All About Kpop Solo Artists

To be honest, I don’t listen to a lot of solo artists. Ever since I’ve gotten into kpop I’ve gotten very used to groups, and now it sounds weird to me if there’s only one person singing in a song. But there are some solo artists that I like, and I thought I’d list them for you! With opinions and comments of mine, of course. 

Before we start, here are some people I won’t be including:

CL (2NE1)

G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)

Jaejoong (JYJ) *

Hyorin (SISTAR)

Hyuna (4Minute)

Jang Woo Young (2PM)

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) *

Park Bom (2NE1)

Park Ji Yeon (T-ARA)

Seungyeon (Kara)

Seungri (BIGBANG)

Song Ji Eun (Secret)


Tablo (Epik High) *

Taewoon (SPEED)

Taeyang (BIGBANG)

Junsu (JYJ) *

Yong Jun Hyung (B2ST)

Zico (Block B)

These are all people I listen to but I won’t be including any of these for the simple reason that I see them more as part of a group, than as solo artists. And many of them I listen to more because I like the group, than because I like them individually. If I have one song from the artist’s group on my phone, then they’re included here and won’t be listed further down. The ones marked with * are people I listen to more than I listen to their groups, but I do nonetheless have at least one song from the group.

(Oh, and about SS501; I know they’re on hiatus and haven’t really released anything for a while, but they aren’t yet officially disbanded, and I do have a song from them on my phone, so.)


Okay now we can get into the real listings! I will be splitting the remaining solo artists up into two groups, one group for the people I only have one song from (They’re quite many) and one for the people I have two or more songs from. I’ll also be listing what my favorite song from them is right now. (Or what song I have, if there’s only one)

Oh and also, I’ll be linking to that one song I have from each person, so just click the name of the song, and you’ll be taken to a youtube video.

The Ones I Like a Little (In Alphabetical Order) (20)

1. G.NA

I want to like G.NA more than I do. The first song I heard from her was Oops!, but I really didn’t like it much. But then I heard I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better, and that song blew me away. I was obsessed by it for a good while, and I started downloading some other of her songs. I wasn’t madly into them, but they were hers, so they must be good right? But after a while I realized that I never listened to them, that I didn’t really like them. So now I’m down to that one fabulous song again.

Song I have: I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better

2. Henry


I didn’t know who Henry was before he released his first solo track. I don’t really listen to Super Junior-M, so… But that first solo track was really good, and it definitely caught my attention! I realize what SM were doing by including Taemin and Kyuhyun, but I do think they (especially Taemin) ended up overshadowing Henry. Henry is very talented and he deserves to shine on his own, but I felt like he was both out-sung and out-danced by Taemin. But it was nonetheless a great song, and it was Henry’s. I wasn’t at all fond of the follow-up single though, so I’m hoping for something better next time.

Song I have: Trap

3. IVY


I know nothing about IVY. She’s just one of those people you find by clicking on a random youtube video, and then you find something fabulous. And IVY is fabulous. The only song I’ve ever heard from her is her latest single, released last year, I Dance. That song is a perfect level of overdramatic, and I love it! Maybe I should check out some of her older stuff.

Song I have: I Dance

4. J-Min


I’m a very big fan of SM Town artists, yet I for the longest time had no idea who J-Min was. Apparently she’s mostly active in Japan, but I think of her as one of those artists SM are keeping captive in a basement somewhere. I stumbled upon J-Min, and when I saw that her music video was uploaded unto SM’s channel I had to check her out. And I found one goddamn solid song.

Song I have: Stand Up

5. Jokwon


Look at Jokwon looking all masculine for once! You might call me out on this, and say that Jokwon should have been in that very first listing, since he is an active part of 2AM. But as of right now I don’t have a single song from 2AM on my phone, so this is where Jokwon belongs. Jokwon is the height of fabulousness in kpop, and this solo song from him really proves that.

Song I have: Animal

6. John Park

john park

I found John Park while watching an a little bit older recording of Music Bank. It hasn’t even been a year yet since I started watching Music Bank regularly, and one time when there wasn’t a new episode out, I decided to venture back in time a little. And there was John Park. I fell in love with his unique voice and with him overall. I didn’t think he was that special at first glance, but over the course of that song he grew on me immensely. This is one sexy dude when you give him the chance.

Song I have: Baby

7. K-Hunter


I discovered K-Hunter the way I discover most new random people nowadays: on Music Bank. His song, and whole concept was so adorable that I couldn’t not like him. Too much adorableness!

Song I have: Marry Me

8. Kahi


I never paid attention to After School back in the days when Kahi was still the leader, and I therefore never think of her as a part of the group. Her second solo song was one of my favorite tracks of last year, and the image she portrayed then was one of the best I’ve seen lately as well. I also think Kahi might be one of the absolute sexiest entertainers out there, in an effortless way. The fact that she’s 33 and still looks so stunning is just not cool.

