Review of Ji Yeon, INFINITE, VIXX, Taeyang, U-KISS & B.A.P

This is the “I can’t choose”-edition. There are six songs and videos that have recently come out that I want to touch on. These are all songs and videos that I want to comment on, but none of them are so interesting that I want to write a full review of them. So instead I’ll just be giving you shorter versions of what I think about all these songs. So, shall we?

Park Ji Yeon – Never Ever (1 Min, 1 Sec)


Jiyeon is one of my absolute favorites among the T-ARA members, so when I heard that she was going to release a solo track, I was very excited. This song is alright, and it has that kind of sad sexiness that kpop is liking so much lately. I do think the song is slightly boring though, and not very memorable, which is a big shame. I wish she got a more interesting song.

I think the dancing she does when she holds her jacket over her head is very awkward. I like the rest of the dancing though, even the grind-against-the-wall move, which some people have been complaining about.

She looks extremely good here. I love her hair black, and in the dance scenes she looks hot as hell. If I was more fit I’d for sure wear her black outfit. She’s a very sexy girl, and as expected that’s what she shows here.

I really like the plot of the video. It’s extremely rare to see mental illness anywhere in kpop, and in pop culture in general. This is a beautifully sad representation of it, and I think Jiyeon did very well with the acting. I’m impressed with her.

The lyrics are very much exactly what I was expecting them to be. They speak of a sadness, and an inability to let go of the lover who has left you. I really like the reoccurring repetition that happens in the lyrics, because it mimics the repetition in the video. It was very cleverly done.

INFINITE – Last Romeo

I feel like INFINITE really tried to achieve something here, but failed. The first part of the video, while being extremely over-dramatic, had an epicness to it that I really liked, but the rest of the video felt underwhelming and frankly, silly. I can’t have been the only one laughing as they weirdly tried to reach each other, when the books exploded and WHEN HE FELL FROM THE SKY. That was all just kind of stupid, and you know it.

The dance was good, and well executed, since it is INFINITE, but I do wish they had a more distinct and memorable dance. INFINITE’s dances are always crisp and precise, but I almost always find that I don’t remember them.

There’s something that I’ve noticed fairly often in INFINITE’s songs, and that is that the instrumentals often overpower the singing. I want to hear INFINITE sing, for god’s sakes! I feel like that could definitely be worked on.

Woohyun looked hot as hell, I love Dongwoo’s hair, Sungjong is beautiful as ever and the black outfits they had while dancing were perfect.

These lyrics are very much what I’d expect. They’re classic kpop love lyrics, with a bit of references to Romeo and Juliet thrown in.

VIXX – Eternity

Yet another over-dramatic video. But except for the floating clock parts in the background, at least this one wasn’t ridiculous. I like how they did the video, with first showing the members being cute (awkward acting though) with the girl and then showing her disappear. It was a nice and simple, yet still slightly poetic way of showing them not being over her.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this song, but there’s nothing about it that grabs me either. It’s not as memorable as some of their other songs. I do like that they’re sticking to their darker theme though, even though this is nowhere near as dark as they went in Voodoo DollHyde, or even On and On.

I loved N’s hair in On and On, so I’m really loving the grey-blonde hair he has in the dance scenes. Those kinds of hair colors really work for him. I’m not crazy about the blue hair on Ravi though, I don’t think it works very well. Especially not when it’s parted in the middle, but that doesn’t look good on anyone.

Leo’s high note was sick, so I’m impressed with him. I’m also very glad that my baby Hyuk at least got some lines, and at one point he sounded kind of like a baby Onew, so that was great.

I always like VIXX’s dancing. It’s normally quite unique and at all times memorable.

The lyrics are a good representation of being scared that someone will leave you, and then the anguish when they do.

Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips

This is a beautiful and simple sad balled which really allows Taeyang’s voice to shine and stand on it’s own. Taeyang is a very capable singer, but I feel like that sometimes gets forgotten among all the abs and awesome dancing.

This is a very simple video, in that it’s really only a zoom-out from Taeyang’s lips to a very wide shot of him, with fire and a random billboard of a girl in the background, Yet, I don’t find it boring. It’s very rare that we see videos this stripped down in kpop, and it’s done with a certain elegance that I applaud.

The reason why I don’t find it boring might also be the eye-candy that is Taeyang. This guy truly doesn’t need clothes, a tight pair of leather pants is all he needs. (Not that he needs them either, just saying.)

This song is too much of a classic ballad for me to get really into it, that’s for sure. But I can still appreciate it, even if it isn’t my style.

