Review of BTS’s Album “Dark & Wild”

I was so insanely fired up for this comeback. And while I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed, I was expecting a more hard-hitting single. So now I’m giving the album a try, to try to find that super insanely good track that I want from BTS. This is the first time I’m listening through this album, so if you haven’t yet listened to it either, let’s do it together! 

Track 1 – Intro: What Am I to You


This is the track from the trailer, and it’s quite very good. It’s not amazingly catchy, and just purely rap, which isn’t totally my style, but I appreciate all the work obviously put into this. I love the progression in both Rap Monster’s rapping, the sound of the music, and the lyrics, it makes it all way more interesting. Most songs have the same message from start to finish, and I’m glad this one doesn’t.

Track 2 – Danger


Okay, first let’s talk about that intro… Rap Monster’s writing lyrics (I’m assuming), Suga’s playing basketball, J-Hope’s doing some wicked dancing, Jungkook’s playing the piano (which isn’t very badass, just saying) and Jimin’s boxing (he actually has a pretty good punch). And what are V and Jin doing? Jin is… doing absolutely nothing. I understand that the point was for him to look pretty, but really? And V is melodramatically cutting his hair. I’m sorry, but that’s a wee bit silly.

While I do not think this song is as great and catchy as their previous tracks, it’s still pretty darn good. The more I hear it, the more I like it. J-Hope and Jimin really shone here, and V really utilized that insane range of his and went low, which I love when he does.

I could have written a review for this song and video alone, if I didn’t find this video to be quite uninteresting. There really isn’t much to say about it except for “they look so hot!”. Which they do. I also don’t think the lyrics are that amazingly interesting, though they aren’t bad.

One thing I really loved in BTS’s first three singles “No More Dream”, “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2” and “N.O” was that they all had some really distinct dance moves. “No More Dream” had Jungkook lifting Jimin and Jimin running on the other members’ backs, “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2” had the J-Hope/Jimin/Jungkook trio of awesome and “N.O” had the ninja fight. But, sadly, “Boy In Luv” and “Danger” don’t have anything like that. It’s a shame. The dancing is still pretty awesome though.

Track 3 – Hormone War


I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. Having seen a billion gifs of these guys acting really awkward around girls, and even seeing their awkward butts live, I can not take this seriously at all. I literally laughed out loud due to some of these lyrics.

That does not mean that I don’t like the song though! It’s an instantly catchy and fun song, and I will for sure be downloading it.

Track 4 – Hip Hop Lover


A nice track about the passion (I’m assuming) the guys are feeling for hip hop. I’m not crazy about it, but it is good. The chorus is catchy, and the rapping is solid. I also love the references to rappers both Korean and foreign. (They mentioned my girl CL!) It feels honest, and like they truly mean it.

Track 5 – Let Me Know


This in every way feels like a filler to me. It’s not bad, it just isn’t interesting. It also left me highly confused as to what it is they want her to let them know.

Track 6 – Rain


This is the kind of song that I feel would be perfect background music, but that I don’t want to actively listen to. It’s just too slow and calming for that. It’s a nice song, and I even heard a little SHINee-esqueness in the parts that weren’t rap. And coming from me, that can only be a compliment.

Track 7 -BTS Cypher Pt.3: Killer (feat. Supreme Boi)


Kill it! The rap line just blew me away in this song, and that’s really all I can say about it. I also fangirled more than I’m willing to admit when my bias mentioned Stockholm. That’s where I saw them live, so I’m really thrilled that they mentioned it. Really solid rap track, that I will for sure be downloading.

Track 8 – Interlude: What Are You Doing


This was a nice beat. But it was under a minute long and basically no singing! What was the point of this precisely?

Track 9 – Can You Turn Off Your Phone


This is a cute and sweet song that’s easy to like. It’s all about how the information age has lead to more communication, but also more silence. It’s not exactly something that hasn’t been discussed before, but I do think this is the first time I’ve heard a song on that theme.

Track 10 – Blanket Kick


Yet another sweet and likable song. The idea of being pissed at yourself for always acting weird around the person you like is something most of us can relate to, I’m sure. I mean, I’m weird in general. But when I’m trying to get someone to like me I act absolutely insane.

Track 11 – 24/7 = Heaven


A song with really adorable lyrics about feeling nervous before a first date, but that isn’t very interesting to listen to. It feels filler to me.

Track 12 – Look Here


So far this is one of my absolute favorite tracks off of this album. It’s catchy, it’s fun and it’s all in all great. Rap Monster’s rap towards the end is just amazing. Wow. Love love love.

Track 13 – Second Grade


This is a carefree song about the fact that they’re now idols in the “second grade”, since they’ve passed one year since their debut. It’s a nice song, with some catchiness to it. Nice song, I’m pleased.

Track 14 – Outro: Does That Make Sense?


