Kpop Songs For Summer

Summer is now in full swing, and to celebrate that it was absurdly hot today (I mean, come on! This is Sweden!) I will share some of my favorite kpop songs for summer with you all. This list ended up being kind of long though, so I’ll be doing half of it today, and half of it next week. So let’s go! (Also: They’ll be in alphabetical order, so the numbers really don’t mean much)

1. Gain’s “Bloom”


Tons of flowers and pastel colors in the video, and a sweet and airy song about sex and love. It all just feels summery to me! The whole look of the video makes me think of spring and summer, and I mean, who doesn’t want that great summer romance? I know I do.

2. Miss A’s “Breathe” 


This was one of Miss A’s earliest tracks and it is (thankfully) the furthest they’ve gone into cute territory. This song is fun and so is the dance and the video. It’s hard not to feel happy while listening to this song or watching this video, and that’s exactly what I want for summer: happiness.

3. Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop!”


This song came out during my summer break between 8th and 9th grade, and it was my jam for the entirety of that summer. I had never heard of Hyuna before, nor of 4Minute, so this was my first little glimpse of that. (It was also the first time I saw Joon, but that’s a different story) It’s a very fun and catchy song, no matter what you think of the video. There are some outfits in there I would for sure rock if only I was in better shape though.

4. Girls’ Generation & 2PM’s “Cabi Song”


I know this was just made for a commercial. But this is an insanely summery song and video! It’s also insanely motivating when it comes to working out… I will get a body like Yoona’s and then I’ll date a guy like Taecyeon! Damn, I should go work out.

5. Girl’s Day’s “Darling”


Does this video annoy me? Yes. Aegyo in general isn’t my cup of tea, and this type of it is the worst. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is a lovely song for summer! It’s fun, breezy and happy, which is just what I want.

6. Sunny Hill’s “Darling of All Hearts”


This song has the sound and the look of exactly what I want for summer. Their outfits are great too, and the lyrics are something I (and a lot of people, probably) can relate to.

7. 2NE1’s “Falling in Love”


Was I slightly disappointed when this song came out? Yes. As a Blackjack, this isn’t really what I want from 2NE1. But since getting over that shock (and realizing with the help from their latest album that they’re still the 2NE1 I know and love) I have realized that this is one goddamn cute song for summer! Summer is the time for a summer love, and this helps me pretend that I’ve got that.

8. Koyote’s “Hollywood”


This song never fails at making me smile. It might very well be the one on here that most of you haven’t heard, because Koyote really doesn’t get enough love. Especially among international fans, I don’t think I’ve heard them mentioned even once. They’re an old group, and one of very few co-ed groups out there. And they just bring such fun!

9. f(x)’s “Hot Summer”


How could I not put this song on here? f(x) have always been a summer group, and this is their most summery track. And they have a pink tank in the video! How could you not love that?

10. Akdong Musician’s “I Love You”


This duo, and this song, is just too damn cute! They’re precious, and must be protected from all evil. This was the first song I ever heard from them, and it’s just lovely. You can’t not smile while watching this video.

11. Junsu’s “Incredible” 


This song and video is summer. Junsu kills the dancing, and the whole thing is just so fun and colorful! Just like summer’s supposed to be.

12. Kahi’s “It’s Me”


This might not be the most stereotypical summer track, but it’s perfect for my summers. I tend to take a lot of walks in general, but that’s of course amplified in the summer. And this is exactly the kind of song that I like to have in my ears while walking. Fun and catchy, but not overly so.

13. T-ARA N4’s “Jeon Won Diary” 


Whoever decided to put my three favorite members of T-ARA in the same subunit: thank you! Now if only they’d only be more active, I could just follow T-ARA N4… This entire song is great, I love the chorus and I’m very happy that they included Taewoon. His rapping is great, and he deserves more attention. My girls look stunning as well, just saying.

14. Wonder Girls’s “Like This” 


One of the most classic kpop summer tracks in my books. It was released in summer, and it has that fun and cheery vibe that I think we all look for in a summer track. It’s also the last track Wonder Girls released before starting to lose their members, so it holds some sentimental value to many people, I’m sure.


Wow, this is the most heavily girl-biased post I’ve ever written! Out of the 14 tracks on here, only 4 have guys as leading artists. And only one of them has a guy as the only leading artist. That really doesn’t happen often, since I mostly listen to male groups. But I guess that what I want out of a summer track (fun and cheery catchiness) is more common to get from girl groups. I’ll be back next week with another 14 summery tracks, so there will be some more guys in that post!

If you have any comments, suggestions or requests for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review, or next Friday’s list of the week, then leave a comment, send me an ask on tumblr, or email me at!

– Admin A


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