Review of Nasty Nasty, T-ARA, 2PM, Teen Top, Girls’ Generation-TTS, Song Ji Eun, Ailee and BTOB

I haven’t written a review for three full weeks (sorry!) so there’s a lot that’s happened in kpop that I’ve missed. So I’m doing a round-up review of the interesting songs and videos that have come out over these three weeks. We’ve had some heavy comebacks, and kpop right now for sure ain’t boring. We’ve got a new sub-unit, an old one coming back, a few crazy boy groups, a couple of great female soloists and one great girl group. This is the longest multi-group review I’ve ever written, since I’ve only ever featured 6 and 5 groups before, respectively. But all these people deserve to be talked about, so I will.

Nasty Nasty – Knock


When I first saw this video and heard the song, I didn’t find it special at all. I’m a fan of Troublemaker, but the similarities between them and this trio didn’t make me love Nasty Nasty, nor hate on them. It just didn’t interest me.

But then I watched the dance practice, and after that this song was playing in the back of my mind on an endless repeat, so I just had to download it. Now I really like it. It’s not amazing, but it’s smooth and sexy, and I like that.

I think this was a clever way of introducing us to Sojin, before her actual debut. Kevin and Kyungri are both established acts, so this brought attention to Sojin but not overly so, like it would have if this was just a duo between her and Kevin. Sojin didn’t blow me away here, but it did get me to notice her, and when she does debut I’ll be watching.

I’m not a big fan of ZE:A, and I therefore didn’t know who Kevin was before I saw this. But I’ll remember him now, that’s for sure. His masculine (and sexy!) voice blended really nicely with the softer voices of the girls, and I really think he was the star of this unit.

Kyungri’s the only member of 9MUSES that I really know, and she was one of the reasons that I checked this unit out. She didn’t blow me away, but I think she did sexy a lot more naturally than Sojin did. Sojin’s a stunning girl, and she was most certainly sexy, but Kyungri was something special.

Okay, let’s talk plot… I was sure I had it figured out until Sojin was replaced by Kyungri in the end. What does that make this video mean? I thought it was about Kevin cheating on Kyungri, since they aren’t happy, with sweet and happy Sojin. But I guess not.

The lyrics are most unhelpful when it comes to understanding the plot. But we did get this very deep and poetic line from Kevin:

Skärmavbild 2014-09-30 kl. 16.09.39

That better mean what I think it does.

T-ARA – Sugar Free


Guys, how good is this? Answer: really good. Really really good. This is exactly what I want from T-ARA, and more. This might be pushing it, but this might be my favorite single from them ever. It’s that good.

All the girls looked so incredibly good (especially Hyomin) and even Boram managed to convince me, for the first time ever, that she’s a grown and very sexy woman. They just look great, I have no styling complaints whatsoever.

The dance is awesome. T-ARA’s dances are supposed to have a fairly simple and catchy hook that’s easy for people to imitate, and this might be the simplest one yet. I mean, even I can sway my hips like that!

The beat though… wow. Great. This whole song is so great that there’s really not much to say about it. It’s such a T-ARA beat!

Oh, and Hyomin… I still haven’t forgiven you for your terrible rap in “Number 9”, but you did redeem yourself a little in this one, and your mini rap was dope.

I’ve always been told that Soyeon’s a great singer, and I’ve seen it in other songs she’s sung, but this is the first T-ARA single I really heard it in. I’m glad she got to sing that chorus more or less by herself, because it sounded really good.

I quite like the lyrics. Lyrical deepness isn’t exactly what I go to T-ARA for (I mean, we all remember “YaYaYa”) but these were kind of clever. Liking the sweetness in a relationship to actual sugar, and complaining about the relationship now being sugar free isn’t something I’ve heard before, and that’s always good.

2PM – Go Crazy


These guys are idiots and here’s our proof. While I don’t love this song, I do think it’s pretty good. It grows on me more and more by each listen, and I have downloaded it.

Jun.K is one of my favorite members of 2PM, so I was happy to hear that he’d written the lyrics for this song. Idols wanting to contribute to their output in any way is a good thing to me.

I love this dance. It’s so stupid, but so great.

I like the way they did each member’s hair (especially Jun.K’s red hair. Damn.) but what in the hell were they wearing? Especially Nichkhun and Wooyoung, that just looked ridiculous.

Jun.K always sounds good, but, and I don’t know if it was because it’s his song, he sounded extra great here. Oh, and Junho sounded great, as usual.

Taecyeon is hot, and his bad yet somehow kind of good rapping is awesome. Especially when there’s some English in there.

The lyrics are all about how you should party and go crazy, so nothing unexpected there.

Teen Top – Missing


Okay, first plot: C.A.P and L.Joe were bros, who hanged out together with C.A.P’s girlfriend, whom L.Joe is also in love with. C.A.P is kind of a wild child though, and cheats on his girlfriend which she finds out about. I don’t know if it’s guilt over cheating, or just bad habits in general that leads to this, but C.A.P then dies from some sort of drugs or alcohol caused event. C.A.P’s girlfriend is a mess after that, and L.Joe tries to comfort her, but doesn’t know how to help her. I love that they showed L.Joe break down in the end, and have the girl make the first move, to really show that L.Joe was struggling too. It wasn’t just the girl he’s in love with’s boyfriend who died, it was also his friend. Also, how good was L.Joe’s acting? I’m impressed.

