Review of f(x)’s Album “Red Light”

As I’m writing this review I will be listening to the album for the first time, and I’m both very excited about it, and slightly scared. So far I’m really not feeling the title track. But I really liked their last album, even though I wasn’t crazy about the promoted track! So I’m hoping this album can grab me, even though the single didn’t. At least it hasn’t so far. 

Track 1 – Red Light


This track is warning us. The red light is telling us to stop, and look at the current situation. But neither the lyrics nor the video are actually telling us what it is that is wrong. I’m sure you can figure it out by getting obnoxiously deep and analyze it all, but I’m just going to take it as confusing. If a message that is supposed to be this strong is this vague, it’s not a proper message.

And frankly, this song isn’t something I want to listen to. SM’s music has gotten very dubstep-y lately, and while I liked “Everybody” from the start, learned to like “Mr.Mr.” and tolerate “Overdose”, this is just too much. It doesn’t sound melodic to me anymore, and I need that.

I love the style of the video and the way the girls are styled. It’s totally my aesthetic, and I’m just eating it up!

I also really like the dancing, at least the parts we get to see. f(x) are most certainly good dancers, and I’d like that to be utilized as much as possible.

Track 2 – MILK


This is… well… interesting. This song is all about them drinking milk, or pouring milk on their hearts, to soothe their heartbreak. It’s an interesting idea, and definitely one I haven’t heard before, but I can’t get around the fact that it doesn’t make much sense. It’s a cute, and quite catchy song, but I’m not crazy about it. It for sure isn’t bad though.

Track 3 – Butterfly


Finally a song I can really get into! It has the quirkiness and catchiness of a proper f(x) song, and sounds very fresh, somehow. I have no idea what the song is about, to be honest. But there’s some metaphor about them being a butterfly… And I’m assuming they’re in love… But I really don’t know. I don’t love the song, but I definitely like it enough for it to be put up on my download list.

Track 4 – Rainbow


Some parts of this song I really like, but it feels like a weirdly confused song. Like some parts just don’t belong together. I really like some of this song, but other parts really don’t work for me. The “Cloud Rainbow *color* *color* color*” parts that as far as I can tell are sung by Krystal are beautiful, and they’re my favorites.

Track 5 – All Night


This song says nothing to me whatsoever. It feels very standard, and very filler, and therefore it seems strange to me that it’s promoted as a secondary promotional track. It’s not a bad song, it’s just very non-interesting.

Track 6 – Vacance


This song is more interesting than the last one, yet it’s still easy to forget. It’s a summery and happy song about enjoying your vacation, which is something that can be quite lovely for summer. But it’s not an interesting-sounding song, so it’s not something I get into.

Track 7 – Spit it Out


This is the first song that truly ties back to the sound of the title track. And therefore I don’t like it. It sounds jarring to me, and disconnected. It just isn’t for me.

Track 8 – Boom Bang Boom


This is probably the most interesting song so far. I’m not crazy about the sound of it, but it has a very nice concept. Liking a struggle in love to a boxing match isn’t complicated, yet it’s effective. I won’t write this song up for downloading just yet, but it has potential to grow on me enough to get there.

Track 9 – Dracula


So far this is definitely my favorite song. It has the quirkiness and coolness I want from f(x) (and the catchiness) but in a slightly darker way to match their new concept. The “you better run” parts of course reminded me of “Run Devil Run”, but I liked that. It’s nothing wrong with a group referencing an older sister group within the same company. Great song, and the build-up into the chorus was stunning.

Track 10 – Summer Lover

(Co-composed by Amber)


This is a great and happy song for summer. It’s a little plain for me to want to listen to it a lot though… It’s the kind of song that’s great to have in the background while you’re hanging with your friends, but not the kind of song that I’d want in my ears while walking around. It is a very sweet song though, and I’m sure it could work really well for a lot of people.

Track 11 – Paper Heart


This is a lovely and sweet way to end this album, and this final song will also be the third to go up on my download list. It really speaks to me right now, because for no reason whatsoever, I’m starting to like someone. I really shouldn’t, because I don’t know him at all, but I can’t help it. I try to never make myself vulnerable, so I hate when it turns out this way. I don’t want to be disappointed just because he isn’t coming! It doesn’t matter! Gah. Guys… I’m a mess. Just ignore all this.

Final Thoughts

There are a few nice songs on here, but all in all I feel very underwhelmed after listening to this album. Their last album “Pink Tape” was so good, that I really expected more out of “Red Light”. But “Dracula”, “Paper Heart”, and even “Butterfly” are definitely songs that deserve a listen, so give those a shot, guys!


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7 thoughts on “Review of f(x)’s Album “Red Light”

  1. Red Light hasn’t hit me yet, but I do like a lot of the tracks from this album such as All Night, Paper Heart, Summer Lover and Butterfly. I’m not a fan of quirky weirdness unless under RARE exceptions. I’m still processing the album and haven’t absorb all the tracks completely, so probably I will end up loving everything just like I always do with F(X)’s albums.
    Pink Tape is still my favorite so far, it’s such a solid album. I’m still indifferent about Red Tape’s goth witchcraft concept, don’t know what SM was thinking lol.

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