting off that bus.

    Stb, fight song material!!!!

  2. I’m a bit late on this but I’m glad you’re back!!! 😊 and Amber did ask Taeyeon to sing in her song. I feel bad for all the hate she’s getting from immature netizens though. She doesn’t deserve it. Most are EXO-L’s still pissed off about Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating while the rest are just haters.

  3. Amber is a social butterfly, she’s friends with everybody and her friends meet one another through her. she’s such a chill person, the kind that you wanna be friends with. I’m glad SM finally pulled her out and gave her a solo, this girl is wayy too talented to just be a rapper in a group. she has so much to offer, i mean listen to that voice! it’s stunning. Shake That Brass is a fun song to listen to, as for the rest of the album, i saw so many sides of her. goofy, sporty, girly, ambitious, the Amber that everybody loves. I just wanna is also my favorite track, her and Eric match so well together, definitely a song you can sing with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
    I’ve always liked Amber and this album made me LOVE her even more.

    btw, kyu and zhou mi’s albums are amazing, i know you’re not into ballads but kyu’s vocals are to die for Mi’s charisma brought him a lot of love as well.
    Jjong and Taemin’s solo, need I say more? amazing a AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

    who do you think will be the next SM solo artist?

    1. Yes, I’m so happy about it too! I wish I had Amber’s social skills, that would make life significantly simpler.

      I haven’t listened through their albums, since their singles didn’t do it for me. Kyuhyun is a great singer, and I love his voice but, well, ballads.

      AMAZING. I fully agree.

      Hmm… Well Taeyeon, but that we know. After that… I feel like it might be someone from EXO. Maybe Chen? I’m basing that on nothing, it’s just a feeling I have.

  4. I think SM realized how important personal growth is to their artists and are now throwing us all of these solo albums (not that it’s a bad thing). They have alot of very talented people that they put into groups with other talented poeple. It’s a great dynamic for a group but also wastes individual talents.

    Amber is one of my favorite people from KPop and I’m glad she can finally show what she has to offer with this album. It is short, yes, but enough to show us that she is not just f(x)’s boyish rapper but a legit composer & singer.

    This is a good start for her and I look forward to seeing what tricks she has more up her sleeves.

    1. I agree. Solos are increasingly more popular within the kpop world, and SM hasn’t fully embraced that before, but now they are. I for one am enjoying it greatly, and Amber really showed us what she’s made of.

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