Sorry, Not Sorry

Sorry guys (and Leo) but I ain’t writing anything real today. I’m just going to snuggle up in bed, eat candy and watch America’s Next Top Model. Why you ask? Well. High school sucks, and I’m tired. But I’ll be back on Sunday!


10 thoughts on “Sorry, Not Sorry

  1. Girl, don’t apologize, it’s your blog and you’re free to write or not write.
    I love ANTM too!! I’ve been a fan since cycle one but I stopped watching when the mixed gender thing started, should go back and start watching again, I do miss it.
    BTW, the drama version of MAMACITA is out, unfortunately the plot didn’t match yours, but i still love your version very much.
    hope you’re having a great weekend, senior year high school (God that was so long ago) should be fun!! lol

    1. Yeah, I know. But I feel like I should stick to the established schedule.
      Haha really? I’m trying to watch all the way through all the cycles right now. I’m about halfway through the 15th one, damn there’s a lot of them!
      Yes, I saw it! Sadly it didn’t really match my plot, but it was an amazingly fabulous video nonetheless!
      Haha I’m just so tired… But I’m sure it’ll be fun! How old are you by the way?

      1. I rarely watch reality shows but ANTM is really good, and I love Tyra lol.
        Glad you like the video, SJ said they might make another version themselves, we’ll see XD.

        Sorry I’m not going to reveal my age, definitely older than you, still in my 20s… and that is all HAHA

    1. I’m more attached to the girls in the cycles 3 to about 10, just because I’ve seen them more times. Nnenna Agba from cycle 6 is one of my absolute favourite girls, she’s amazingly stunning. But I always liked Shandi too!

  2. I hope you’ll post a review on Super Junior’s Mammacita (Drama ver) when you start posting again!! (: it’s hilarious and adorable

    1. It’s amazing! But since I’ve already written a review of “Mamacita” it feels like a wee bit of an overkill to write one for the drama version as well. There are other groups that deserve attention! 😉

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