The second installment to this series will deal with another of my absolute favorite groups, BIGBANG. Shockingly enough they have not released a Korean studio album since “Remember” back in 2008, so this post will deal with “Tonight”, the extended play released in 2011. I have already written about the extended play “Alive”, and that makes “Tonight” the most recent thing I haven’t written about that BIGBANG has done as a whole group. I’m really hoping for that comeback though… Come on, YG… Oh and also, I will write about both the songs on the “regular” EP and those only included on the special edition, to give this review some more meat on its bones.

Track 1 – Intro (Thank You & You)

(Written and co-composed by G-Dragon)


This is only an intro, so it’s short and simple, but it does the job well. When this album was released it had been quite a while since BIGBANG’s latest promotions in Korea, so starting off this comeback with just simply announcing that they’re fine, and that they’re back is very nice somehow. It’s not cocky, like intros can often be, and it really works. It’s nothing grand or special, but it does the job that needs doing.

Track 2 – Hands Up

(Written by G-Dragon and T.O.P and co-composed by G-Dragon)


For some reason I can’t seem to be able to find the Korean version of this song with the English lyrics… This live version was the best I could do, sorry about that. I don’t think that’s a bad thing though. This kind of song really works the best when it’s performed in large arenas, and BIGBANG are such great performers that watching a live performance of theirs is always a pleasure. Now if I only didn’t have to watch it on my computer…

Track 3 – Tonight

(Written by G-Dragon and T.O.P and co-composed by G-Dragon)


This is both the title track and the song that was used as the promotional single for this album. It’s never been my favorite single from BIGBANG, and as I’m writing this I don’t even have it downloaded, but there is something special about it. It’s very catchy, and it will get stuck in your brain forever. G-Dragon’s rap style works very well in this song, and his parts are my favorites. I also love the crazy hood thing he’s rocking in the video.

Track 4 – Somebody to Love

(Written by G-Dragon and T.O.P and co-composed by G-Dragon)


This song is a little heavy-handed with the auto-tune for my taste, but it’s still a nice track. I don’t think it’s super memorable, but don’t we all want somebody to love? I know I do. So why do I run screaming in the other direction when someone offers to be that someone…? That’s a question for another day. This is a nice song, but in no way amazing. How deep T.O.P’s voice is really amazes me though.

Track 5 – What is Right

(Written by G-Dragon and T.O.P and co-composed by G-Dragon)


Being in the final stages of a relationship and not even knowing why you’re fighting, not even knowing what it is that is wrong, that is a feeling I can relate to. It’s not a very engaging song, but it’s catchy and nice and absolutely perfect as background music when you’re doing something else. And those songs are just as needed!

Track 6 – Cafe

(Written by G-Dragon and T.O.P and co-composed by G-Dragon)


This is the same type of song as the previous one, though more engaging. I love the contrast between T.O.P’s deep rapping and the super high falsettos that dominate the rest of the song. Daesung really shines her as well, his voice worked flawlessly here. He’s a very good singer, but I don’t think he’s as versatile a singer as Taeyang, so it’s rarer that he shines this brightly.

Special Edition Tracks

Track 1 – Love Song

(Co-written by G-Dragon and T.O.P and co-composed by G-Dragon)


This is so far my favorite, and it’s one of few songs off of this album that I already have in my phone. It’s repetitive, but it’s pretty and it gets the point across. It’s also well balanced between the members in a way that pleases me. I didn’t use the music video for this post, but I like that too. It doesn’t have a plot or anything of the sorts, but they’re dressed so well that it isn’t needed.

Track 2 – Stupid Liar 

(Written by G-Dragon and T.O.P and co-composed by G-Dragon)


I like the lyrics of this song, which complain about their partner constantly lying to them about why she can’t see them, and it’s well sung but I don’t think it’s a super interesting song. It has a nice chorus, but the auto-tune is once again a little over-used, and the rest of the song isn’t interesting enough to compensate.

Track 3 – Tonight 


Track 4 – High High (G-Dragon & T.O.P duet) 

(Written by G-Dragon and T.O.P)


This was one of my first introductions to BIGBANG, and when I first heard this I didn’t even know that the both of them were part of a larger group. I loved them, and the song, from first watch and I still do. This is a really fun song, and the duo of G-Dragon and T.O.P is beyond glorious. Their styles are so different, but the managed to merge them in the most gorgeous way and they really created magic. I know that G-Dragon says that Taeyang is easier to work with, but maybe that’s why “Good Boy” sounds like  a G-Dragon song..? Maybe a little challenge is good for you, GD?

