Kpop Scandals of 2014

This has been a shitty year for kpop. Yes, the music’s been pretty good, but the scandals… not so good. This will be me listing five of the biggest things that have happened in kpop this year, and giving you my thoughts on them. Yes, I will probably have missed some scandal that you think is more important, but since there has been so many, you really can’t blame me. So here we go! In the order of their occurrence, here are the five biggest (maybe, the year still isn’t done with) scandals in kpop this year!

Kris Leaving EXO

SM is one messed up company, and this year has proven that. I first heard about Kris leaving while on a school trip when one of my friends, who wasn’t on the trip, texted me to ask if I’d heard, and if it was true. I, and another friend who was with me, immediately took to the internet, and found out that yes, indeed, Kris had filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. We were floored, and we still kind of are. I wasn’t around during JYJ and Hangeng’s lawsuits, so this is the first real kpop lawsuit I’ve experienced.

In my mind, EXO will always be twelve. I’ll always miss Kris, and selfishly wish for him to come back to us. But I’m glad he’s doing what he wants to do. SM must be one shitty company to work for, and I guess Kris decided that it isn’t worth it. That doesn’t make him any stronger nor any weaker than the rest of the members that stayed, he just chose differently. It was a little mean to the other members to leave right before their first big concert, but I’m sure he had his reasons.

I stand firmly on Kris’s side, and on the side of the remaining members. This isn’t a war where we have to choose a side, this is just a case of people prioritizing differently. Kris decided that the perks of being under SM weren’t worth the hardships, while the other members decided that they were. Nothing more.

Baekhyun and Taeyeon Dating

Dating scandals are the most ridiculous scandals of all. Yes, it might feel like a disappointment that your bias isn’t dating you, I get that. When my ultimate bias Jonghyun was caught dating Shin Se Kyung, I was far from happy. But I didn’t bash him whatsoever, and I didn’t bash her either. Did I secretly hate her a little because she got what I wanted? Yes. But I did nothing that could hurt either one of them. So when people react to dating scandals like whiny rude babies, it pisses me off.

If Baekhyun and Taeyeon are dating, good for them! Baekhyun always said that Taeyeon was his ideal type, so if he managed to snag his ideal girl, that means there’s hope for us all! Except that he’s also a super attractive kpop star… Sigh.

There’s something fishy about this dating scandal though. It was revealed quickly after Kris’s departure, and SM didn’t even try to deny it. Taeyeon was the fourth of the Girls’ Generation members to go public with a relationship, so that’s not very surprising. But SM not even trying to deny that one of the absurdly popular EXO boys is dating? And that quickly after debut? That’s suspicious if you ask me. I’m not sure if Taeyeon and Baekhyun are dating, and SM just decided to confirm it at a good time so people would forget about the lawsuit they were facing, or if it’s all just a sham. Either way, I hope they’re happy. Baekhyun and Taeyeon that is, not SM.

Kim Hyun Joong’s Assault Case

Kim Hyun Joong assaulted his girlfriend. There’s no doubt about it now, since he has admitted it himself. And that pisses me off. Even if it was only that one time, as he claims, that’s still one time too many. Hitting a partner, or anyone for that matter, is just something you don’t do. I’ve been a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong ever since I watched Boys Over Flowers (the second drama I ever watched) and this makes me feel so stupid. Because I thought he was better than this! I thought he was someone very close to my ideal type, and I feel cheated on.

This does not mean that I’ll never look at Kim Hyun Joong again though. Yes, it is hard for me to look at him or listen to his music right now, but if he takes whatever punishment he gets and takes it well, I’ll start thinking about forgiving him. Almost everyone deserves a second chance, and so does he. I’m going to have to stay mad at him for a while more though, I’m nowhere near the forgiving stage.

Ladies’ Code’s Car Accident

This is the most traumatic thing that’s happened in kpop this year, maybe ever, and it’s something I’ve already written a little about.  It’s something none of us truly believed could happen, and when it did, I think it hit us all hard, no matter if we were big fans of Ladies’ Code or not. The kpop world lost two lovely girls, and the entire kpop fandom (except for some really shitty people) came together to mourn them. It was really a beautiful thing to see. I was never a huge fan of Ladies’ Code, and especially didn’t know EunB and Rise well at all, yet their deaths hit me hard. May they rest in peace, may we think of them with joy instead of with grief, and may the kpop industry learn from this.


