The 9 Sexiest Kpop Girl Groups

As you might have noticed, there was no review this Tuesday, and here’s why: Sunday was the election which lead to me staying up late and watching the results come in, and having to be in school at 8AM the next morning, I didn’t get enough sleep. And then on Monday I and a few friends headed out to the wild to sleep, which also meant I didn’t get enough sleep. Then I spent all of Tuesday supervising the science program first-years, and even though I didn’t have to do much, it was exhausting. So I went to bed at 6PM on Tuesday, and there was no chance in hell that I’d write anything before that. So there you have it. But now I’m back!

Also, today this blog hit 50.000 views! So thanks to all you random people who read, or at least click on, my blog! It means a whole lot, and I hope that you like what I do.

Also also, what do think of the new look? Is there too much black? It was bothering me that there was a big white field to the right when you were reading so I removed the sidebars, since I don’t feel like they’re necessary. Let me know what you think!

But we’re not here to talk about any of those things! This, is about sexy kpop girl groups. Doing a “sexy concept” is something the majority of at least the lower-tier groups try at least once. Some do it basically all the time, while some only do it once, and some jump back and forth. You don’t have to be sexy all the time to be included on this list, you just have to have released at least one video that I watched and thought “Daaaaamn”. So, let’s get on with it, shall we? In no particular order, here we have the nine sexiest kpop girl groups!

1. Dalshabet


(I don’t know why this video refuses to embed itself. It worked for all the other ones, and I’m not doing anything differently! So I made it a link instead. Sigh.)

I’m not entirely sure why I find this music video so sexy. Yes, there’s some typical boobs-and-butt highlighting moves, just like in all sexy videos, but that’s not really it. This music video, dance and song all possess a sexy and confident vibe, and the girls work it. I think that’s the main thing that makes it sexy, that the girls don’t seem uncomfortable at all, because that’s often the case when groups try to go sexy.

The Sexiest: According to my googling I think her name is Kaeun, but I’m not entirely sure. I’m not familiar with the group. The one with her hair in a bob, whatever her name may be. She worked that camera.

2. Brown Eyed Girls


There’s nothing sexier than confident and ass-kicking girls, and this is all that. Brown Eyed Girls aren’t sweet little girls needing to be rescued, they’re rebels, sexy women who can handle their own business, and yours, and that’s incredibly sexy to me.

The Sexiest: Gain, for sure. Yes, Narsha worked that sand, but there’s something in Gain’s eyes that just can’t be topped.

3. f(x)


I’m not sure if this was intended to be a sexy video, but it’s for sure the sexiest thing f(x) have ever done. It’s not cookie-cutter sexy, it’s a dark sexy, which is right up my alley. While I still don’t love this song, this video is perfection.

The Sexiest: Krystal. What that girl does to me should be illegal.

4. Girl’s Day


Girl’s Day is a group that’s managed to do something many other groups have tried to do since, but never done as well, they’ve switched from having a very cute concept at debut to being one of the more well-known and well-recieved sexy groups. They pull it off better than almost all other groups, and I much prefer their sexy style to their cute style, though their latest single “Darling” was a quite amazing mix of both worlds.

The Sexiest: Minah. I don’t know how she did it with that adorable face of hers, but in this video she rocked it. Very impressive.

5. Miss A


Miss A have been sexy in different ways ever since their debut, but this is the most in-your-face sexy they’ve ever been. And they pulled it off so well that I’m almost wishing that all they ever do from now on is this sexy. Okay, not really, but they did great.

The Sexiest: I find Fei so sexy to begin with that there’s very little that she has to do to blow me away. All four girls killed it though.

6. After School


What I really like about this is that even if there are a few members in this group that aren’t very sexy naturally (I’m mainly thinking about E-Young and Raina) those girls aren’t made to push it way too far, and they therefore don’t look uncomfortable and don’t spoil the mood, so to speak. And also, yes, they’re pole dancing, which is sexy in itself, but mostly it’s just so impressive that it’s sexy for that reason. Like damn.

The Sexiest: Nana, she isn’t easy to beat when it comes to these things. Jooyeon and Jungah put up a pretty good fight though.

7. Secret


Secret are notorious swappers, known for jumping back and forth between sexy and cute concepts, and for pulling both off amazingly well. I’ve always preferred their sexy stuff, and while their latest single “I’m in Love” was plenty sexy, I still think “Poison” is the sexiest thing they’ve ever done. The dance may not be subtle, with all those spread legs and Hyosung’s amazing boob thrusts, but it is effective.

The Sexiest: Hyosung. I don’t find her the most beautiful but no matter if they do cute or sexy, she always does it the best.

8. Rania


It may not be true whatsoever, but I always think of Rania as the ones who brought sexy concept back. Regardless of if that’s true or not, this debut most certainly got people’s attention back in 2011. Not subtle in any way, not in lyrics nor in dance, these girls hold nothing back. And they do it well.

The Sexiest: I really don’t know. I’m not familiar with the group at all, and they all look way too alike in the video for me to be able to pick someone out.

9. Sistar


In my mind Sistar will always be the queens of the sexy kpop girl groups. They do sensual sexy, fun sexy, cute sexy, happy sexy and sad sexy oh so well, and it never ever feels trashy.

The Sexiest: Hyorin. That girl knows how to strut her stuff.

Let me know which kpop girl group you think’s the sexiest in the comments!

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– Admin A


8 thoughts on “The 9 Sexiest Kpop Girl Groups

  1. I would also add SNSD and Nine Muses to the list. SNSD doesn’t do provocative concepts but they have sexy attitudes, esp in Mr Mr, more like a classy attitude. and who’s the sexiest? SOOYOUNG of course!!! LOL
    As for Nine Muses, I think their dances are sexy overall, my favorite is Wild.
    Also Kyungri is soooo pretty, Nasty Nasty anyone?
    I agree Nana is the sexiest in After School, Jungnah is pretty too.

    sorry you had a busy Tuesday, hope you have a relaxing weekend!

    1. I thought about adding them but I don’t think they’re very sexy as groups. There are sexy members, for sure, but not many enough. And everyone knows Yuri’s the sexiest in Girls’ Generation! 😉
      Kyungri is stunning and very sexy, but collectively I’ve never found them that sexy.

      Haha I’ll have a busy weekend too! But it’s all good~

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