Review of Boyfriend, B2ST, AOA, GOT7 and Hyomin

I’m back with another multi-review! When there isn’t a single song and video that I feel like I want to write a whole review for, this is, I think, a good alternative. I am ultimately writing this blog just for fun, so if I’m not feeling anything enough, I won’t write a whole review of it. So instead I’m going to take five fairly recently released songs and videos and give you my take on them. So, let’s get started! 

Boyfriend – Obsession


Boyfriend has for quite a long time been my semi-secret dirty kpop pleasure. I’ve never really liked their music that much and their extreme over-aegyo isn’t my style at all, yet I was constantly drawn to them. And I just couldn’t get those stupid adorable twins to leave my mind alone! So I’m really happy that this time Boyfriend came back with a song and a concept that I can really get behind! This is so much more my style.

That said, I’m not completely buying it. They’ve obviously been trying to move towards this kind of thing for a while now with the releases of their songs Janus and I Yah being a lot less aegyo than their previous stuff. (Don’t even ask me about On & On, I’m still confused) Yet I don’t think I had enough preparation for this. I still think of Boyfriend as an extremely aegyo group, and I think most of you’d agree with me on that. Minwoo and the twins are way too adorable to pull this off, and you know it! (Kwangmin did better than Youngmin and Minwoo though)

Even though I don’t really buy the image change, I am really liking this song. It’s very catchy and I’ve caught myself humming the chorus quite a few times since I first heard it.

The plot in the video is very creative. I’ve heard that apparently a lot of people didn’t get it, but I thought it was just clear enough, without being overly obvious. The leader who always looks semi-evil (Sorry, I don’t know all their names!) is Captain Hook and Peter Pan quite literally steals his girl and then blows her up. In that explosion leader dude also loses his hand, making him the Captain Hook that we all know. It’s an interesting plot, and since the rest of the video is very standard kpop it was nice to have a wee bit of plot in there, to keep it engaging.

I really like the styling, the guys look hot. It did frustrate me that the twins didn’t have distinctly different hair styles anymore when I first saw it, because I still have some trouble telling them apart. I figured it out though, so don’t worry.

I always like Boyfriend’s dancing, and I really enjoyed it here as well.

The lyrics are quite standard, about them wanting the girl they love to not be with the mean guy she’s with now, and just come to them. Saying how they’d be way better and all that. Nothing new.

B2ST – Good Luck


If this hadn’t been such a boring video I might have written a full review of this. It’s a really good song, and the chorus is just becoming more and more stuck in my mind. Right now, this has got to be my favorite song ever from B2ST. They’re one of those groups that I’ve always wanted to like, since they seem very talented, but just haven’t been able to get into. But this song shows great promise and I really hope they keep moving in this direction.

As I said, this video is hella boring. I’m sensing that there’s some kind of angsty plot in there, but it’s way too vague. And the rest of the video is so standard kpop that I feel like I’ve seen it all before.

I’m really liking the styling of the guys, they all look great. The three lookers (in my opinion) Kikwang, Hyunseung and Doojoon all look extra smashing, and I’m definitely enjoying the lovely eye candy those three are providing. (Side note: Damn Yoseob’s face is tiny!)

The all sound excellent in this song (Especially Yoseob and Hyunseung) except for Junhyung. Having him rap in English was in no way a good idea, and frankly, it was just awkward. Which sucks, because I normally really like his rapping. Yoseob killed that intro though.

The dancing’s great. B2ST is a very strong dance group, and this was definitely some nice dancing, which is just what I wanted from them.

I’m liking the lyrics quite a bit. They’re wishing the girl leaving them good luck, with a not so tiny hint of bitterness, and saying that even if she cost them pain, she still has to be happy. It’s not unique, but it’s not a message I’m sick and tired of.

AOA – Short Hair


I hope that this video is trying to show that anyone can have a bad day, not that it’s cute to be incapable and bad at your job. But I seriously doubt it. The “I’m cute and don’t know how to do anything”-kind of aegyo isn’t exactly rare, but it’s probably the one that pisses me off the most. It’s not cute to not be able to pour (or whatever verb is appropriate) ice cream! That shit is not hard.

So, yeah, I don’t like the video. And I don’t like the song either. It’s incredibly generic, and it’s definitely a song I’ll forget.

I do like the styling in the video, their clothes are quite adorable. I don’t know the names of anyone, so I won’t comment on individual stylings, but I do think that the girl who was the secretary (or whatever she was supposed to be) was especially beautiful. But I don’t know if that was because of the styling, or just because she is beautiful. I don’t know the group well enough to say. I don’t like the lenses at all though. But I don’t like that on any group, ever.