Song I have: It’s ME

9. Kang Seung Yoon

kang seung yoon

WINNER hasn’t officially debuted yet, and I will therefore count Kang Seung Yoon as a solo artist. I didn’t watch Who is Next: WIN, because I just knew I’d end up getting attached to the wrong people. Instead I just waited until a winner was announced, and I’m now looking forward to Team A aka WINNER’s debut. I was happy when I found out who won though, for two reasons. One is Song Minho, because I’ve been a fan of his rapping ever since I heard the song he did with Zico. And the second reason is Kang Seung Yoon. Ever since I found this solo track of his, I’ve been a fan of his voice, and I’m very happy that I’ll get to see him debut soon. With some proper backing this time.

Song I have: Wild and Young

10. Kanto


I know nothing whatsoever about Kanto, except that he’s now apart of a group called TROY, and that he made this one awesome song.

Song I have: What You Want

11. Kye Bum Zu

kye bum joo

I know even less about this guy. I don’t know who he is. I don’t know how I found him. I don’t know why he spells his name that way. But I do know that I really like the song he made.

Song I have: Something Special

12. Lee Jung Hyun

lee jung hyun

The Techno Queen aka The Techno Warrior aka The Queen of Transformation. I’ve only ever heard one song from this lovely lady, but I loved everything about it. From song to video to dance to styling, it was all great. So maybe I should check her out. I’ll try to remember to do that.

Song I have: V

13. Lim Chang Jeong

lim chang jeong

I love this guy. I mean, how can I not? He has a great voice and he’s insanely hilarious. But he sings ballads. They’re beautiful ballads, but it takes a whole lot for me to really get into a ballad. So, the only song I listen to from him is… well.

Song I have: Open the Door

14. Lim Jeong Hee

lim jeong hee

Another person that I have no idea how I found. Music Bank maybe? Most probably.

Song I have: Luv Is

15. Navi


This girl doesn’t even have a wikipedia page! That’s just not cool. Now how am I supposed to figure out who she is? She made a cool song about a girl who wants to stay and have sex with her boyfriend instead of going home alone, that’s all I know.

Song I have: I Ain’t Going Home Tonight

16. NC.A

NC.A is 17 years old, but she looks like she’s 10 and should stay far away from the entertainment industry, especially in this picture. Her songs are really cutesy, and immature almost. It’s all cute, and most of it does not work for me. Her first single hit just the right level of cute for me though, and that’s the one I can actually listen to without dying from a cuteness overdose. Plus, who hasn’t had a crush on a cute student teacher?

Song I have: My Student Teacher

17. Noh Ji Hoon

noh ji hoon

After watching so much Idol Star Athletics Championship, I mostly just think of Noh Ji Hoon as the really really good goalkeeper that just won’t let my guys score! But he is also a really hot singer. Just so you guys know.

Song I have: Punishment

18. PSY


Yes, I only have one song from PSY. And no, it isn’t Gangnam Style. I know most people were disappointed by the follow-up to the biggest thing that’s happened in music lately, but I for sure wasn’t. And compared to the train wreck that was his last single, I’m more pleased with this one than ever.

Song I have: Gentleman 

19. Roy Kim

I found Roy Kim in the same episode of Music Bank where I found John Park. This guy is so cute, and I really adore his voice. There’s something very nice about just a pretty boy with a guitar and a good voice. It’s so simple compared to what kpop normally is, and I appreciate that. This song is also the absolute perfect song for taking a walk in the summer time.

Song I have: Love Love Love

20. Yoo Sung Eun

yoo sung eun

Another one that I have no idea who she is. I found her during some episode of Music Bank and liked her song, I guess. Simple as that.

Song I have: Be OK


The follow-up to this, where I talk about the solo artists that I have 2 or more songs from, will be up next week!

If you have any comments, suggestions or requests for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week then leave me a comment, send me an ask on tumblr or email me at!

– Admin A


8 thoughts on “All About Kpop Solo Artists

  1. So you don’t listen to Boa or NS Yoongi? LOL
    I only know a few from your list, I really like Kahi, either as as solo singer or in After School, although I’m not a fan of her solo work.
    Henry, absolutely adore, this kid is soo talented it’s not even funny.
    I’m glad you mentioned J-Min, SM pretty much hides her in the closet. She did some musicals in Korea here and there, but she really deserves wayyy more.
    Psy, no need to say more, Gangnam Style went viral, and is still the most Kpop MV viewed today.
    G.NA, I do like her songs, she’s cute too.

  2. Have you listened to Right Now by Psy? It is such a jam!
    Your list has most of my favorites and I am so glad you included Jo Kwon…Animal was such a great song and I still can’t get over the live performance on those murder high heels :O
    Noh Ji Hoon reminds me of someone but I still can’t put my finger on it

    1. No, I haven’t! Maybe I should check it out?
      Yes, the live performances of Animal were amazing! 😀
      I’ve heard a lot of people say that he looks like JB from GOT7, maybe that’s who you’re thinking of?

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