Kpop Songs That Deserve More Love

This post is all about the under-appreciated songs of kpop. Some might be completely unknown to you, and some you might not understand why they’re here, since you hear about them all the time. This is all about songs that I think are great, for varying reasons, that I don’t hear nearly enough about. They might be super popular, but if I don’t notice it, I see them as under-appreciated. So, what I’m trying to say is that this is a very subjective post. All my posts are though, so that should come as no surprise. 

When I started plotting down which songs I wanted to include here it ended up being over thirty, so I’m splitting it up into two posts! Meaning you’ll get another one of these next week.

Also, I know this should have been posted yesterday… I spent a really great night with my awesome friends last night, so there was literally no time for me whatsoever to write anything. But instead of skipping it, since I’ve skipped a lot lately, I decided to write it today instead!

MAMAMOO’s “Mr. Ambiguous”


I’m not sure what this genre of music is referred to, but I love it. And the more I get of it, the better. This is a brand new group that debuted this summer, and if they stick to this kind of music and keep executing it this well, they have plenty of potential to become one of my top girl groups. It’s just really great, and if you listened to it, I don’t know how you could disagree with me.

HA:TFELT’s “Ain’t Nobody”


HA:TFELT is a ridiculous stage name, so I’ll just call her Yeeun. This is stunning. Really beautiful. Yeeun contributed massively to this her first solo album, taking part in the composing and writing for every single song. And she did so well. As a member of Wonder Girls I never paid much attention to Yeeun, but I really should have. This song is so incredible that Yeeun’s coming very close to becoming my new bias in Wonder Girls.

Lim Kim’s “All Right”


This is the only thing I’ve ever heard from Lim Kim, but boy do I want more. She has a really cool voice, the song is awesome and the video is very interesting. I do think the random dance break in the middle sort of ruins the vibe of the song, but the rest of it is so great that I’m willing to overlook it.

JJCC’s “At First”


This wasn’t at all what I expected the debut song from the group produced by Jackie Chan would be. But this, this is lovely. The chorus, led by the gorgeous Eddy, is stunning. This song is catchy, yet smooth and nice at the same time. I do feel a little bad for the guy who isn’t in it though… It must suck to not even be in your group’s debut video.

Dalshabet’s “B.B.B”


I talked about this video when I listed the sexiest girl groups, but it’s so awesome that it has to be talked about again. Dalshabet isn’t a hugely popular group, so even though this was their most successful single to date, it still isn’t talked about nearly enough. It’s great. It’s sexy, it’s well sung, it’s catchy, it’s just great.

Roy Kim’s “Love Love Love”


Even though it was released last summer, this was THE song for my summer this year. Roy Kim has a voice like nothing I’ve heard before in kpop, and that plus the fact that he’s a very good-looking guy who plays the guitar is more than enough reason for me to like him. But it most certainly helps that he has a song as awesome as this one.

MBLAQ’s “Be a Man”


This is the most flawless single MBLAQ have ever had. From song, to styling, to dance, this was beautiful through and through. The video could have been more interesting, but it wasn’t too bad. Sadly, MBLAQ are really underrated in general, so this song hasn’t gotten nearly as much love as it deserves.

M.I.B’s “Men in Black”


I don’t understand why M.I.B can’t seem to make it. The three rappers are great, Kangnam’s a more than good singer (and stunning) and their songs are solid! Is it just the fact that they can’t dance? Tell me! I personally love this song, and the way Kangnam looks in the video is almost exactly how I picture my ideal guy, so…

BIGFLO’s “Delilah”


I’m a huge sucker for rappers with low-pitched voices, and that guy with the blue-greyish hair is just perfect for me. (High Top is his lovely stage name, according to my googling.) This is a newly debuted group, and with a debut song such as this, I’ll most certainly be paying close attention to whatever they do next.

KISS&CRY’s “Domino Game”


This group debuted in the beginning of this year, and I’ve already heard that they’ve supposedly disbanded. Which really sucks in that case! This song is great, the girls are great singers and they have a charisma and a confidence that is often lacking in newly debuted groups, especially female groups. So I’m hoping that isn’t true, and that they’ll be back. Any day now.

SPEED’s “Don’t Tease Me!”


This song sounds like BTOB’s “Wow” had a love baby with basically any Block B song. And how could that not be great? It’s catchy, it’s fun, and it’s just great. I’m not crazy about doing the video this way, but it does make me want to see them live, so I guess it worked somehow.

GI’s “Gi-Yeuk”


This might be a boring video, but it is a nice song. I wish GI would be more popular, and get better backing, because I really see a lot of potential in these girls. They’re good dancers, most certainly capable in the singing and rapping departments, and the “boyish” style they have really works for me.

Seungyeon’s “Guilty”


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; this is amazing. I almost (I said almost! Don’t kill me!) want her to leave Kara and go solo, just so I can get more of this from her. Seungyeon is a really great singer, and as I’m a huge fan of anything rockish and overdramatic, this is just perfect for me.

Airplane’s “How R U”


Airplane are great providers of nice and relaxing hip hop. Or whatever you’d call it, my knowledge about music genres is basically nonexistent. This is a nice and smooth song, like all their songs are. I also really like the video, it got me feeling for this couple in a way I really didn’t expect to, and I don’t know why.

Navi’s “I Ain’t Going Home Tonight”


It’s definitely rare that a kpop girl gets this clear and upfront about having sexual needs, and I love it! Navi is a grown ass woman, who’s perfectly capable of expressing sexual desires. I love that that in no way makes her seem trashy in this song and video, just like a confident and mature woman. It’s a great message, and something I think kpop needs more of. She’s taking charge of her own sexuality in an excellent way.

HISTORY’s “What Am I to You”


HISTORY isn’t a group I listen to, but this song makes me feel like I should. It’s catchy, yet smooth in an extremely classy way. Some parts of the dance are really awesome as well. This is most certainly a song that deserves more love.

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11 thoughts on “Kpop Songs That Deserve More Love

  1. I agree with all of these, especially Mamamoo, Dal Shabet, JJCC and Roy Kim. All under appreciated and all so amazing. Also, Be a Man is absolutely THE best thing MBLAQ ever released. Too bad it didn’t do better. And I love MIB too. But the best on this list is Lim Kim. She is perfection. Check out her collaboration with High4 called A Little Close. It’s lovely.

    1. Yeah, that Be a Man didn’t do better is a big shame… And I can’t understand why! And yes, Lim Kim really is lovely. I’m not that fond of that song though, but thank you for the suggestion nontheless!

  2. Seungyeon ♥️ Her voice is just perfection. I’m seriously hoping that she can do what taemin did. I hope her company will let her release a solo album but still be in KARA (like how taemin has his solo debut/album but is still in SHINee) She has such an amazing voice and she deserves better ways to show it off 🙂 Lim Kim reminds me a bit of Lorde. Both their voices are very… I don’t know how to explain it but their voices have a similar sound/style. I’ve never heard any of her individual songs but I did hear her collab with HIGH4 and I think she has a very soothing voice (:

    1. Yes, her voice is lovely. And I don’t think she gets to show it nearly enough in Kara’s releases… A few high notes here and there are not enough! So yeah, I want more solo stuff from her.
      I’ve never listened to Lorde whatsoever, so I have no idea what her voice sounds like… But if it’s like Lim Kim’s I’d probably like it!

  3. Also, although it receives a lot of love from like mid-aged noona fans, I think that Boohwal’s Remember (or “Thought”) should also receive some more love, especially from the younger kpop crowd~

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