The idea of a woman cutting of her long hair and starting anew isn’t exactly new. But it’s a kind of cute idea, and for once the lyrics actually add up well with the video, so that’s nice.

Just a little side comment; I saw people commenting that they thought Chanmi (the mechanic, if my googling is right) looked chubby in this video. I tried figuring out who they meant without googling at first, but I really couldn’t see anyone who looked chubbier than the others. Wow, if that’s what passes for chubby I’ll be a whale when I go to Korea.

GOT7 – A


I’m working at a restaurant right now, and GOT7 better show up when I’m working tomorrow! Otherwise I’ll be really pissed.

This is a super cute video, which isn’t something I expected from them. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it though! It was great fun, and some scenes were just gold. I loved everything in the super market, that was great. I did feel like the scene with Jackson in front of the cars felt really out of place though. He looked smoking hot, and his rapping was very good, but that scene lacked all cuteness that was in every single other scene, so it felt like it didn’t belong there.

The clothes they wore were excellent. Mad props to whoever styled them, because they looked relaxed and casual, yet super stunning! Kpop stylists sometimes make absurd choices, but this for sure wasn’t one of them.

The dancing was great, and I loved the little mini break dancing we got from JB in the end, that was a nice treat. I would have liked more acrobatics, but that would probably have felt unnatural, so I’m happy that I at least got a little.

While this was an adorable video, I’m not really feeling the song. For once Youngjae actually seems like the main vocalist, in that he got waaaay more singing lines than he did in Girls Girls Girls, but since I’m not overly fond of his voice, I’m not thrilled about that. Jr. is my favorite singer in the group, and he barely got to sing at all. I also barely got anything at all from my bias, Mark. And even if I had gotten more from those two, this song still wouldn’t have worked for me. I like Mark’s English parts, but the chorus sounds quite jarring to me. I’m not sure why that is, but it does. Trust me, I really wanted to like this. But I just don’t. This isn’t a song I’ll be listening to.

This song is basically them calling us/some girl out and saying that they already know that we/she likes them so we/she should just stop trying to hide it. But I’ve never tried to hide it guys! And Jackson… I agree. We would be a hot couple. And Mark… Yeah, I want you.

Hyomin – Nice Body


I don’t know what to say about this video. Because I’m not sure if the video is saying that the girl in the beginning doesn’t have a nice body, or if that’s what she’s thinking about herself. That’s a big difference, and I think the lyrics have to be the deciding factor here, so I’ll comment on that in the end.

I wonder if those measurements are her actual measurements, or just some “ideal measurements”, or even measurements they want to make people believe are hers.

I have to say that Hyomin looks absolutely stunning here. I’ve always thought she was incredibly stunning, so I expected nothing less. She rocks that hair, and if I was just a wee bit more in shape I would want every single outfit in this video, just because she made them look good. In some shots she really looked like Hyuna during the latest Troublemaker promotions to me, for some reason. It’s probably just because her hair is sort of similar to the hair Hyuna had, I don’t think they actually look alike.

I expected this video to be more risqué to be honest. I didn’t watch the teasers, but I heard that there was a 19+ one out. Is this video 19+? If it is I’ve really lost touch with what the ministry of banishment finds too sexy. This is sexy, sure, but it isn’t that bad. (Also: Her boxing is terrible.)

The song is nice, but it hasn’t grabbed me. It might grow on me if I hear it more though. It definitely has potential.

I like the dancing, some moves felt very T-ARA-esque for some reason, and as I like their dancing, I like hers here too.

Okay, I checked the lyrics. This song is about wanting to be pretty and wanting that nice body. It’s about working your butt off (literally) to get it, and becoming so pretty that they can’t ignore you. I didn’t think this song would have a nice message, but this is something I can get behind. We all want that nice body, and we should work to get it. I don’t want to perpetuate the absurdly thin beauty standards of our time, but it is healthier to be skinnier. (Not too skinny, of course! You have to find the balance) So we should strive towards having a “nice body”, because that’s also a healthy body. And as Loco says: You do deserve it! I’m not saying we should all try to be as skinny as Hyomin, who is insanely thin, but working out is a good thing.

She does seem to hint at a kind of trying to be skinny that is unhealthy, but I can’t really tell if she actually does mention that, or if I’m just making myself see it that way.


Let me know what you think about these songs, guys!

If you have any comments, suggestions or requests for Friday’s list of the week, Sunday’s random post or next Tuesday’s review, then leave a comment, send me an ask on tumblr, or email me at!

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3 thoughts on “Review of Boyfriend, B2ST, AOA, GOT7 and Hyomin

  1. I agree about Boyfriend. I always like that kind of concept, but I just couldn’t get over my previous image of the aegyo-full maknaes. Kwangmin did do a really good job though. If you watch the dance practice, he owns every move.

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