Track 5 – Oh Yeah (G-Dragon & T.O.P duet feat. Park Bom)

(Co-written by G-Dragon & T.O.P)


Not as good as the previous track, but still very fun. G-Dragon and T.O.P’s voices are so different but work so well together, and the contrast makes their songs the more interesting. That’s the case for all the work they do as parts of BIGBANG, but when you cut out the vocalists, it’s even more apparent. The addition of Park Bom was a good choice, her voice was still strong back then, and she adds another dimension to this song.

Track 6 – Cafe


Track 7 – I Need a Girl (Taeyang Solo feat. G-Dragon)

(Co-written by G-Dragon)


I adore this song, and it might very well be my favorite solo song from Taeyang. I normally listen to the English version, for the simple reason that it makes it easier to sing along, but I do think that the Korean version is a little better. It’s not a huge difference though. This song is perfect for him, and G-Dragon’s rap is nicely incorporated. I can’t help but start shipping Taeyang and Dara whenever I see the video though, they’re just so cute!

Oh and also, am I the only one who always starts to sing SHINee’s “Replay” whenever I see a guy being cute with an older girl? Just me? Okay then.

Track 8 – Somebody to Love 


Track 9 – What Can I Do (Seungri Solo)

(Written by Seungri and G-Dragon and co-composed by Seungri)


This is an alright song, and Seungri handled it well enough, but this does make it obvious how much he’s improved as a singer since then. I’m not saying he’s anywhere near Taeyang or Daesung’s level, because clearly he’s not, but he has most certainly gotten better, and he deserves some praise for that. I appreciate that he took such a big part in the creation of his own song, even though he didn’t for the rest of the album, that’s always nice.

Track 10 – Baby Don’t Cry (Daesung Solo)


This is a sweet song with Daesung telling us not to cry, to give him our smiles and to not worry, because we’ll all shine one day. It’s something that’s easy to brush off, but I know that at those times when that’s something I really need to cry, this song could probably make me cry. So thank you, Daesung, for pulling out my emotions from the dark cave where they like to hide.

Final Thoughts

It’s interesting, my favorite tracks off of this album are the ones that don’t include all of the members. My two favorites are “High High” and “I Need a Girl”, and I don’t think the majority of the songs on here are that strong to be honest. That doesn’t mean I don’t love BIGBANG, and that I’m not super excited about their comeback because trust me, I needs it bad!

Thoughts on this album? Favorite track? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Faves – BIGBANG

  1. I’ve listened to this album too many times to count. It and Alive are some of my favorites and Big Bang is the only group I turn into a total fangirl for. I really hope the April comeback schedule proves true, but YG is known to delay things, so I’ll only believe it when I actually see a new album.

  2. the fact that Big Bang is still so popular and influential despite their last album being re
    leased 8 years ago is testament enough of their staying power.

    YG suceeded with Big Bang where SM failed with TVXQ. YG gave each member space from the group to venture into their own individual interests. I’m sure they loved each other and enjoy what they do but it can get pretty repetitive and exhausting. There is little chance for personal growth and exploring one’s talents.

    The reason why I compared the two is because they are the groups that solidified my love for KPop (although Super Junior opened the door for me). These groups paved a cemented road for KPop to be recognized worlwide and become the power that it is today.

    Anyways, my “affair” with BB could not have been more different with TVXQ and Super Junior. I already have my hands full with both groups that I denied myself from liking BB. And the fact that both TVXQ & SuJu are from the same company and are actually friends made BB the “outcast” (in my mind anyway). But the day came when I heard the starting notes of “Lies” from my friend’s Ipod and it changed my KPop beliefs.

    These groups helped me get through college with “Don’t Don” & “Rising Sun” waking me up for my early morning class to “Haru Haru” & “Mirotic” being my jam to staying up late at night for requirements.

    Han Geng leaving SuJu was my first KPop heartbreak then when TVXQ split I gave myself a “cool off” time. I was afraid I would not survive if anything happened to BB but the group persevered and are the last ones standing (sorry SuJu) from the Golden Era of KPop.

    I am happy for Big Bang and for their fans. It wasn’t an easy journey but seeing the boys fulfilling their individual dreams yet still stand together as 5 in one stage is enough reason why KPop is still worth it.

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