Attraction Levels of Kpop Groups – 2NE1 vs 4Minute vs Miss A

It’s time to handle some lovely ladies once again, and this time it’s two of my absolute favorite girl groups against a group I quite recently learned the members off, but that will forever be the first kpop group I saw live! Unless I die before Sunday, that is.

Here are the rules:

1. Between two and four groups of the same sex are chosen. (Almost all posts will be three groups, and most will be with male groups)

2. Each member within each group is presented through three pictures and scored from one to ten, based on how attractive I find them.

3. Each group’s average score is calculated and the winning group is announced.

4. The three members with the highest scores from each group go head to head, and an individual winner is announced.

5. Plenty of polls are added in the end so can you show how much you agree or disagree with me.


First Candidate: CL




I think CL has just gotten more and more beautiful as she’s aged, and last year she really blew me away. When she’s styled correctly she’s gorgeous. And since this isn’t just about physical attractiveness, but about how attracted I am to them overall, CL gets an even higher score.

Score: 9

Second Candidate: Bom


Bom has always been very cute, but as she’s over the years turned more and more doll-like, I’ve found her less and less cute. She almost looks like some kind of creepy doll nowadays, and it’s not really my style. She’s still a pretty girl, but not something I’m attracted to.

Score: 6.5

Third Candidate: Dara




Dara is absolutely a very pretty girl, but for some reason I’ve never been that crazy for her look. She always looks good, and I love her in simple brown hair, but I guess she doesn’t do it for me.

Score: 8

Final Candidate: Minzy




It always feels like you’re supposed to say that people look better before plastic surgery, but Minzy looks way better to me after she had her nose done. That doesn’t in any way mean that she wasn’t cute before, it’s just my opinion. She does look more conventional now, but that was to be expected.

Score: 8


First Candidate: Jihyun




Jihyun is a pretty girl, and she does have a little bit more of a body than most kpop girls, but she doesn’t really do anything for me. Sorry.

Score: 7

Second Candidate: Gayoon




I think Gayoon’s really pretty. She really requires the right styling though, because when she’s styled incorrectly, and/or photographed from the wrong angle, her small mouth and strong jaw make her face look quite unbalanced, and bottom-heavy.

Score: 8

Third Candidate: Jiyoon




Jiyoon looks good. There’s not really much more to say here. She isn’t exactly my type, but she does look good, and she has her own look.

Score: 7.5

Fourth Candidate: Hyuna




Hyuna is a pretty girl, and at times she can be really hot. She has to hit it properly for me to really get into her, but when she does, it’s magic.

Score: 8

Final Candidate: Sohyun




Sohyun is such a cute little thing! Which of course means that she’s too cute for me. She’s amazingly pretty though, and I’m really impressed by the quality of her selcas.

Score: 7.5

Miss A

First Candidate: Fei




Fei is so amazingly gorgeous to me. She’s a goddess, there’s nothing wrong with her, and I’m a thousand percent sure that if I looked like her everything would just work out. Not really. But kind of.

Score: 9.5

Second Candidate: Jia



I really like Jia’s look. She definitely has a look of her own, and it’s one that I happen to be very fond off. She’s more rough around the edges than most kpop girls, but I approve of that.

Score: 7.5

Third Candidate: Min



Most of the time Min is such a cute petite little thing, but she does have an underlying sexiness and sass, and when that comes out, girl, it’s beautiful.

Score: 7.5

Final Candidate: Suzy




I’ve long accepted that I’ll never truly understand the reason why people are so enthralled with Suzy, but the more I see of her lately, the more beautiful she gets. She has a very natural and effortless beauty, and while she isn’t truly my type, I do possess the wisdom to appreciate beauty when it’s right in front of me.

Score: 8.5

Average Scores

2NE1: 7.88

4Minute: 7.60

Miss A: 8.25

Which means Miss A takes this with a landslide. I’m not at all surprised by their super high points though, I’ve always seen Miss A as one of the absolute most attractive groups. The fact that 2NE1 beat 4Minute is something probably a lot of people would disagree with me on, but well. That’s what the polls are for.

Individual Winner

Representing 2NE1:



Representing 4Minute:



(Chosen over Gayoon because she’s higher on my bias list)

Representing Miss A:



And the winner is…


With CL as second and Hyuna as third, of course. This was the order their original scores put them in, so it was really just a question of announcing it. Fei and CL are my two biggest female crushes in kpop, but Fei is The One when it comes to pure attraction. So sorry, Hyuna, I know you’re a national sex symbol, put you’re not the hottest to me.

Here are the polls!


If you have any suggestions, comments or requests for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week then leave a comment, send me an ask on tumblr, or email me at!

– Admin A


4 thoughts on “Attraction Levels of Kpop Groups – 2NE1 vs 4Minute vs Miss A

  1. i definitely agree on Fei and CL.

    CL epitomizes the saying “confidence makes you sexy” and boy, does this girl has confidence!! i have said it before, she has AH-mey-zzingg presence. even if she just stands there and do nothing, she emits aura like a boss. although at times it boards on being in-your-face and intimidating.

    Dara is a vampire. period. you take a picture of her every year since 2001 and you will not see a difference, maybe in styling or slight weight changes but the face is still the same. beautiful.

    Fei’s kins of sexiness is subtle which is my preferred kind of sexy. sexy yet sophisticated. she is really a gorgeous individual. and she looks healthy!! she ain’t stick thin and too pale. she is just right. perfect!! <- girl crusch right there. haha.

    and of course, Jia!! Jia is bad ass. she is boyish, gangster girl yet sexy. she also has great presence on and off the stage. and she rocks pink hair like she was born with it. the others doesn't even compare.

    if this were fan fiction, CL would be the Lady Boss, Dara the Mafia Princess, Fei the Sexy & Shrewd Negotiator and Jia the top Assassin/Hitwoman.

    someone write this story naww!! hahaha.

    1. Exactly! I love CL’s confidence, and the whole vibe she gives off. And yes, there’s nothing sexier than confidence.

      Haha that’s true! She really does not age… She just gets more and more beautiful. I kind of hope that she really is a vampire, that would be awesome.

      Haha yes! I love that she isn’t that pale, and while she is very skinny, she mostly just looks fit!

      Yes, Jia is such a bad ass! I just love her overall thing.

      Wow, I’d so read that! Someone should write it, and then it should be made into a movie so they can play their parts!

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