There is very little dancing in the video, for understandable reasons, but even though it is so little Taeyang still manages to show that he is a very good dancer. He’s one of my favorite dancers in kpop, and I could watch him dance shirtless any day, all day.

For some reason the guy who comes in towards the end really sounds like Daesung to me. I’m sure that it isn’t him, but that was my initial reaction.

These lyrics are as classically love ballad as the song itself is. They’re about feeling sad, hurting and being apologetic at the end of a love. Not exactly ground-breaking stuff, but it feels sincere.

U-KISS – Quit Playing

This is quite the video. It’s sexy and raunchy as hell, and I’m liking it! I now forbid Kiseop and Hoon from ever wearing more than they did in the threesome scenes in this video. (And also, how can I get that girl’s job? You don’t even have to pay me. Seriously.)

Kiseop looked insanely fine in this video, and Eli looked hotter than he ever has before. That guy was born to wear a suit. I really like Kevin’s hair as well, he pulls it off well.

The song is smooth and sexy, but so far I’m not loving it. It’s slightly forgettable, but I’m not sure yet. It might very well grow on me.

The dancing was nice, though some parts of it definitely reminded me of Troublemaker’s Now. That may very well be just because it was girl-guy and it was sexy, so I’m not sure.

I like new member Jun’s rapping, but I really like Eli’s rapping in this song. More than I ever have before. Wow, Eli is really growing on me right now.

Kevin, you know I love you, but you can not pull off this kind of concept. There’s a reason why you’re the one, besides the new underage member, that didn’t get a sex scene in this video. (I’m not really sure why Soohyun didn’t get a proper one though, maybe he’s just really awkward? Who knows.)

I can’t have been the only one who felt like it was a little awkward with the new member? Jun is 17, the same age as me, but he doesn’t really look it. He doesn’t look insanely immature, but he does look like he’s too young to be there. The fact that he’s over five years older than the second-youngest member feels slightly weird to me. If they’re moving towards concepts such as this one, I feel like they should have added a member that was at least legal.

The lyrics say exactly what the title of the song says. Quit playing and stop messing with my mind! Well, U-KISS, right now it’s you that are messing with my mind.

B.A.P – Where Are You? What Are You Doing?

What the hell is going on with B.A.P nowadays? This video is so cute and adorable that it’s moving dangerously close to Boyfriend territory, and I don’t know about you, but that’s not where I want them to go.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this video. It definitely put a smile on my face, and the members were definitely very cute. But cute’s not what I want from them! Please, make up your minds about what you’re going to be, so that I can decide what to feel.

Daehyun is looking more and more fine every time I see him, and I feel like it’s about time to accept that he truly is my bias in B.A.P. Sorry Jongup, you’ll always be precious to me.

I like almost all the styling in this video, and if we just remove the terrible middle-parting of Yongguk’s hair, then I’m fine with everything. Some of the outfits they wore looked very good on them, and both Zelo and Daehyun look great in glasses.

I’m really enjoying seeing Zelo grow into a man. Our giant maknae was only 15 at the time of his debut, and as his 18th birthday is now approaching, it’s getting more and more clear what he’ll look like as a man. I’m really liking what I see, and as long as they don’t mess him up with weird hair and makeup, I most certainly think Zelo is one handsome giant.

Both Daehyun and Youngjae of course sounded very good in this song, and I really enjoyed Himchan’s singing as well. Jongup handled his few lines well, and I’m really hoping that he will get more lines some time in the future. Yongguk’s voice is a little too deep and raspy for this kind of song, but I do think he held it back well. Zelo suited this song better, for sure.

This is one cute feel-good song, and while this isn’t completely my style, and it isn’t what I want from this group, I’ll still download it.

Seeing London in this video has definitely made me want to go back there. Once, for four days, is so not enough!

The video and sound of the song makes it seem a lot happier than what the lyrics express. It’s not that the lyrics are deeply melancholic or anything like that, but they are about missing someone, and thinking about them constantly. I feel like those lyrics combined with the sound of the song adds up to make something that’s about getting over someone. It’s not easy, but it doesn’t have to be impossibly hard and miserable either.


I really couldn’t pick one of these to review, so I hope you enjoyed reading some of my thoughts on all these six songs and videos! Let me know what you think about them in the comments below!

If you have any comments, suggestions or requests for Friday’s list of the week, Sunday’s random post or next Tuesday’s review, then leave a comment, send me an ask on tumblr, or email me at!

– Admin A


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