Review of Super Junior’s “Mamacita” (The Album)

Wow, kpop is slow right now! That’ll change soon, with up-coming comebacks from 2PM and Teen Top to spice things up for me, but it hasn’t been very interesting lately. So I’ve decided to review the entire “Mamacita” album! Yes, I wrote about the single and music video last week, but I’ve heard that the album’s just as fabulous, so why not? 

Track 1 – Mamacita


I think my review from last week was quite inclusive, so just go read that if you’re interested in my views on the single, and music video. Here’s a hint: It’s great.

Track 2 – Midnight Blues


This is a very smooth song. But if feels very long. Before it had even hit the three minute-mark, I felt like it had gone on forever. And that’s never a good sign. It’s a good song, but it gets a little, well, long. That’s the only way to describe it. They should have either made it shorter, or spiced it up somehow.

Track 3 – Evanesce 


This song is also good. But gets even more boring than the previous one. I can most certainly see why some people would love these two songs, but they aren’t for me. I might really enjoy them for a minute or two, but after that I get the jist and want to move on.

Track 4 – Raining Spell for Love


This is nice, but feels quite generic. So far this album isn’t really interesting me, you guys. But I’ve been told it’s really good! So I’ll stay positive.

Track 5 – Shirt

(Co-written and co-composed by Donghae)


Finally! Thank you, Donghae, for bringing me some good old Super Junior FUN! The previous songs have been a wee bit too serious for my taste, coming from Super Junior that is, and I think that’s what bores me about them. This is what I want. Some silliness, and some great catchiness! And Donghae… I’m sure she’d like you even better if you took that shirt off.

Track 6 – This Is Love


I like to think of this song as Super Junior explaining to EXO, their confused juniors, what love really is. Though that would imply that one of the Super Junior members is in love with one of the EXO members… I’m okay with that! I’ll ship it!

This is a nice song. It’s not crazy amazing, but it’s an easy listen, and the chorus is very catchy.

Track 7 – Let’s Dance


Okay, now I like where this album is going! This is funky and fun, and almost everything I want from Super Junior. It does start to feel a little too long towards the end, but not nearly as much as earlier songs, so I’ll give them a pass.

Track 8 – Too Many Beautiful Girls


This might very well be my absolute favorite track off of this album, at least so far. It’s catchy, it’s fun, and it’s the kind of song that I’d listen to while walking to the train in the morning when I’m feeling really pretty. You know, a song for one of those days when your makeup feels right, your clothes feel right, and you’re just completely at peace with how you look, and you feel pretty. This is the song for those rare, and amazing, days when it all works.

Track 9 – Mid-season


This is the song that’s impressed me the most with how well sung it is so far. I’m a bit biased though, since I’m a huge fan of songs with choruses sung by a larger number of people than two. I just really like the way it sounds, and here it’s done superbly. The second person that sings (It’s Ryeowook, right?) just kills it. Stunning.

Track 10 – Islands


I’m not really a ballad person, but this is beautiful. I’m downloading it for when I get into a ballad mood, which sometimes happen. It’s rare, but it happens, and when it does I’m going to need this song.

Final Thoughts

This is a good album. A 70% download rate is definitely alright, so I can’t complain. This is the first Super Junior album I’ve listened through completely, and I’m not disappointed! If I would recommend songs it would be “Too Many Beautiful Girls”, because it’s great, and “Shirt”, because it’s great. But in a completely different way.

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– Admin A


8 thoughts on “Review of Super Junior’s “Mamacita” (The Album)

  1. This album deserves a 100% mark, every single track is unique, full of inspiration or fun or even “confusing but still works” message
    Their ballads are what drew me to them in the first place, Islands is just one of the many beautiful melodies they came out with over the years, and I love this song, no surprise there.
    Shirt surprised me because I thought Donghae would continue his “Still You” phase, but it’s a nice change for him. I especially enjoy the live version.
    This album showcased SJ’s funky, mature yet soft and gentle sides all at once, their vocals exhumed confidence and passion, their performance proved their senior status still standing strong, and I’m just so proud of what they’ve done.

    1. Haha I know the feeling. It’s hard for me to talk “ill” of SHINee, but I try to make it fair when I write about them. I’m not sure how well I’m succeeding though.

      1. Haha yes, they do! It’s too bad that they aren’t releasing anything new in Korean this year, but at least I’ll get something new from my boys!

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