This is a good song, for sure. It isn’t mind-blowing, but it’s catchy, yet very pretty. I adore Niel’s intro, even though his English isn’t the most stable.

I really like Changjo’s singing, and it’s too bad he didn’t get to sing more here. Chunji and Niel both sound good, their more high-pitched voices suit this song very well. And C.A.P just milked that rap!

I’m very pleased with the combination of song and video here, it’s all very well packaged.

Niel looks amazing, C.A.P looks smoking as always, and Changjo’s grown into such a man. Everyone’s styling is good, nothing to complain about. Plus, I want Chunji’s jacket.

The lyrics aren’t really connected to the plot in the video, which is a shame, and more of a classic story of a guy wanting his girl back after a breakup. It isn’t bad at all, but I wish it had been more interesting.

Oh, and when C.A.P says:

Skärmavbild 2014-09-30 kl. 17.00.38

He better have been referring to himself only, because there’s no one else in that group who could even try to pass for a bad boy.

Girls’ Generation-TTS – Holler


This song bothers me, because it has such potential. The girls look incredible, they sound great and the majority of this song is really good. But I just can’t get into that chorus. It sounds slightly jarring to me, and I don’t think it fits the rest of the song. It’s such a shame!

Taeyeon was made to sing this kind of stuff. Some of her parts in the verses just blew me away. The other two sound very good too, of course, but Taeyeon’s something special.

I really like Tiffany’s rap part. I know, it’s Girls’ Generation and it’s rap so it should be awful, but I really like it! Now if only that chorus was better…

They look stunning. They all have great hair, and no matter how ridiculous what they’re wearing really is, I still like it somehow.

Okay, I give up, I’ll download it. This song is growing on me so much right now that I guess I have to.

The lyrics are about letting go, taking a risk and following them into some secret magic land. Sounds good to me. When are we going?

Song Ji Eun – Don’t Look At Me Like That


I’m so in love with this. Jieun, my bias in Secret, gave me a song about equality. A song that questions why some think love isn’t okay. I don’t think Jieun’s ever outright said it, but after releasing a song like this I will assume that she is for LGBT rights. That might be wrong, and she might be referring to some other sort of forbidden love, but I see this as a reasonable interpretation. And I respect her more for it.

This song is beautiful. The repeated questions sound haunting and almost childish in their pureness and confusion. Jieun really can’t see what they did wrong, since all they did was love. I love it!

Jieun being sold in the video is a clear way to show how the others see her than less than a human, she’s a freak to be put on sale. Relieving her of her humanity in this way makes the message even clearer. Jieun sings that she’ll be herself, no matter what, and that’s what I think the ending means. She’ll stand strong, and those that oppose her love will perish, and she’ll walk free.

Jieun looks stunning in the video, as she always does. It’s a stunning song and a stunning video from a stunning girl. I couldn’t be happier.

Ailee – Don’t Touch Me


Are her outfits on point in this video or what? She looks amazing!

Ailee’s one of my favorite singers in kpop, I find her voice to be just amazing. But this song wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. Don’t get me wrong, Ailee was still great in it, but the song itself feels a little long somehow. It’s not at all boring, yet it somehow is. It doesn’t make sense.

I love Ailee’s little dancing! She’s not a traditional idol, and therefore hasn’t had years of dance training, which shows. But she’s so cute when she dances! And she’s way way better than I am, so.

When you look at the lyrics to this song it feels eerily similar to the lyrics to her song “U&I” from last year. Ailee! Are you still breaking up with the same guy or do you just have really bad luck with guys?

BTOB – You’re So Fly


2PM may be idiots, but they’ve got nothing on these boys. Let me see if I got this straight… They drink a potion that makes them think all ugly women are super attractive and all attractive women are super gross? Really? That’s what you’re going with? Alrighty then.

When I had first listened to this song I couldn’t remember it at all, and that’s never a good sign. I like it better now, but I still don’t think BTOB have ever released another song that’s as great as “Wow”. And they probably never will.

The dance is so cute. And dumb. I love these boys so much.

Did you see Minhyuk? Damn, he’s stunning. It isn’t just that he looks great as a platinum blonde, the haircut is also completely perfect for his face. Sungjae looks amazing as always, and Peniel looks better than I’ve ever seen him look before.

BTOB has some very solid singers in Changsub, Eunkwang, Sungjae and Hyunsik, and they all sound great. The rappers Ilhoon and Minhyuk both pulled their parts off with all the grace they normally do, and I’m glad to see Peniel get more lines. His English is so cute.

 The lyrics sadly aren’t as crazy as the video suggests, and are just about some pretty girl that they like. Not that that isn’t fine, of course.

This became kind of long. But I hope you’re cool with that! Kpop’s been busy lately, and therefore so am I.

If you have any suggestions, comments or requests for Friday’s list of the week, Sunday’s random post or next Tuesday’s review then leave a comment, send me an ask on tumblr or email me at!

– Admin A


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  1. Can you make a post about your opinion on Jessica being kicked out/forced out of Girls’ Generation? 😦 Sm is the worst company ever. I like their idols but I don’t like the company, they treat their idols unfairly.

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