Jessica Leaving Girls’ Generation

This is the most recent bomb to hit the kpop community, and it still hasn’t really sunk in for me. It seems that Jessica had been planning to quit as a member of Girls’ Generation next spring, but the company thought that she was too focused on her personal life and decided to kick her out now. Those personal affairs seem to be mainly the start of her own fashion line, but there might also be a wedding coming up.

Jessica was my first ever kpop bias, so watching her leave is not easy at all for me. Just as with Kris though, I’ll be standing firm both on Jessica’s side, and on the side of the remaining members. It might very well be so that Jessica prioritized other things over being a member of Girls’ Generation, but I don’t think that makes it okay for SM to kick her out without any notice. I hope she does get married to this Tyler Kwon figure, if that’s what she wants, and then starts an amazing fashion line, and her own entertainment company. That would be ideal. And then Hangeng, JYJ and Kris can come join. And Heechul can defect and come help. And SHINee should come too, just so that they’ll get away from the madness that is SM. They’re one of the few groups under SM that haven’t lost any members, and I mean to keep it that way! And Tyler Kwon with all his money and power seems quite the perfect husband for Jessica if we want this all to work out. So stop denying that you’re getting married and just do it already!

There you have it! I was asked to give my opinion on the whole Jessica situation, so I did. And since I didn’t know what to write today, I decided to turn that into a list, albeit a very short one. Let me know what you think about these different scandals, and about kpop scandals in general!

If you have any comments, suggestions or requests for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week then leave a comment, send me an ask on tumblr or email me at!

– Admin A


17 thoughts on “Kpop Scandals of 2014

  1. I wrote a post on my blog for all of those topics except for Kim Hyung Joong, not a fan of him so I skipped it.
    I’ll link them all here, you’re welcome read them if you’re interested! XD

    Kris leaving:

    Baekhyun Taeyeon dating:

    Ladies Code:

    Jessica leaving:

  2. Thanks for writing about this! I’m not sure how I feel about jessica and SNSD. My respect for SNSD has dropped a bit. even if SM was pressuring SNSD to kick out jessica, since they were all friends for 15 YEARS I expected better from them. I expected them to put up a fight with sm but instead they dropped jessica in a flash over a phone call and instead of trying to get their friend back, they are obeying their slave driving company, SM and crying because crying TOTALLY solves everything. I’m just disappointed in them. Seriously, 15 years of training, debuting together and performing together but they won’t even try to get Jessica back? Idk who’s at fault but IF jessica did focus on other things and didn’t have SNSD as her main priority, the other 8 members seriously couldn’t sit down with her and talk it out?? It just really pisses me off. I don’t want to take sides but I just wished that SNSD would’ve tried harder. Can’t believe Sm and SNSD kicked out such a popular member. I was never a huge fan of Jessica, in fact she was one of my least favorite members compared to the others but still, This is heartbreaking. Years of blood, sweat, tears, hardships, injuries, etc with each other. Was their bond really that weak? If they fought back against SM, SM would’ve thoguht it over again, I doubt that if they fought back, SM would fire all them when SNSD is the biggest girl grouo in the world and their main money maker. The girls should’ve tried harder. I’m just so frustrated and sad 😦 but oh well. Due to the news of Jessica leaving, the fans are FURIOUS. SM’s stock dropped (69 billion won) 69 million USA dollars. I hope they open their eyes and see the mistake they made. Good thing is, it’s all coming into the light now. People are finally realizing what a crappy company SM is.

    1. yeah SM IS a shitty company but they are shrewd in business. i highly doubt this drop will be permanent and will affect the whole enterprise (including all their diversities) that much. the SM group is too big & well diversified to crash just because of this.

      and of course, they still have several groups that has notoriously loyal and crazily huge fandoms to more than make up for the loss.

      sad reality but true nonetheless.

      1. Yeah, that’s what sucks so bad. If we really want to make them see how bad they are, I guess we all just have to stop buying SM merchandise… And convincing all fans to do that is easier said than done.

    2. This year in general has really shown us what a shitty company SM really is… And while I am a bit disappointed in the rest of the girls, we can’t really know if they did fight back or not. Maybe we’re overestimating how much they could do. Or not, it’s very hard to tell. I feel very bad for Jessica though.

