A Tribute to Ladies’ Code

As the entire kpop fandom know by now (I’m assuming), Ladies’ Code got into a car accident on September 3. Ashley and Zuny suffered milder injuries, while Sojung’s were more severe. Her condition is now stable, thankfully. But EunB passed away on the site, and today Rise also passed away, after being in a coma since the accident. This is a huge tragedy, and I’m touched to see how the majority of kpop fans are coming together to mourn these two beautiful girls, who weren’t supposed to die. The kpop world has lost two brightly shining stars, and all we can do now is to support the remaining members, and remember the ones we’ve lost. And that is what I want to do here. Ladies’ Code was never one of my favorite groups, but they were my favorite female rookies of 2013, and a group I had very high hopes for. So I want to remember the happiness they brought me, and others, not immerse myself in sadness over how it ended. So let’s look at some of the best things they’ve done in their too short career.

The Best Single


This was one of my favorite tracks from last year, and I still love it! It’s just such a cute song! The video is adorable in the best kind of way, and the way they’re styled is great. It’s a funky kind of cute, and it perfectly fits the concept of the song and video. The dance is lovely as well, so all in all this is the best single Ladies’ Code ever promoted, in my opinion.

The Best Dance


This dance has such a fabulous sassiness to it, that goes flawlessly with the song. I love the hair-flipping, Rise’s solo dance with the guy and that the moves are so big and distinct, it makes the whole thing more interesting to watch.

This song also gets some extra points because it has such relatable lyrics! I’m not sure if they’re relatable to everyone, but there are several points in there that really hit home with me.

Best Non-Singles

I haven’t been enough of a hardcore Lavely to know loads of their non-single tracks, but here are a couple that I recently found that are worth mentioning.


This song sounds like something that could be the intro track to America’s Next Top Model, and I love it! I haven’t been able to find a video with the English lyrics, but the English parts alone are enough for this song to be highly motivating. Hell yeah, I’ll let my Super Girl come out!


I’m a big fan of the jazzy type of kpop, so this is just great. Sojung’s voice sounds amazing, and all the girls sound really good. I also really like it when idols sing songs about being idols, which is what the girls are doing here.


I’m not the type to easily cry, and I almost cried while listening to this song just now. EunB, Rise, I promise that I’ll think of you and smile sometimes. You won’t be forgotten.

I know this isn’t a very long post, but I’m running out of words over here. There’s so much that I want to say, but I just can’t find the way to express it. So I’ll just say this: May Kwon Ri Se and Go Eun Bi rest in peace, may their family, friends and the other members find a way to deal with their loss, and may their fans, and the entire kpop community, find joy in the memories of what these lovely girls brought us.

– Admin A


6 thoughts on “A Tribute to Ladies’ Code

  1. Knowing the group or not a fan of the group isn’t the issue, this is someone’s life being taken away in the most terrifying way. And as decent human beings, we should honor their memories and always remember their presence because we’re all humans.
    EunB and RiSe, your beautiful faces will always be remembered by the entire kpop community, may you rest well in heaven. Goodbye angels.

    1. I didn’t think it was. But thanks for clarifying! It does upset me too when people complain about this getting to much attention, saying they don’t care about this group etc. It just makes them look dumb.

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