This is a BTS version of the mandatory ballad, and it doesn’t do it for me. Not a very interesting song at all. It only features Jimin, V, Jin and Jungkook, and while I have nothing whatsoever against those guys, it’s really the rap line, and mainly Rap Monster, that really make BTS’s music for me. So a song without them is a wee bit boring. Sorry, guys.

Final Thoughts

I’m pleased with this album, but I’m not blown away. Out of the 14 tracks on the album, 8 have been put up for downloading. That’s a fairly good percentage, but it isn’t incredible. If I was going to recommend some songs for you, it would be “Hormone War”, for sheer ridiculousness, “Cypher Pt.3 Killer”, for killer rapping, and “Look Here”, for overall awesomeness.


What do you think about this album, and this comeback in general? Let me know in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Review of BTS’s Album “Dark & Wild”

  1. I’m really proud of BTS with this album. They worked really hard on it. I liked that you actually gave good critiques instead of what some so called “fans” have been saying lately.

    Those “fans” comment on “Danger” MV and complain about how the BTS members are dressed, how they look, how they liked “Boy in Luv” better, and how BTS was trying to hard to act “Gangster” etc.

    And it pisses me off because most of those ARMYs are the ones that came into the BTS fandom during the Boy in Luv era. I’ve been with them since day 1 (literally, since predebut 😊) and it makes me mad 😡😤 that instead of those “fans” listening to the music, reading the lyrics, etc, they only focus on their looks. BTS has been through so much, going from zero to where they are now. I’m really loving this album (although I agree that some songs didn’t blow me away at first).

    My fave songs are: “What am I to you” Rap mon KILLED it(: “Danger” “24/7” “Look here” and although “War of Hormone” is indeed a bit silly, it’s still insanely catchy to me lol 😂

    1. I’m glad! I never censor myself, but there is always good and bad, and I try to notice both.

      People are complaining about how they look? I thought they looked really good… Am I missing something?

      Wow, since before their debut? I don’t think there’s any group I’ve known for that long… I have known BTS since their debut, and liked them all along, though.

      “War of Hormone” is ridiculous. And I love it! 😂

  2. Yes, since before their debut. I’m one of “those” kpop fans that likes to find out about groups that haven’t had their debut yet or groups that aren’t as popular and if I like them enough, I start supporting them and become a fan. One of the groups I’m REALLY excited for and have been supporting since they were announced (besides WINNER lol) is a group called Seventeen (: they’re supposed to debut later this year or early next year I believe. They have a youtube channel so you should check them out if you haven’t already. They’re a 17 member boy group but at the moment they only have 14 members (although some members have not been confirmed yet because they are still trainees at the moment so the member line up could change at anytime.) They all have the *average* age of 17. They’re a Pledis group.

    1. But how do you find out about groups that have not yet debuted? I always find out about them right around their debut, or later. WINNER being an exception, of course.

      And I have heard about Seventeen! I’m expecting their debut.

  3. And sadly yes some people are comparing about how they look. They’re saying that BTS is trying to hard to dress “gangster” and all that. It’s upsetting because this has always been their kinda style.

  4. Sometimes, small or big companies release information or news about new groups. They might release trailers, pictures, etc. The groups might have videos or maybe even a tv show ( like how seventeen has one). Sometimes if you look around/dig around hard enough, you’ll find out about a lot of groups before their debut. I’ve been an “EXO-L” since predebut after sm announced about them and after their individual teasers were released (: I guess you just need to have good timing and keep an eye out. Occasionally here and there, you’ll discover some hidden gems.

    1. That’s true. Groups never really manage to interest me enough to pay that much attention before they’ve released any music though. I just don’t know why I should watch an entire show based around a group before I know if they’re going to be any good. It feels like I’d be setting myself up for a disappointment.

  5. This is a nice review 🙂 One correction though, in the song Hip Hop Lover, I think Rap Monster was referring to the American rapper CL Smooth.

  6. i honestly think this album was great. looking at every track, i think this has the most originality, sincereness, and funkiness of beats i’ve seen in full albums recently. i mean, sure their title track could have been more BANG but i’ve found many jewels in this album.
    i kind of find this comeback to be like, growth. in this cypher, jhope’s improved and slayed remarkably(dayum), jin and rapmon’s dancing have jumped standards from those dancemonster days, suga’s having his hand in production, jungkook’s going from cute fetus to mature-looking still-fetus, and v’s kind of a little bit more mellowed, which i don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing or not. jimin’s clearly happier and more confident now, and his singing lines are gahhhhh.

    1. It’s been a while since I wrote this by now, and only a few of these songs have stood the test of time and remained on my phone. So while it wasn’t a bad album, it didn’t blow me away. I definitely see growth in the members, just as you said, but that doesn’t mean the songs are necessarily better than their earlier stuff. The single grew on me quite a lot though, so that’s always something! War of Hormone is insanely amazing, and I don’t laugh out loud every time I read the lyrics nowadays…

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