All About Solo Artists, Part 2

Back with the second part! Last week I listed all the solo artists that I only listen to one song from, and this week we’re listing the solo artists that I have at least two songs from on my phone. As I said last week though, solo artists aren’t my thing. So out of these ten there are five I have 2 songs from, three I have 3 songs from, one I have 4 songs from and one that I have a total of 10 songs from. So, I guess, that in reality there’s only one solo artist I really like.

I will be listing what my favorite song from them is right now, and, just like last time, linking to the songs as well.

The Ones I Like a Little More (In Alphabetical Order) (10)

1. Ailee


I want to love Ailee, I really do. She’s gorgeous, her songs are good, and her voice is off the hook. She’s definitely one of the strongest singers in all of kpop. Plus she speaks English, which is always a plus for me! But when I watched an interview with her I just didn’t find her likable. There wasn’t anything specific that she did wrong, I just didn’t “feel” her. So now I just appreciate her as a singer, nothing more. But that’s not as fun as really being a fan of someone.

Favorite song right now: I Will Show You

2. BoA


It doesn’t seem like kpoppers can really agree on who really is the queen of kpop, but BoA is definitely a strong contender. BoA debuted as a solo singer at the tender age of 13, and has had a successful career over the last 14 years. So I feel like I should love her more. I have nothing against her music, but it just doesn’t grab me. I think she seems like a really intelligent woman, and I’m sure she’ll hold power in the entertainment industry long after her kpop career is over. If that’s what she wants.

Favorite song right now: Eat You Up

3. Eric Nam

eric nam

Eric Nam is lovely, absolutely lovely. Super funny, a great host of After School Club, really cute and a very good singer. I mean, if you don’t love this guy, you must know nothing about him. Eric, I love you!

Favorite song right now: Heaven’s Door (The English version) (This is the song I was listening to on repeat while going to my father’s funeral. So I love it, but at the same time it makes me very sad.)

4. Jay Park

jay park


Sorry, I just had to take a moment to stare at the picture. Okay, I’m done.

I don’t think Jay Park was ever meant to be a kpop star. He’s a partying free-spirited American, not a prim and proper Korean, like the kpop industry wanted him to be. I think both he and 2PM are better off without each other. I’m sure I’ll offend someone by saying that, but that’s what I think. I don’t really see him as a kpop idol, I think of him as a Korean-American rapper, and almost all the songs I listen to from him are in English. I have his entire cocky/sexual English mixtape on my phone, of course.

Favorite song right now: Appetizer (I can rap the hell out of this one. Just so you know.)

5. K.Will


K.Will has a really lovely voice, and seems like a very sweet guy. But, well, he sings ballads. So it’s hard for me truly get into him.

Favorite song right now: Please Don’t… (Partly because of the video, of course.)

6. Lee Hi

lee hi

Lee Hi is my age. Damn. I’m a failure. But she most certainly is not! Her voice is one of the more unique ones in kpop, and I happen to love it. Her songs are a very unique style as well, at least for kpop, and I’m most certainly really looking forward to her comeback! (Whenever that will be. Come on, YG!)

Favorite song right now: It’s Over

7. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori is one of my favorite females in all of kpop. She’s so gorgeous and what she stands for is great. She’s a vegetarian (just like me) and an advocate for animal rights. And she has such a badass attitude. When she appeared on a television show in 2012 she came under fire for looking “fat”. That’s a ridiculous controversy in itself, but most kpop girls would probably have apologized. Or their company would have for them. But what did Hyori say? This: “What’s so alarming about the fact that things begin to sag a bit as one ages?” And that was it. Girl, I love you. I mean, she’s 35 for god’s sakes! She looks so damn great.

So, yeah, Lee Hyori is my personal queen of kpop. Sorry, BoA.

Favorite song right now: Bad Girls

8. NS Yoon-G

NS Yoon-G has such a weird look. Her eyes are really far apart, and I love it! She’s so uniquely beautiful, and very sexy. I found her through her collaboration with my beloved Jay Park, and while I’m still not very attached to her, I have come to like her quite a bit.

Favorite song right now: If You Love Me

9. Rain

I had no idea who Rain was before I watched Ninja Assassin. And yes, I watched that movie for Lee Joon. Suddenly there was this super hot, ripped long-haired dude there that I’d never seen before. So I googled to find out who he was. I was quite shocked to find out he was a kpop star too, but I looked up a song. Rainism. And I was hooked. I mean, after that song, how could I not be?

Favorite song right now: Rainism (The English Version. Those lyrics are glorious!)

10. Sunmi


While Wonder Girls was the first kpop group I ever listened to, I didn’t actually learn their names until after Sunmi had already left. But this past Wonder Girl came back, and she came back strong! She’s already established a style of her own, after only two singles, and I’m for sure looking forward to what she’ll do next!

Favorite song right now: 24 Hours


Let me know what your favorite solo artists are guys! And if they made either of my lists!

If you have any suggestions, comments or requests for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week then leave a comment, send me an ask on tumblr, or email me at!

– Admin A


7 thoughts on “All About Solo Artists, Part 2

  1. YAY I know everyone on this list, haha.
    Boa is the queen of kpop in my mind, mainly because I’m a huge fan of her music as well as her dancing and language talents. she’s fluent in Japanese and English, released albums in three languages and have becoming an international sensation over the year. recently went into acting, she’s definitely the pride of Kpop.

    I know a lot of ppl prefer Lee Hyori, i think she’s gorgeous and sexy and sophisticated but i’m just not a fan of her music.

    I agree that Ailee is a bit dull during interviews but she’s still down to earth, and i think her smile is adorable.

    NS Yoongi, I absolutely love her. I have so many of her songs on my ipod, also she’s really charismatic and sexy in her own ways.

    Eric Nam is so funny, i enjoy watching him on After School Club.

    1. Haha you better!

      I do prefer Lee Hyori, but BoA is very impressive and most of the time I think of them both as queens of kpop, ruling side by side.

      It wasn’t that Ailee was dull in the interview I saw, she just wasn’t likeable. I’m not sure why.

      NS Yoon-G is gorgeous! I only have two songs from her in my phone though. What are your favorites?

      Eric Nam is hilarious. And lovely.

      1. ok maybe dull isn’t the right word lol.
        I really like DJ Don’t Stop, her duet with Jay Park is totally awesome, i love live performance of it too. also the counterpart to If You Love Me is If I Love You, which is also my favorite.
        Lee Hyoris’ really funny on variety shows, i love love her personality, but her music really don’t click with me.

  2. I’d have to say one of my fave solo artists would be IU (: she’s so adorable, her songs are catchy, and her voice is so beautiful.

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