Review of Jonghyun’s Album “Base”

This is long overdue. My ultimate bias SHINee’s Jonghyun released his first solo album a week ago, and I still haven’t written about it! It’s a disgrace, but it will be rectified right now. Normally I’ll listen through an album for the first time as I right the review, but with this one I of course couldn’t wait until I had the time to write. This is my favorite out of all my beloved kpop stars, so his very first solo effort left me with feels as big as mountains. And here they are: 

Track 1 – Déjà-Boo (feat. Zion.T)

(Written and co-composed by Jonghyun)


This is the pre-release track that got us all pumped up and ready for the storm that was coming, and it’s one of the album’s best. It’s a very good song, catchy yet smooth, and the inclusion of Zion.T flowed well. I also really enjoyed Jonghyun’s rapping. I didn’t think I would, and when I heard he would rap in one of the songs I was more than a little worried, but that’s one of my absolute favorite parts of the song. 

Also, it’s embarrassing how long it took for me to figure out the title. Meeting her feels like a deja vu, and he calls her his boo, so it’s his deja-boo! Get it? I for sure didn’t.

Track 2 – Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) (feat. Iron)

(Written by Jonghyun)


If someone would have asked me to picture the perfect solo debut video and song for Jonghyun this would more or less have been it. It’s so correct, it’s almost painfully perfect. It has all the polish of a SM video, but with the artistic spirit of Jonghyun. He’s shirtless, there’s a band, it’s artsy, he doesn’t dance. All of these things were things that would have been on my list of what we would get from him, and we did. He looks absolutely amazing, sounds even better, and I think this might be my favorite song on the album. It’s not common that my favorite song of an album from one of my favorite singers is the single, but this time it’s just so amazing, I’m not sure if there’s another song to rival it, in my eyes. 

If there’s anything Jonghyun does well it’s write lyrics about desperate, almost destructive love. He did it in “Obsession”, he did it in “Symptoms”, and now he did it again. It’s not something I can relate to, since I’ve never experienced that kind of love, but I appreciate how much he pours every ounce of emotion he has in his body into his lyrics, it makes me feel like I have experienced what he’s singing about. I’m not sure what kind of experience Jonghyun has with this kind of love, but nonetheless, his ability to put it into words is very impressive.

Track 3 – Hallelujah 

(Co-written by Jonghyun)


In my opinion the three first songs on this album are also the three best, with this being third best. It’s mostly just the chorus that makes me love this so much, because it’s so stunningly sung. Just the way he sings “hallelujah” makes me want to cry, it’s so beautiful. This is all about a girl that’s so beautiful it makes him feel thankful to god, which is even better considering the fact that Jonghyun is an atheist. I am too, but some people are just so stunning they make you doubt. 

Track 4 – Love Belt (feat. Younha)

(Written and co-composed by Jonghyun)


Younha’s voice is stunning, and she and Jonghyun mix really well. I think the lyrics are cute, and I love the fact that he basically wrote a song about the importance of seat belts as he was recovering from his car accident. This song is beautifully sung as well, but when it comes down to it, I find it a little boring. This is the kind of song that’s nice background music but for active listening it doesn’t interest me. 

Track 5 – NEON

(Written and co-composed by Jonghyun)


Jonghyun sings this song very well, but there’s something about the melody of the instrumental that feels incredibly off and disjointed to me. Like it’s not supposed to go together with his singing. The lyrics gave me a nice throwback to when SHINee released “Colorful”, but this song is just strange-sounding to me, I can’t really wrap my head around it. 

Track 6 – MONO-Drama 

(Written by Jonghyun)


This is another song off of this album that I really love, and that’s mainly due to the lyrics. These lyrics, at least parts of them, perfectly describes what I feel when I look at Jonghyun, and other kpop stars. 

Skärmavbild 2015-01-19 kl. 13.57.13

This, this is me. I’ve spent so much time fantasizing about Jonghyun, it’s getting pathetic. I know when we meet, how we start dating etcetera etcetera. And there’s not just one version, there’s what feels like a thousand variations. I’m an adult now (Happy birthday to me!!) and I feel like fawning over a man I’ll probably never meet instead of getting off my butt and meeting someone “real” is a very juvenile thing to do. But I just can’t help it. Why should I settle for anything less than perfection? Sigh. Jonghyun, you’re the reason why I’m dying alone. There’s nothing I want more than for my love to escape this small room. I want to tell him that I love him, just once. As a fan.

Bonus Tracks

Track 7 – Beautiful Tonight

(Written and composed by Jonghyun)


This is another one of those pretty background music-y songs that I know Jonghyun likes to make. It’s pretty, well-sung and the lyrics are cute, but there’s nothing about it to really grab me. It’s very Jonghyun, and I was actually a little scared that this whole album would be songs like this one, since I know it’s right up his alley. Thankfully, it wasn’t. Not that this isn’t a good song, it’s just not my kind of song. 

Track 8 – Fortune Cookie

(Written and co-composed by Jonghyun)


Firstly, how good does he look in that video? Wow. As someone who has a slight… ehm… weakness for Jonghyun’s charm it’s very hard for me to focus on the actual song while watching this. Boy knows how to work that camera, and he works it good. 

It’s a short and sweet song, and I like it! It’s not too serious, just a sweet treat for the fans, and I think that’s a lovely way to round out this album.

Final Thoughts

Jonghyun blew me away. Yes, some of the songs on the album were a little boring to me, and I really don’t understand “NEON”, but that was to be expected. The single was amazing, and absolutely perfect for him. Jonghyun gave me himself, straight up, and I’ll enjoy seeing a whole lot more of him as he carries out his promotions! You go babe, give them hell.

So, what did you think? I might have loved it, but I realize that I have a certain inclination to love everything Jonghyun ever does, so I might be sliiightly biased. So give me your views, guys!


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