  3. i feel you on Jonghyun’s “dating scandal”. it made a huge, HUGE impact on my relationship with the group now (wow. “relationship”. hahaha). i am not as “into” them after that as i was before and it kind of stayed like that until now (partly also because EXO came into the picture) but as i have always said, SHINee will always be special to me since i was able to see how they grew from their overly sweaty debut perf to the high-seasoned pros that they are now.

    i’m torn about the Jessica thing. she isn’t my bias (Queen Hyo is) but i am a huge fan of her style. i am sad that i won’t be seeing much of her airport fashions anymore. i am not taking any sides because i think both parties have grounds for their actions but which side has more valid claims? that is up to individual opinion. the truth is, Jessica will have alot more to loose with this (SM’s stocks dropping will be temporary. they are too big, too expanded and too diversified of a company to crash just because of this drop). SM will still have 8 members and while GG’s popularity will wane considerably, they will still no doubt sell out concerts, deal CFs and do dramas/variety while Jessica’s company just took off from the ground and has not even had strong foundations yet. if worse comes to worse and the BLANC fails, she could face up to millions in debts and damages.

    and don’t even get me started on Tyler Kwon. he maybe a CEO and rich but that’s about it. that guy’s history is basically negative (he is infamous is Hong Kong). if he really is a changed man for Jessica then well and good but i haven’t seen enough of the “positive” to change my mind about him. he is basically to GG as to Yoko was to the Beatles (aka NOT good).

    i hope things will turn out better (than what it is now) for all parties involved. but ultimately, i hope one day they get a chance to have lunch together and just laugh about all the things that are happening now.

    1. Yes, Jessica definitely took a big risk. I just hope it all works out for her… And yes, I know that Tyler has a slightly shady reputation, and might even be using Jessica for his own gain. I just really hope he isn’t. If he is, and he dumps Jessica and leaves her abandoned with basically nothing, I will hunt him down. No one messes with the ice princess!

  4. SM is the worst. Jessica gave a decade of her life to that company and that group, and she got booted out just like that. If they wanted her gone, at least do a graduation concert and let the fans adjust to the idea. I don’t trust a word SM says about the situation. If this was the first time a member left an SM group, maybe, but it isn’t. It’s the second time this year alone, and of course there is the history of TVXQ’s split, members leaving Super Junior, and the whole thing with Sulli just dropping out of f(x)’s promotions early and then the whole promotion itself getting scrapped after just a few weeks. SM seriously sucks as an agency. I can’t buy the excuse Jessica was missing events. I’m just a casual fan of SNSD, but even I’ve seen tons of events where Yoona was missing to film a drama, or other members had other commitments.

    This seems to be the year of Kpop bands dropping members: EXO, SNSD, Hello Venus, 9Muses, Fiestar…and there might be more I’m forgetting.

    1. Yeah, SM is a shitty company. I tend to not trust whatever they say on any matter. When Kris was leaving we couldn’t even trust what the other members were writing on SNS, since it was obvious that SM had taken control over that as well. Bad company, bad!

      This has been a shitty year for kpop. The music’s been good, but we’re losing so many people.

    1. Well. Damn. SM what the fucking hell?! You’re letting this boy work so much he gets so sick he has to leave?! I’m so pissed. (But thanks for letting me know! I hadn’t seen this before)

  5. I was right 😕 Luhan is leaving. Saw it coming though. My EXO bias and I’m pretty sure he’s my ultimate bias 😦 At least Sm’s horrible tactics are coming into the light. In 15 MINUTES after news broke out that Luhan filed a lawsuit against Sm, SM’s stock dropped 39 million USD (IN 15 minutes !) SM is now behind YG. But then of course, combining this with Jessica’s news, their stock is gonna drop A TON. Luhan was probably the most popular member and now that he left because sm’s “unfair” treatment, and he wants to be with his family, etc. Just wait a couple of weeks, their stock is gonna flop lol. Sm released a BS statement saying how this was “a shock” and they learned about this through Luhan’s lawyer. They knew. Luhan gave them a time and date but they wouldnt let him leave so he took it public. I just hate how everyone called Wu Yifan a traitor and treated him badly, but with Luhan, who is leaving for many of the same reasons, everyone’s on his side and supporting him (which I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s so unfair about what happened to Wu Yifan). I wonder whose going to leave next? 😦

    1. Yeah, you were. This just sucks. Luhan is my EXO-M bias, and I don’t want to see him go, but I’ll support him fully in this. It does piss me off how many of the people who called Kris a traitor are now supporting Luhan… Fake fans much? -.- And SM is just an awful company. I’m so afraid something will happen to my ultimate bias group SHINee :/

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